Nokia N900 Maemo GPS navigation

Sygic just made available Mobile Maps for Nokia’s Maemo platform which includes the Nokia N900. This should really be one of the few GPS navigation applications available for Maemo.

It uses Navteq maps and is available for Europe and U.S.A. already. US version costs 50 € and the European version costs 60 € and includes Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Eire (Republic of Ireland), Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy / Vatican City, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Man, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom.

Check out their demo video:

Sygic Aura iPhone navigation app

You have to see this promo video of Sygic Aura GPS navigation app for the iPhone. It’s got the maps and locations preloaded so need for data transfer, lets’ you interact with POI’s in a sense, letting you call restaurants and buy movie tickets, lets you socialize on a map with your friends (if you choose to), works in car (obviously), or on foot, and comes with pre-installed with user-generated wiki geo-tagged information.

What else? Awesome 3D graphics.

It’s not out yet but you’ll be able to find in the App store pretty soon. We’ll keep you posted.

Sygic iPhone app gets major update

People at Sygic have just updated their app which has been on our iPhone GPS navigation apps list for a while. The new version has a whole new interface and some really useful new features.

You’ve got the ability to “share” speed camera locations (really useful in Europe) and other dangerous intersections. Real time traffic information is based on feeds from local sources and police departments and displays on your map without bothering you too much. You can navigate to your contacts; provided you’ve saved their address of course. And a whole lot of new features when it comes to usability such as natural scrolling, pinch zoom, dynamic menus, etc..

Sygic covers the globe with its apps and maps

Sygic - makers of mobile apps for various handsets including iPhone and Android devices just added a bunch of new regions and countries they cover.

Their latest additions are Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan and apparently the maps are localized into various dialects of Chinese for both interface and input language.

The package is fully localized into Chinese - Chinese instruction voices (Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese), Chinese user interface languages (Traditional and Simplified) and Chinese text input (Zhu Yin and Pin Yin). All street names are in Chinese, names of restaurants and other points of interest are in Chinese. Road signs are localized as well.

Just recently they had also added Colombia and various Arabic countries to their list as well which included Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

Just to be clear, Sygic does not produce their own digital maps but licenses maps from other map makers. For example all their Gulf region maps are from TeleAtlas, and the Colombia maps are from Satrack.

sygic GPS navigation now on Nokia Maemo

Sygic just announced that their GPS application (which works on iPhones and other devices) now also works on Nokia Maemo phones. The GPS application will be ready for sale from Sygic website before next year. Sygic offers turn-by-turn voice guided directons on Nokia Maemo 5 OS devices in the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Colombia, USA, Canada, Mexico, USA, all of Europe, Russia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates,

Sygic already works on iPhone, Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile, incl. Windows Mobile 6.5.

iPhone GPS navigation apps list updated

We’ve had this list for iPhone GPS navigation apps and we just updated it with the latest information. Let us know if you think we need to add more items to the list. The list only attempts to cover apps that can provide turn by turn directions for the iPhone.

Our list currently has:

  • telenav
  • navigon
  • coPilot
  • tomtom
  • gokivo
  • sygic
  • navmii
  • iGo My Way
  • XRoad
  • MotionX GPS Drive
  • NDrive
  • Mapquest

iPhone GPS apps comparison part II

A couple of months ago Gizmodo did a comparison of different GPS navigation applications for the iPhone. They now have a part II for that. This time they’re covering more of the “second tier” applications - just because they’re a bit cheaper, and not as well advertised. Anyhow - we have all the iPhone GPS navigation apps listed here.

The GPS navigation apps reviewed are CoPilot Live from ALK, Gokivo GPS Navigator from NIM, and Sygic.

iPhone GPS apps

It’s only been a few weeks since the new iPhone 3.0 operating system has been released and we already have a handful of GPS navigation system applications available/ or soon to be released. Let’s recap what we have so far:

Also known as AT&T Navigator this app is developed by TeleNav. Free to install, $10/month. More… (iTunes)

All versions of Navigon are out. Works with no internet connection (maps are local). Recent update includes traffic for USA and Canada. It supports landscape mode. No monthly fee. U.S. version sells for $90. Other versions include Brazil, Turkey, Europe, Russia, Australia, and South Africa. Maybe a car kit from is expected. (iTunes)

TomTom is the biggest name in Europe when it comes to sat nav. They demoed their app with the release of iPhone 3GS but still no news from them.

UPDATE: It is up. Here are some reviews for it.

UPDATE: It is out. U.S. and Canada is $100. Other versions are for NZ, Nordic, West Europe, East Europe, Australia, Italy, UK and Ireland, Iberia, France, Turkey, Hong Kong, Brazil, Germany-Austria-Switzerland, Southern Africa, Greece, Malaysia and Singapore, Benelux, and Mexico. (iTunes)

Gokivo is from Networks In Motion. They have a lot of experience in this just like the rest of the names up here. $1 to install, $10/month for subscription. Here’s a review that says it doesn’t work so well.
UPDATE: Number have changed a bit. Your first month is just $5. After that it is $40/year and $15 extra for traffic service. (iTunes)

Sygic is currently available for South East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand) for $80 and Australia + New Zealand for $65. No monthly fee.

UPDATE: Now out for more place. US version is $40. Other regions include Colombia, Brazil, Gulf, Russia, Europe, UK & Ireland, and America which includes US, Canada, and Mexico. (iTunes)

Navmii says their GPS navigation software will be coming to the App Store soon.

UPDATE: Out for UK. Costs $50. (iTunes)

iGO My Way
iGO My Way just released their navigation app too. $80 in the U.S., 90 € for whole Europe, and 70 € for only Western Europe. How is it different from the rest? Because it does 3D terrain maps. (iTunes)

CoPilot Live
This one is from ALK Technologies. Does landscape mode as well as portrait. Includes realistic intersection view and lane assistance. UK version is £ 26, and whole Europe is £ 60. U.S. version is not out just yet.

UPDATE: North American version is out and costs $35. (iTunes)

Xroad also have a new version of their GPS navigation app for iPhone. It is called G-Map and costs $35. Funny thing with G-Map is that eastern and western U.S. is sold separately. So the whole U.S. of A. would be $70. Canada is cheap. Only $20.

UPDATE: They’ve divided the US into even smaller regions. You can just buy CA, or even TX. Other regions they support are Russia, France, Alps, UK-Ireland, Germany. (iTunes)

MotionX-GPS Drive
What’s so special about MotionX-GPS Drive from Fullpower? How about the price? It is only $3. If you’ve used this let us know how it was. We’re curious. (iTunes)

NDrive is kind of new. Available in 32 languages/versions. Starts at $38.

UPDATE: USA version is on sale for $30 right now. (iTunes)

Mapquest has an iPhone app they’re trying to get out there. It costs $4/month, $10/quarter, $30/year. (iTunes)

Magellan RoadMate App for iPhone just came out and costs $80 for US and Canada. Maps are stored on your phone, does landscape mode, and text-to-speech (iTunes). Other versions soon to come will be Eastern and Western US, and then Europe.

Kapten for iPhone just came out beginning of 2010. They go monthly and ask for $8/month. What’s cool is that it is multi-transport so it can ask you to park your car at some point and hop on to the bus and have you walk somewhere. (iTunes).

Offered by Intrinsyc Destinator 9 is a GPS navigation app that has a 30 day free trial going on right now. Some features include live weather and traffic, a new routing engine, 3D junction views, ability to create your own POIs, and more. (iTunes).

Are we forgetting anyone? Also if you’ve been using any of these apps get in touch with us to get your review published here - even if it’s just a paragraph.

sygic gps app for iPhone

Remember that iPhone GPS application from Sygic we talked about last week?

Well, theiphoneblog had a chance to get a few screenshots at MWC and even play with it for a bit:

I can say that Sygic works and seems snappy enough. It took the software shown about 30 seconds to load up and initialize, however, which didn’t fill me with glee.

We have to wait and see how Apple will change (if at all) their SDK which says “no real time route guidance” to allow for third parties such as this (or CoPilot, or xGPS, or XRoad, or TeleNav which still hasn’t made anything official).

GPS navigation app for iPhone 3G from Sygic

People at Sygic are getting ready to showcase a new GPS navigation application for iPhone 3G at Mobile World Congress next week. There’s really no more info on this other than the picture above. We’re not sure if Apple will let Sygic get away with this. We’ll have to wait and see. (Apple does not allow 3rd party developers to write applications that provide turn-by-turn directions.)