Clarion presents iPod compatible touch screen navigation system (in Japan)

Wide 7 type VGA 2DIN HDD/DVD/MD touch panel AV-Navi system MAX960HD

Clarion is getting ready to ship 4 new navigation systems this May and June. Their prices range from $1600 to $2300 and they all feature a nice 7 inch widescreen touch display. The new product line will feature compatibility with many multimedia formats and have advanced audio capabilities such 5.1 surround sound. The top of the line MAX960HD will play DVD’s CD’s and your 5th generation iPod. The site claims that: (auto-translated)

In the sound quality aspect, it corresponds to the 192kHz playback of DVD audio for the first time in industry as a car navigation, it actualizes the field sound playback which the clarion continues to adhere long time. From real sound field adjustment function until the acoustic circuit design, advanced acoustic technology is loaded is “the sound quality pursuit” model.

It was really hard to decipher the auto translated Japanese, but we also have strong clues that all four devices are also capable of recording sound, and playing TV.

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  1. ammar ALRIFAI Says:

    DEAR ,

    We Need Price For MAX960HD with Full Package and shipped to KSA
    The Display Unit Must is in English Language.

    Best regard

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