Garmin zumo 350LM

Garmin announced the zūmo 350LM GPS navigator for motorcyclists. It mounts on the handle bars and is waterproof. Garmin zumo 350LM is going to be available in the 3rd quarter of 2012 and will cost $700. Here are some of the features and facts for Garmin zumo 350LM:

  • Highly visible, sunlight-readable 4.3″ glove-friendly touchscreen display
  • Waterproof to IPX7; built tough with fuel-resistant plastics
  • turn-by-turn spoken directions with a Bluetooth-enabled helmet or headset
  • Speed limit indicator
  • Preview services at highway exits
  • Lane assist with junction view

zūmo 350LM comes with lifetime map updates for North America and/or Europe.

Garmin G3X

Garmin just announced that they would include Synthetic Vision in their G3X. We’re not really sure what the heck Synthetic Vision does or what this G3X glass cockpit is capable of but it really sets Garmin apart from other names like TomTom, Mio, etc.

Aviation products has been a part of Garmin’s lineup since the 90’s and brings in a good chunk of their income. And do not forget their marine GPS units as well. In addition they have a really wide range of road GPS navigation units, offer one of the best solutions for athletes (even golfers), great handhelds for those who like outdoors, and, and, there’s that nuvifone.

We always give them a hard time for being kind of expensive with their nuvi’s or zumo’s but it is not easy being a company that offers products that cost between $100 to $10000.

Keep up the good work guys. I hope you sell a lot of these G3X things.

garmin zumo 220

We’ve complained here before about the price tag on Garmin’s previous Zumo models such as the zumo 665, and zumo 550 so we were hoping when Garmin said affordable the price would sub $400. But we’ll take any kind of price reduction off the $1000 price tag previous models had. Garmin Zumo 220 is going to have an MSRP of $600!

Let’s talk about the features of zumo 220 a little bit. Like all other zumo’s 220 is also rugged and water proof, and mostly oil spill resistant. It has a 3.5″ screen; provides text-to-speech, lane assist, bluetooth headset/helmet support. It even has options for on-road and off-road traveling.

Maps include United States, Canada and Puerto Rico and come with six million points of interests. Another neat feature is the customizable fuel gauge that can be modified to your bike’s maximum fuel range.

Wait until March of this year for the new Garmin Zumo 220.

Garmin Zumo 665

Garmin just added Garmin Zumo 665 to their motorcycle lineup. Garmin zumo 665 is already available on Amazon for a whopping $1000. Too much? Nah.. You already own expensive toys like bikes so this shouldn’t be such a big deal for you.

Anyways, what’s new with the new Garmin Zumo 665? Well, you can see a comparison for yourself here with the older Zumo 660 but we’ll tell you right away that ‘not much’. Interestingly the battery life on the new Zumo 665 is only 3 hours which is 2 hours less than that of Zumo 660, but Zumo 665 adds XM Navtraffic & Radio for U.S. support with the included receiver. On the other hands it no longer supports MSN Direct - but that may have something to do with the MSN service going out.

BMW Motorrad Navigator IV

Garmin just today announced that together with BMW Motorrad they have developed the new BMW Motorrad Navigator IV. This is a new GPS navigation system for motorcycles that is based on Garmin’s zūmo 660. The new BMW Motorrad Navigator IV takes Garmin’s navigation technology and adds BMW specific features such as customized mount, preloaded BMW dealer database, unique audio and Bluetooth handling capabilities.

Take for example the custom hardware which is a four-button motorcycle mount with quick-key functions for extra control and usability. The mount and GPS device are vibration-tested, waterproof (IPX-7), and designed to withstand fuel sprays and UV rays.

The rest of the specs should be pretty similar to zumo 660, such as the 4.3″ glove friendly touch screen, millions of POIs, and turn-by-turn, voice-prompted directions to the final destination. In addition BMW Motorrad Navigator IV’s A2DP Bluetooth wireless technology makes it possible for riders to pair their phone to a Bluetooth enabled helmet or handset so that they can safely talk on the phone or listen to MP3’s without having to remove their gloves or helmet.

BMW Motorrad Navigator IV is expected to be available third quarter of this year from authorized BMW Motorrad retailers in North America and Europe. No word on pricing just yet.

GPS maps for snowmobiles

We just came across this and thought it would be useful - if you live somewhere with snow and have a snowmobile. A recently launched site - - now offers comprehensive maps of trails for snowmobiling.

There are 6 packages offered and each of them cost $50. Or you can buy them all for $125. The regions are Great Lakes, Mountain West, North East, Pacific West, and Upper Midwest.

Your maps will arrive on a memory card and will be compatible with all Garmin nuvi’s, Colorado, Oregon, Zumo, and PSmap 60Cx/60CSx, GPSmap 76Cx/76CSx, eTrex Vista Cx/HCx, eTrex Legend Cx/HCx, eTrex Venture Cx, Rino 520HCx/530HCx, Edge 605/705.

They’re located in sunny Arizona :)

garmin zumo 660

Garmin has a new GPS navigation system for bikers. Just announced today at CES 2009 Garmin Zumo 660 has a 4.3″ anti-glare touch screen, glove friendly left handed interface, and is waterproof.

It comes preloaded with maps of United States, Canada and Puerto Rico and include over 6 million POIs.

Other features include the lane assist capability which is relatively new for Garmin devices, blutooth connectivity so you can pair it up with compatible helmets, and the ability to plan your trips online and send them to your device. It also accepts Garmin’s MapSource U.S. Topo maps for off-road navigation.

It will be available first quarter of this year for $800.

garmin numaps

Garmin numaps program will be going live today. Basically it guarantees you will be getting the newest maps, available by download, for free if a map update occurs within sixty days of purchase of a Garmin nuvi or zumo. If you purchased your zumo or nuvi after August 17 of this year you are eligible for the program. To qualify for the update you will need to register your device within sixty days of the first use of your device. Registration can be done at

garmin road tech zumo first shot

We have the first shot of the Harley Davidson branded Garmin Zumo, aka Garmin Road Tech Zumo that we mentioned yesterday. As you can see it has the exact form factor as zumo 450 and zumo 550. The only difference is the darker color and the Harley Davidson logo near the top. There’s also the “road tech zumo” text in the front in Harley orange…

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garmin road tech zumo

This is a special garmin zumo customized for Harley Davidson. The preloaded map contains all the listings of Harley Davidson stores in the country and there’s also the new feature on where it allows all those ‘born to be wild’ types to plan their road trip in advances. You can also share your routes using the SD card slot.

Road Tech zūmo’s glove-friendly design with left-handed controls and oversized touchscreen buttons. The waterproof (IEC 529 IPX-7 standards) device comes ready to go right out of the box…

With optional XM subscriptions and an XM antenna, you can check the weather, move ahead of traffic and listen to the radio when you travel with Road Tech zūmo in the U.S. As an alternative, zūmo can receive optional TMC traffic alerts (in select cities) when used with a compatible traffic receiver.

Other must have feature for motorcyclists is the ability to hear directions and make phone calls with your helmet on. Thanks to the added bluetooth function you can make calls using Zumo’s interface and listen to turn-by-turn directions too.

We’re not sure how much the road tech zumo will cost but currently zumo 550 goes for $687 and zumo 450 for $530.