super compact bluetooth GPS receiver Columbus V700

A Chinese company called Fuzhou Victory Technology is manufacturing a $199 bluetooth GPS receiver that could fit into your jeans’ coin pocket. The stylish little black receiver, called Columbus V-700 includes a SiRF III chip and connect to up-to 20 satellites for shortest fixation time and 1.5 meters of accuracy. The device only weighs 33 grams. There is yet no US site offering the V-700.

auto translated specs:

■ receiver standard:

Outlook size: 53.5×32.5×13.9mm
Weight: 33 grams
Body: 24 cubic centimeters
Channel: The most Datong receive and pursues 20 □□stars letters ,constructs WAAS/EGNOS Xiech’i
calculates the function: Each second 200,000 stars letter calculates the ability
Receive rate: 1575.42MHz (L1 wave band, C/A □)
Receive sensitivity: -159dBm
decides the ability: 2 stars 2D localization, 3 stars 3D localization
Day: constructs the high gain by the type day

■ localization ability:

Recollects: 0.1 second
—: 1 second
—: 38 seconds
Length: 42 seconds

4 Responses to “super compact bluetooth GPS receiver Columbus V700”

  1. pietro Says:

    it’s possible to buy this item, and are compatible with a psp ?
    thank you

  2. Michael Phan Says:


    I got one from Ebay (lucky). I worked flawlessly. It is bluetooth-enabled device such as cell phones, pda. But make sure you should select the port correctly in the pda. I downloaded the earthcomber maps and it differed 20 feet. It must be the map error.


  3. israr Says:


  4. Mario Says:

    You can find columbus products for european market on

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