GlobalSat BT-338 Bluetooth GPS receiver review

globalsat bt-338
The BT-338 ultilizes the SiRF Star III WAAS enabled high performance and low power consumption chipset enabling it to obtain a rapid time-to-first-fix (I got a time of anywhere from 5 to 20 seconds to obtain a fix). It provides superior location performance, both indoors and outdoor (visit to learn more about the SiRF Star III chipset). The chipset uses a 20-channel architecture, allowing it to obtain more signals therefore creating a high sensitivity. Other features include Built-in ceramic patch antenna, superior sensitivity for urban canyon and foliage environment, 3 LED to show the rechareable Li-on battery, an Operation time of 17 hours in continuous mode, and a Bluetooth operation range of 10 meters.


I’ve been using the BT-338 GPS Receiver with my Treo 700w for the past couple of weeks now. Although this is the first GPS product I’ve ever used with a PocketPC Phone, when compared to the performance of various other GPS products some of my friends use, this definitely matches or surpasses in performance. As soon as I get into my car and get the receiver turned on and run Mapopolis, getting a fix is anywhere from 5 to 20 seconds at the most which is ridiculously quicker than most others that take as long as 1 minute I hear.

I didn’t test the battery life but I haven’t had to charge it up since its first full initial charge when I first got it earlier this month. I’ve been using it entirely while driving on the road to work, around town and a couple of times while biking. The unit has a power saving function that turns the device off if the bluetooth is not connected to any devices within 10 minutes. Globalsat stats a battery life of 17 hours after being fully charged, in continuous mode and 20 hours in trickle power mode. This is little device packs plenty of power and if thats not enough for you then you always have the car charger!…


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