Suunto Ambit vs Suunto X10

Years ago we reviewed the Suunto X10. Earlier this year Suunto announced a new GPS watch called Suunto Ambit. We will be getting a Suunto Ambit to do a in-depth review but before that let’s do a side by side specs comparison. See this image below:

As you can see from this image there are some major differences between X10 and Ambit. Ambit does a much better job at keeping track of altitude changes. Ambit has automatic alti/baro switch and real-time vertical cumulative value and can report on your total ascent descent. As far as direction - Ambit wins again since it has the 3D digital compass.

In the heart rate tracking department Suunto Ambit boast ANT support where as Suunto X10 doesn’t. You can also use heart rate belts with Ambit. Both of these GPS watches are water resistant to 100 meters and weigh about the same weight.

In reporting weather Ambit and X10 do about the same. However Ambit has a barometer resolution of 1hPa/0.03 inHg.

Suunto AMBIT GPS watch

Suunto just recently announced the launch of the AMBIT, a GPS watch for Explorers. Why Ambit? Their press release says *AMBIT: As in Ambition. Synonyms: edge, reach, scope or range. OK, whatever, moving on. What you get with this GPS watch is a GPS navigation system, barometer, altimeter, 3D compass, and more. It has a 50 hour battery life - but that’s kind of hard to believe. It probably depends on how often you use the GPS features. Other features of Suunto AMBIT include advanced heart rate monitoring, and some basics such as speed, pace, etc. It is water resistant up to 100 meters too!!! It will be available next month in March!

Suunto X10 goes to…

Our Suunto X10 giveaway is over and the winner is commenter #46 Awo who said:

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last call for Suunto X10 giveaway

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Suunto X10 giveaway

People at Suunto were nice enough let us giveaway the Suunto X10 we reviewed couple of weeks ago.

Suunto has many features including navigation, altimeter, barometer, weather alarm, digital compass, ability to track, export, import routes and waypoints, speedometer, and of course a watch. However you have to see their X10 site to get a better idea of this GPS watch’s features.

Suunto X10 is worth just over $500 and it is for sale on a few retailers including Amazon.

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suunto X10 review

We’ve had our awesome Suunto X10 for a while now and we’re ready to share a short review with you. See Amazon reviews also.

UPDATE 4/26/2012
Realized our review photos were not showing correctly so fixed that issue.


Suunto X10 has a nice feel to it. Even though it is quite bulky, its curves gives it a decent look (unlike some G-Shocks). It is actually quite plausible to use this as an everyday watch. The plastic which was used all around seems to be of good quality. Suunto used a few metal parts where it mattered such as the buckle on the strap and where buckle would connect on the other strap.

According to the spec sheet Suunto X10 has a 33% longer battery life than previous version. We were never able to test it to its limits which is a good sign. Reported battery life range from 5-7 hours (with heavy usage of the GPS, backlight, compass and data storage functions) to about 3 months if you only use Time and/or Alti/Baro mode. If your hiking trip is expected to be longer than 5-7 hours do not worry: You can change the GPS fix interval from 1 second to 1 min and this would get you to about 16 hours. Or even more if you change it to ‘manual’ to only mark important waypoints along your trip.

Suunto X10 is 100 meters water resistant, so no worries if you’re going to get wet. The backlight was sufficient. It is a not as nice as Timex Indiglo but it does the job.

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unboxing suunto X10

We’re not sure if the unboxing craze is still going on at the internets but we decided to do one of ours anyways. We shot a few pictures of the Suunto X10 we just received and wanted to share it with you. Enjoy.

You can expect to see a review of Suunto X10 here at Navigadget pretty soon.

suunto X10 is out

We haven’t been talking too much about GPS enabled wrist watches lately but worry no more for Suunto recently announced the successor to their highly popular X9i.

The Suunto X10 has upgraded GPS performance, which locates your position even faster than the X9i. The improved GPS also tracks better in difficult conditions, such as heavy foliage, for more reliable readings when you need it most. Unlike bulkier, hand-held GPS units, the Suunto X10 is hands-free, so you can focus on the action instead of worrying about dropping or losing your GPS when the going gets tough. The Suunto X10 also records waypoints and routes, allowing users to analyze and catalog trips on a home PC.

The Suunto X10 includes an altimeter, barometer, digital compass, thermometer, and an extensive memory, as well as the usual time/stopwatch functions.

When you are navigating with the Suunto X10 on a preplanned route it can show you the direction you need to head and the estimated time of arrival. There is of course the obvious ‘find home’ preset which can lead the user back to the start point or marked ‘Home’. In addition you can also ‘track back’ function which can guide you back along any recorded route.

Suunto X10 offers a battery life that is 33% longer than that of X9i and it has its own USB charger which can also be used to transfer data.

It will be available in two colors.

Pyxis GPS watch

Pyxis GPS watch
The market for GPS watches is relatively small with only a few brand names such as Garmin, Suunto, Casio, and then a few less known Asian names. Today we have Pyxis again, and apparently they have upgraded the software on their GPS wrist watch to support activities other than just golf. Pyxis now offers features to help you keep track of your workout whether you’re cycling, running, hiking, or just walking.

We have no info when this GPS watch will be available in the U.S. or anywhere else but it looks like the company is trying to find a distributor at trade shows… via

GPS for runners

If you are serious about running and keeping track of your performance you probably have heard of GPS systems that can help you along the way. Most of these little devices are equipped with little fitness computers that can report on your speed, average speed, distance covered, location, heart rate, and much more.

If you are ready lets go over a few of the most popular GPS systems that can assist you during your workout:

suunto-x9i-001.jpgSuunto X9i ($421):

Suunto X9i is a very capable GPS wrist watch that can give you information on altitude, vertical speed, thermometer, atmospheric pressure, compass, and of course your location. People at Suunto also recently developed a software called Suunto Trek Manager (STM).

With STM you can create routes on the maps you have uploaded, edit and erase existing routes, visualize the altitude profiles for your routes, analyze and plan your training, and keep a training diary. You can also create your own activity reports by adding photos and text to the profiles.

So the X9i does provide some performance data, but mostly after you’re done working out and have uploaded your data to your PC using STM. If you are looking for more data during your workout you’ll have to look elsewhere. However the small size and compactness of the X9i makes it quite desirable.

forerunner-305-001.jpgForerunner 305 ($263):

Garmin’s Forerunner 305 is nothing less than high tech personal trainer. It includes a wireless heart rate monitor and can alert you based on time, distance, pace, and of course heart rate. To make your workout more interesting the Forerunner 305 integrates smart features. For example you can download a previous course on to the 305 and compete against it. If you don’t want to compete against your previous performance you can give the “virtual partner” a try. Virtual partner is a digital runner and you can race with it based on time, pace, or distance. And if you get the holographic add-on you can see him/her running right next to you :)

Other features include a Auto Pause, that lets you automatically pause your work out based on a lower speed limit, so you don’t have to hit a button every time you stop to tie your shoe laces. Similar to Auto Pause, there’s something called Auto Lap. It can record lap data when you reach a specified time, distance, or position.

You can still rely on Forerunner 305 to keep track of your performance on those rainy days when you have to hit the treadmill instead of the asphalt. You can buy the Foot Pod which attaches to your running shoe and transmits distance and pace data to your Forerunner 305 when GPS reception is unavailable.

Also in the box, you’ll find the Garmin Training Center software that helps you customize your workouts to meet specific goals and objectives. You can create your own workouts or use workout templates included on the CD. Interactive analysis tools let you chart performance overlaid on a map.

frwd-007.jpgFRWD W600 (€400):

FRWD W600 is somewhat the combination of above two. It does provide a lot of vital data during your workout and also includes a barometer and an altimeter. It is a bit smaller and more stylish than Forerunner but you’ll have to carry an extra bluetooth GPS receiver.

Just like the other two it includes software to analyze your performance on your PC. Speaking of PC, FRWD W600 connects connects wirelessly to your computer. USB dongle for your PC is included.

After the performance you get to relive the best aftermaths on a computer screen with fabulous satellite pictures. You can analyse your route, speed, distance, heart rate, altitude profiles, oxygen consumption etc. You can also compare performances and start a virtual competition against your own or your friends’ performances and see where the differences appear.

The only problem with FRWD is designed by a Finnish company and is not very easy to find in the U.S.

amaryllo-gps-001.jpgAmaryllo Trip Tracker (€160):

Amaryllo Trip Tracker probably has the least functionality compared to others. It lacks heart rate info, calories, altimeter, barometer, etc. But it does cover all the basics. You can see your speed, average speed, and distance covered. It also displays the direction you’re heading and lets you store waypoints along the way. No way you can get lost with this device.

Different from the rest is Amaryllo Trip Tracker can also be used as a bluetooth GPS receiver - so you can pair it up with a PDA, laptop or cell phone and with the help of some navigation software you can have yourself a navigation system.

timex-gps-943.jpgTimex Trail Runner ($300):

The Timex brand may be familiar to triathlon runners and such. Their advanced product with GPS functionality is called Timex BodyLink Trail Runner. It is another GPS system for runners that is easy to get hold of in the U.S and if you can ignore a couple bad reviews on Amazon it sounds like a good buy. The BodyLink Trail Runner has three components - the wrist computer, GPS receiver, and the heart rate monitor; all of which talk to each other wirelessly. It can store waypoints (only 10 though), help navigate back to these waypoints, show directional info, create 5 different training zones for your heart rate, and various other features.

In terms of price, functionality, and the amount of stuff you have to carry, Garmin Forerunner 305 seems to be the clear winner here. We’d also like to hear what you think. Let us know if we missed any other brands.