Telenav Scout ready for you iPhone

TeleNav Scout is a new GPS navigation system that works across the web, your phone, and in-dash systems in your car.

  • available free on iPhone
  • provides real-time commute times to work or home
  • real-time traffic during daily commutes is the web interface to your navigation solution with Telenav which lets your start planning your trip in front of a computer. There’s also Scout for cars and the first to integrate this system will be Ford.

TeleNav’s HTML5 browser based navigation service

TeleNav recently announced the HTML5-based navigation service that works on any platform since it is browser based. It claims to be a full pledged voice guided turn-by-turn navigation service with moving maps and automatic rerouting in case you miss turns. Oh yeah.. it will also be completely free. Take that Google Maps!

With this technology any mobile website (say a restaurant) can provide an address and from within your browser you can start navigating there. Or you run a website with many address and with only one line of code you’ll give your users the ability to start navigating without leaving the browser.

Currently the service is only available for developers for testing but their blog says it should be available publicly in early 2012.

TeleNav GPS Navigator 7.1 for Android Devices from Sprint

TeleNav just announced a new app for Android phones called GPS Navigator 7.1. This app has plenty of new features, one of which is the new home screen calledMy Dashboard. This gets you commute travel times instantly is customizable to your needs. Same thing goes for their brand new widgets which include a map of your current location, a search box, and again estimated commute times to your home and work.

It is going to be FREE on Sprint’s Simply Everything Plan.

Here are some other features:

  • Multi Route: Recommends up to three routes to your destination with distance and estimated drive times based on traffic conditions
  • Favorite and Recent Destinations: Drive to your favorite and recent destinations more quickly and easily with one-touch access on My Dashboard
  • Daily Commute: Current drive times based on live traffic right on the home screen
  • Live Traffic: Traffic updates that automatically reroutes you around traffic jams or road congestion
  • Local Search: Search 22 million Places and get user-generated ratings and reviews
  • Gas Prices: Search up-to-date gas prices by location or by price
  • Voice Search: Keep your hands on the wheel with voice-activated commands
  • Local Weather: Get real-time weather and seven day forecasts for your current location
  • Voice Guidance: Driving directions spoken by a real human voice

TeleNav GPS Plus for iPhone gets update, price cut in half for limited time

TeleNav released a new version of the TeleNav GPS Plus turn-by-turn navigation application for the iPhone 4G and 3GS. The price is cut in halft to $10 for a whole year of service. You still got the initial .99 cent 30-day trial though before committing or you can just pay $3 per month. Even if you choose not to continue after the 30-day trial, you will still have access to free basic maps and non-voice guided directions.

Some of the new features include:

  • “My Mileage” for mileage tracking - exports to Excel easily
  • Traffic Flow Indicator on the navigation screen
  • Maps have been upgraded and are now cleaner and easier to read

Other features include:

  • Spoken directions with street names
  • More than 22 million POIs
  • Gas station searches sorted by price
  • Multi-tasking support
  • Automatic rerouting

TeleNav GPS Navigator 6.2 is out

TeleNav made their latest GPS navigation app available today for AT&T customers labeled as AT&T Navigator 2.2 at the Android MarketPlace. Some of the improvements in this version include speed gains in loading, route calculation, and retrieving search results. Another feature is multi-route capability which already exists in Google’s own navigator. You simply get three options to get to your destination each showing distance, and expected driving time.

Also worth mentioning for making your life easier is the expanded speech recognition. In addition to just being able to say an address or a business category you can now say things like “how’s the weather”, “how’s traffic”, “home”, or “show my commute”.

Telenav’s AT&T Navigator gets update

AT&T Navigator just got an update from TeleNav, to version 1.7i. The new features include integration of multitasking on the new iPhone OS.

The next highlight is of course speech recognition where you can just say an address or search for something using just your voice. Other upgrades are traffic camera alerts, lane assistance, smoother 3D navigation, and the background battery saver mode.

You get the app for free but the monthly fee will appear on your AT&T bill :{

Telenav now offered on U.S. Cellular

While some companies try to get a share of the paid GPS software market one by one by directly offering their product to end consumers Telenav continues to make bigger business to business transactions.

Telenav’s software is already offered by default by many mobile operators and last week they just added U.S. Cellular to this list which happens to be the 6th largest in the nation.

Good news is that if you already get their $30 smartphone data plan that costs $30/month you don’t have to pay a penny for the GPS navigation service from Telenav. Some of the devices that supports Telenav on U.S. Cellular include:

  • Samsung Acclaim
  • HTC Touch
  • HTC Touch Pro
  • HTC Touch Pro 2
  • HTC Snap
  • BlackBerry Tour 9630
  • BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230
  • BlackBerry Curve 8530
  • Samsung i225.

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TeleNav claims Google’s free navigation is helping their business

There’s an interesting article on Forbes on Sal Dhanani, TeleNav’s vice president of products and marketing talking about Google’s recent expansion into 10 new European countries and Canada; offering completely free GPS navigation service following US and UK. TeleNav says this is raising awareness in the market and there are still plenty of people who are willing to pay for GPS navigation service.

TeleNav offers their navigation software to Sprint and AT&T and many more operators in Canada, South America, and even China and believes free services offered by Google, Nokia, and Microsoft can not compete with their own GPS navigation software.

TeleNav must feel threatened though since they’ve started experimenting mobile ads which show up as sponsored listings when you do a search. They even sell movie tickets partnering with Fandango where they get a cut from each sale.

What do you think about TeleNav’s business model? Do you think they’ll survive given all these free navigation services around?

TeleNav now works with no wireless coverage

TeleNav GPS Navigator just announced a new version of their GPS Navigator - now it’s Version 6.0. It has some pretty decent new features but the most important of it all - according to Navigadget - is that now your entire route, maps, and maps of surrounding areas are downloaded to your phone so navigation will still work when you’re out of wireless coverage area.

Other exciting features are speech input (voice recognition), audio alerts for intersections with red light cameras, warnings when driving over the speed limit on freeways, and lane assistance.

On other TeleNav related news T-Mobile HTC HD2 is out and it comes preloaded with with TeleNav Navigator (60 days free, then $10/mo). Here is the demo video:

GPS users eat pizza, go to WalMart

People at Telenav collected some data over their GPS users’ habits which is more than 13 million people right now. Data was collected in December 2009 and it was done anonymously.

Here are some interesting results..
top food categories

  • pizza
  • chinese
  • burgers
  • american
  • mexican

top business searches

  • wal-mart
  • starbucks
  • target
  • best buy
  • bofa

most cost-conscious (based on gas price searches)

  • Phoenix
  • San Antonio
  • Cleveland
  • Detroit
  • Jacksonville

You can find more results here.