new Panasonic Strada GPS navigation system

Panasonic of Japan today introduced 5 new portable and 3 in-dash Strada GPS navigation systems.

The portable ones come with either a 5″ or a 7″ touch screen display and all come with 8GB of RAM, 1Seg digital TV tuner, and VICS traffic control on the higher end models. Some of the new portable sat nav devices are:

  • CN-SP300L-K
  • CN-MP700VD-K
  • CN-MP500VD-K

The in-dash GPS navigation systems on the other hand come with a 60GB HDD, DVD, CD support, 7″ WVGA display, and cost between 200K to 280K Yen.

The three in-dash sat navs are:

  • CN-HX910D
  • CN-HW890D
  • CN-HW860D

Some other features of these include the bluetooth, digital TV tuners, and bluetooth… via

new Sanyo Gorilla GPS navigation system

Not to be left out of the Japanese GPS navigation system race, Sanyo - just like Panasonic - also added three new devices to their Gorilla series.

Their new models are the NV-SB531DT, NV-SB541DT, NV-SD630DT.

By default they all have 8GB of internal storage, 1Seg TV tuner but differ when it comes to screen size, and a few other features. Here is how the new GPS devices measure up:

  • NV-SB531DT: 5.2″ screen
  • NV-SB541DT: 5.2″ screen and VICS for live traffic information
  • NV-SD630DT: 6.2″ screen and VICS for live traffic information

No word on pricing or availability from Sanyo of Japan just yet…

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new Panasonic Strada GPS navigation systems

Panasonic of Japan just announced three new GPS navigation systems for their Strada series. The new models are CN-MP150D/DL, CN-MP180D, and the CN-MP250D.

All the new sat nav systems have a 5″ screen and come with a faster processor - not sure how that affects the battery life though. There’s a slot for microSD cards which can support cards up to 8GB. That’s plenty of room for media.

Here is how the three GPS navigation devices differ:

  • CN-MP150D/DL: entry level, no 1Seg TV tuner
  • CN-MP180D: adds TV tuner
  • CN-MP250D: adds TV tuner and a VICS receiver for traffic updates

All the new Panasonic devices will be available in Japan next month… via

six GPS navigation systems no longer with us

GPS navigation system market is very dynamic and fast moving. New features come out monthly, prices keep going down. Small brand names can’t just compete or the big ones (HP, Sony) just take a quick stab at the market and realize people just won’t give up their Garmin’s :)

Here are a few names that are either out of the GPS navigation market or about to be gone.

  • Magellan

  • Magellan was one of the big shots here in the U.S. but recently was bought by Mitac Mio. Even though Mio said they’d keep the brand going we think it is a matter of time until the Magellan name completely disappears.

  • HP

  • HP had a decent looking device called iPAQ 310 for a while but it turns out they’ll be discontinuing their stand alone GPS navigation systems and a few others such as iPAQ 312, 314, 316, and 318.

  • Dash

  • These were the guys to first come out with a decent two way connected system. We really loved it. But they didn’t last long. When they quit they promised they’d keep their awesome user collected traffic information platform alive.

  • Harman/Kardon

  • Harman did come out with a few models that really looked promising such as the GPS-810. But due to continued price cutting they’re out as well.

  • Sony

  • Sony never really got traction in the PND market. They officially quit the European market. Even though SonyStyle for U.S. still offers the NVU series the fact that they haven’t offered anything new makes us wonder…

  • Panasonic

  • Panasonic is also out but only for standalone GPS navigation systems like the Strada CN-GP50N, and CN-GP50U. They’re keeping their in-dash systems.

    UPDATE (May 6th):

  • Navigon

  • We’re sorry to now add Navigon to this list. They really had some decent devices but the aggressive pricing was too aggressive for them. They’ll continue business in Europe.

Panasonic GPS Strada CN-HX1000D and CN-HW1000D

CN-HX1000D and CN-HW1000D are the two additions to Panasonic’s Strada GPS navigation system lineup.

What’s special about these two new Strada’s is that they can be setup to control various things around the house. However as an intermediary device you’ll need your Bluetooth capable phone with a data plan with SoftBank, Docomo, and Au, so you can access all your devices from the internet - which will give you control over your door lock, DVR and TV, and many other things.

Strada CN-HX1000D and CN-HW1000D does provide other functions in addition GPS navigation and home control of course; such as the TV receiver, optical drive, hard disk drive, support for numerous media files, all on a sharp 7″ screen.

Expect to see this in Japan soon…

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Strada CN-GP50U

Strada CN-GP50U
Panasonic’s CN-GP50 model which we talked about here at Navigadget before got the official word from the manufacturer today. The only difference is the last letter in the model name which now changed to CN-GP50U, instead of the CN-GP50N. Possibly CN-GP50U is the model they’re introducing in the U.S. with maps from Navteq covering U.S., Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Strada CN-GP50 will be available in December for $500. You should look into CN-GP50 if the mainstream 4.3″ screen is not big enough for you since Panasonic put a huge 5″ screen on this GPS navigation system. The device also has some high end features making up for that 1/2 grand price tag; offering voice recognition to set your destination which learns your vocal characteristics for enhanced accuracy, regardless of language or dialect, an electronic compass to keep you on track while GPS signals are weak, and bluetooth phone connectivity to take calls hands free… via

Strada CN-GP50N GPS navigation from Panasonic

Strada CN-GP50N
Panasonic introduced a new GPS navigation system at IFA 2007 for the European market called Strada CN-GP50N. The device has a huge screen and a good price at 400€.

As opposed to its strong competition in the field, such as TomTom and Garmin, Panasonic decided to focus its experience on the video and audio features of CN-GP50N which made this device more of an entertainment center rather than just plain old GPS navigation.

The display on CN-GP50N measures 5″ - leaving their competition 0.7″ behind - hoping to attract consumers who are looking into watching videos in their vehicle.

Panasonic incorporates maps of 37 European countries, including 1.3 million points of interest and even 3D city maps of certain locations and landmarks. For upgrades to the maps Strada CN-GP50N supports SD cards, but it can also be connected to using the USB port on the device.

Some other high-end features of the device also include Smart Assist which comes into to play GPS signals are weak, the bluetooth connectivity for hands free calling, and the ability to enter destination address by voice commands.

Just like most other high end GPS navigators Strada CN-GP50N also has the ability to download radar and speed camera warnings off of Panasonic’s website and warn the drive when approaching these locations… viapanasonic-strada-gps2.jpg

Panasonic Strada F class

Panasonic Strada just added the high-end F series to its lineup. When we say high end we really mean it this time. Take for example the CN-HDS965TD which costs somewhere around $2800 to $3000 and an extra $175 for added bluetooth functionality.

However the F class does really offer a lot of nice features. It comes with a 7″ VGA touch screen, TV tuner, high GPS sensitivity, integrated video accelerator, HDD, and memory card reader for various formats. It also lets you plan your trip online and carry it to your vehicle on an SD card… via

Panasonic announces Strada CN-NVD905U

Panasonic today announced an in-dash GPS navigation system called the Strada CN-NVD905U. This is Panasonic’s first navigation system offered to the U.S. market, accompanied by a new ad campaign with its catchy! “you’ve arrived” slogan.

The Strada CN-NVD905U comes with 12 million searchable POIs, such as gas stations, airports, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, ATMs and historic landmarks. Its integrated 7-inch (diagonal) touch panel LCD screen offers a customized destination menu and the NAVTEQ maps provides map data for the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, plus detailed maps of 86 U.S. cities. Strada CN-NVD905 also offers voice guidance in English, Spanish and French.

CN-NVD905U supports real time traffic information broadcast by Sirius which can show icons representing traffic flow or tie-ups on the screen, allowing the driver to take an alternate route. (optional Sirius tuner, Sirius antenna and subscription to Sirius Traffic required). Others features the new Panasonic GPS navigation system is the ability to play other digital media files while navigating. It can play DVD’s, XM and Sirius radios, CD’s, MP3, WMAs as well as your home made DVD-R/RW discs.

As you’d expect from a $1800 (available next month) piece of equipment, Strada CN-NVD905U also Bluetooth capability for hands-free calling as well as a 30GB HDD and a customized iPod interface. You also have the option to connect the system to Panasonic’s universal rear view camera which can be set up to switch on automatically when shifting into reverse… via

Panasonic Strada Navigation Systems

Panasonic had a presentation of their new GPS systems, the Strada Class F. These electronic marvels offer much more than GPS on their superb 7″ screen. These 152x91x177mm devices will give you the impression that you’re at home, because they offer 2 digital TV tuners, an SD slot, a CD drive, an iPOD connector, DVD player, audio is optimized for 5.1ch/4ch/2ch, connection to rearview camera (night vision possible) and a 40GB HDD to rip your own CD’s or store your pictures…