Coyote multi-function radar detector

Coyote-gps-032.jpgThe French made Coyote is a radar detector with integrated GPS system that can automatically update the location of all known radars using its GSM/GPRS system. The LCD screen is used for showing the posted limit and your vehicle’s speed. It can also provide live traffic information to keep you out of congested areas. Another neat function is that in case your car gets stolen, you can send a text message to Coyote HQ and they will let you know last known location of your vehicle.

But it is not all. Indeed via an integrated modem GSM/GPRS, the position of the radars is updated within the Coyote progressively with their installation. Screen LCD also makes it possible to post the speed limit (with hooter sound signalling and visual reglable in the event of going beyond), and the infotraffic. All that for a subscription 34,90€ per month for the hiring of the terminal and the services (of other offers proposing the purchase of the terminal are also available on the site).

Small more: you lost your vehicle? No the concern, a sms sent on the waiters of Coyote and one return you the address of the last known position.

Design features:

* Receiver GPS SiRF III
* Communication GPRS with the waiters Coyote by the network of operators GSM
* Personalization of the various functions by the means of space user on the Web site
* Warning signal radars: Taking into account of the direction of circulation, posting of the distance from the radar
* Warning signal of overspeed compared to the limit of vitessse in progress
* Adjustment of the luminosity and the contrast of screen LCD
* Adjustment of the volume of the sound signalling hooter
* Food by catch conveys cigar-lighter 12V or 24 V
* Possibility of connecting an external antenna GPS
* Automatic update dice the setting under tensionc

The Coyote is of course completely legal and is proposed with the tariff of 479€ Euro’s for the terminal with a subscription of 12€/mois during 2 years for the services, or via a hiring of the terminal for 34,90€ Euro’s per month. All the offers include/understand the totality of the services suggested for an unlimited use.


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  1. A. Cameron Says:

    This English translation appears to have been done by Google Translate. It might work fairly well with Spanish, but not with French. It just makes you look cheap and silly.

  2. radarwarner top 10 Says:


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  3. Radarwarner Deutschland Says:

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    Natürlich schließe ich euch alle in meine Gebete ein vor allem unsere verletzten, nicht die Hoffnung ins Korn werfen, abermals fest dran vertrauen heile zu werden, es hilft extrem, glaubt es mir….

  4. radarwarner österreich Says:

    Radarwarner und GPS Blitzer…

    Super Blog! Mach weiter so, ich schaue bestimmt nochmal bei Dir vorbei….

  5. Marcos G. Says:

    a lousy translation
    if such a company is trying to sell a quality product that is as good as its translation – then this one is not worth buying – because the company does not even have the decency to spend money on a professional translation

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