Viliv N5

Looking for an ultra portable laptop that can do GPS? Viliv N5 may be the answer for you. But when we say ultra portable we really mean it. This machine only has a 4.8″ screen with 1024×600 resolution. Personally I wouldn’t be able get any real task done on such a small screen. But there must be some market for it for the Korean manufacturer is getting to release the device pretty soon. jkontherun has a first look to it if you want to see some photos - but other than we’re only going to share some specs with you.

  • Intel Atom processor;Z520 (1.33 GHz)
  • Windows 7 Starter
  • 4.8” WSVGA (1024×600) Touch screen
  • 32GB SSD
  • 1GB DDR2 SDRAM 533Mhz
  • Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g
  • Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
  • HSPA/TD-SCDMA/EVDO/WiMAX Connectivity
  • GPS
  • 1.3M Pixel Camera
  • Optical Joystick Mouse
  • 1 USB Host
  • Micro-SDHC, Headphone-out, Mic, Speakers
  • QWERTY keyboard 63 keys total (Function 34 keys)
  • 6 hours max battery life (4 hour movie playback), 15W
  • Dimensions: 172(W) x 86(L) x 25(H)mm / 6.77(W) x 3.38(L) x 0.98(H) inch
  • Weight: 0.85lb / 388g

Check out Dynamism if you want to get your hands on one of these.

Viliv X70EX hits America!

For years we’ve been drooling over these 7″ MIDs to come to the States, from their home town of South Korea. We’ve got some good news for you. Viliv X70EX, a new model from the Viliv series is now exclusively available for the North American market.

You can get Viliv X70EX on Amazon, but we have to warn you - the price ranges from $600 to $880 depending on the size of your solid state drive (16GB or 32GB), and which wireless antennas you want. The higher end Vilix X70EX will for example have WLAN 802.11b/g, Bluetooth2.0+EDR, GPS, and WWAN 3G HSPA.

Some common specs of this American Viliv include SDHC slot, USB port, SiRF Star III GPS receiver, and a battery that lasts 5.5 hours.

Viliv X70 Review w/ CarKit and StreetDeck 2

If you’ve been following Navigadget you should have an idea what Viliv X70 is. In case you don’t; Viliv X70 is a communication MID, or a UMPC if you prefer to call it that. The device has a built in GPS, suction cup window mount, and cigarette lighter adapter that makes a suitable to use in your car - as a GPS navigation system.

Well someone at StreetDeck got their hands on a pre-release version of the X70 and posted a short review video - here is that:

GPS navigation part starting at 7’30”.

Viliv S5 with StreetDeck II

People at StreetDeck took the Windows XP based Viliv S5 and installed their user interface on it. S5 has built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, USB port, mini USB, monitor port, resistive touch screen.

It comes with a suction cup window mount which you can see in the video below, and of course a car charger as well. The video demos the GPS navigation, XM radio, and other general features of their StreetDeck II user interface.

Streetdeck swears this is the best UMPC as far as delivering GPS navigation features be it the really fast resume time, or the sensitive touch screen. Speakers are also very good which can let you listen to music while getting driving directions. It is an XP based PC after all.

Viliv S5 w/ GPS, car kit, and StreetDeck II costs about $700. It will be ready soon after March.

Viliv X70 Communication MID

Viliv was showcasing their X70 Atom Communcation MID at CES 2009 - which was quite different than other Viliv X70‘s we’ve talked about before.

This device runs on an Intel Atom Silverthorne 1.33Ghz processor, 7″ WSVGA touch LCD screen, 8/16GB SSD or 30/60GB HDD, and uses Windows XP or Linux.

It comes with 1GB of RAM, and for connectivity you’ve got WiMAX, HSDPA, WiFi, and Bluetooh.

Viliv X70 Communication MID does come with GPS hardware; SiRF Star III GPS receiver to be more precise. But for software we know very little. All we know is that it offers location based services and navigation out of the box…

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Viliv S7 with GPS module

On display at IFA 2008 in Germany you’ll find Viliv S7, a UMPC with 8+ battery life and a 7″ screen. What caught our eye of course is the integrated SiRF Star III GPS receiver.

Other features of Viliv S7 are:

  • Intel Centrino Atom SLT 1.3/1.6/1.86Ghz
  • 30/60 GB HDD
  • 7″ WSVGA LCD
  • touch screen
  • keyboard
  • bluetooth 2.0 with EDR
  • Wibro or HSDPA module
  • 802.11 b/g WiFi
  • Internal DMB TV
  • continuous 9 hours movie playback
  • H.264 1080i / 720p
  • Windows XP Home / Vista / Office ready
  • approx 830 w/ battery
  • 228x135x25 mm in size

Apparently Viliv S7 is in final design stages and is planned to launch in first quarter of 2009…

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Viliv X70

Viliv has just showcased new models in the Viliv X70 series in addition to the initial model ‘Vant’. The new models are X70 Shine, X70 Express, and X70 Study. The Viliv X70’s mostly fall into personal multimedia player (PMP) category but they do have a lot more functions then just playing your music, and videos.

First off Viliv Vant and Viliv X70 Shine both have integrated GPS receiver and thus have door-to-door navigation capabilities. Viliv Vant comes in two versions, one with 30GB HDD, and another with 60GB. Viliv X70 Shine on the other hand comes with a 8GB flash disk. These two models also include Wi-Fi antenna, TPEG traffic receiver, as well as an AV in port.

Other features of Viliv X70’s include digital TV receiver, 256MB memory, 700Mhz processor, 7″ screen, all sorts of support for various media files (even PDF), and of course a web browser.

Viliv X70’s cost anywhere between 400,000KRW to 700,000 ($400 to $700). Not to be expected on the States side…

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The portable media player manufacturer Viliv had the new X5 AIO on display recently. The X5 AIO which is expected to hit the market in March has WVGA (800×480) LCD screen, and runs on a Au1250 processor at 700Mhz. It will come in two versions, a 30GB and a 60GB one.

Of course it has GPS navigation but unlike some other Viliv’s this one has the GPS antenna embedded as opposed to flip-out style. In addition to supporting many many multimedia formats X5 AIO also plays digitally broadcast TV channels thanks to its DMB receiver.

X5 Aio has a mini USB port, a USB host, and if you get the Wi-Max card you can even connect to the internet.


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Viliv X7 GPS navigation and DMB

After Viliv X2 and Viliv P2 we now have Viliv X7 GPS navigation receiver from Korea. This infotainment device features a DMB receiver allowing users to watch digitally broadcast channels in addition GPS navigation with realistic 3D graphics.

It has a 7″ screen with 800×480 resolution, supports touch screen operation, and runs on a 600MHz AU1240 processor. For the suggested price of 500,000 KRW ($540) you’ll get 4GB of storage space, in addition to the standard DVD/DivX port, karaoke capability, multimedia player, and support for a rear view camera.

Unlikely to make it here in the States… via

Viliv X2 DMB GPS navigation system

Viliv just revealed a new DMB GPS navigation system in Korea (as usual). It is called the X2. X2 comes with no HDD but it does come with a 4 or 8GB flash drive for storage. It also comes with a port that supports both SD and SDHC cards (In case you are wondering SD High Capacity cards looks just like SD cards but they max out at 32GB instead of 8GB). The X2 uses the highly sensitive SiRF Star III GPS receiver chip, does Picture-in-Picture so you can watch DMB channels while navigating, and play many multimedia files such as DivX, Mpeg, WMV, MP3, Ogg, WMA, AC3, and more… via