Medion PNA 210: Live pics of cheapest navigation system in Europe

medion pna 210
The German company Medion benefitted from an organized press conference this morning with two steps of the Elysées Fields in Paris to present its new range of PND for France, of which Medion PNA 210 which is announced like one of the terminals dedicated to the cheapest navigation GPS of the market.

The PND Medion PNA 210 has given rhythm a Samsung processor to 266 MHz, of a quantity of internal storage of 256MB, of a card reader memory SD/MMC, of a chip GPS SiRFStar III, a system Windows EC net 4.2, of an integrated loudspeaker, the whole in more than one touch screen of a very reduced size of 2.8 inches for 65 000 colors.

This software of navigation GPS is purified, having only the menus of basic navigation, makes it possible to only sail in a fluid way in mode 2d and also has a more reduced number of points of interests compared with the other new PND of range PNA 500 of Medion. It should be noted that the autonomy of this PND is announced at 3 a.m. while using continuous while it does not have functionalities multi-media.

Delivered with a charger cigar-lighter and adapter sector, Medion PNA 210, which will not be able to have an adapter TMC, is marketed at the price of 199 €Euros including all taxes.

medion pna 210

auto-translated from french

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