Sanyo, TomTom, and Mazda offer GPS navigation together

Sanyo and TomTom developed a new in-dash GPS navigation system that will be offered in 2011 Mazda 5’s as on option in Europe.

The in-dash satellite navigation unit will have an integrated 5.8″ touch screen, be preloaded with maps of 45 European countries, have voice control, bluetooth connectivity, and come with LIVE Services, including HD TrafficTM.

And for audio and video Sanyo has did its part offering an optical drive, ability to play various multimedia formats, and AUX port.

Gorilla Plus GPS navigation system

We’ve talked about Sanyo’s Gorilla here numerous times. It must be a big hit in Japan since they keep adding fresh models to this series. Their latest GPS navigation system is called Gorilla Plus and it’s a partnership between Sanyo and NTT Docomo.

What does Docomo bring to the partnership? Connectivity! You’ve got map updates, real time traffic information, parking vacancies around you, latest weather information, and even restaurant recommendations.

As far as hardware you’ve got the 5″ LED backlit touchscreen, 8GB of internal memory, SD card slot, ability to lock satellites in less than seconds, and of course the portrait mode for exploring the city on foot.


Sanyo and TomTom team up to take over America

According to WSJ TomTom and Sanyo are joining their forces to sell their devices to car makers.

Japanese Sanyo announced yesterday that it will team up with Dutch TomTom to grab more market share in North America and Europe where the auto industry is supposedly picking up.

The collaboration between Sanyo and TomTom will supply auto makers with customized in-dash GPS navigation systems as early as 2010.

Sanyo has been making GPS navigation systems in Japan since 1993 where factory fitted sat nav system are more common place. On the other hand North Americans and Europeans are more into after market, windshield mounted, unsightly, portable systems.

new Sanyo Gorilla GPS navigation system

Not to be left out of the Japanese GPS navigation system race, Sanyo - just like Panasonic - also added three new devices to their Gorilla series.

Their new models are the NV-SB531DT, NV-SB541DT, NV-SD630DT.

By default they all have 8GB of internal storage, 1Seg TV tuner but differ when it comes to screen size, and a few other features. Here is how the new GPS devices measure up:

  • NV-SB531DT: 5.2″ screen
  • NV-SB541DT: 5.2″ screen and VICS for live traffic information
  • NV-SD630DT: 6.2″ screen and VICS for live traffic information

No word on pricing or availability from Sanyo of Japan just yet…

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Sanyo Gorilla Lite

Sanyo Gorilla Lite - also known as NV-LB50DT is from the all familiar Sanyo Gorilla series. Too bad they only release their GPS navigation systems in Japan - because this new Gorilla Lite looks quite enticing.

This slim profiled device only measures 18.8mm thin and packs in a lot of features, such as the 4GB internal memory, support for MP3, MP4, JPEG, and WMA files, and of course a 1 Seg TV tuner - which is pretty standard in Japan these days. All of this offered to you on a 5″ touch screen which automatically rotates thanks to the gyro sensor…

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Sanyo Gorilla NVA-GS1609FT and NVA-GS1409DT


Sanyo just introduced two new in dash GPS navigation systems called Gorilla NVA-GS1609FT and Gorilla NVA-GS1409DT. Both these GPS navigation systems run on solid state drives (SSDs), feature a 7″ touchscreen, and an amazing user interface that features 3D buildings, very detailed intersection rendering even indicating where traffic details are.

The two in-dash models will be released next month and include some features such as 1Seg TV tuner, DVD, CD players, FM player, and the ability to read audio from SD cards.

NVA-GS1609FT will have a 16GB SSD whereas NVA-GS1409DT will only allow for 8GB of storage. We have no word on pricing yet. Oh.. did we mention you won’t be seeing this here in the U.S? Sorry.

new Sanyo Gorilla GPS navigation systems

The Gorilla GPS navigation system from Sanyo must be big in Japan since they keep coming out with new models.

Their latest devices are fitted with SSDs (solid state disk) and feature displays ranging from 7″ (NV-SD730DT) to 5.2″ (NV-SB450DT and NV-SB530DT). Some of the features of the new models include LED baclight, 8GB SSD, VICS traffic updates, 1 Seg TV tuner, and the Eco Mode which tries to keep you at a speed optimal for fuel efficiency…

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SCP-2700 from Sanyo and Sprint does GPS navigation

Sanyo SCP-2700 is GPS enabled affordable phone offered by Sprint. It is only $30 but as you guessed the price is after signing a 2 year contract and waiting for your $50 mail in rebate to arrive.

SCP-2700 by SANYO offers several family-friendly applications such as Sprint Family Locator, Social Zone and Sprint Navigation. Sprint Family Locator uses GPS technology to locate your child’s phone and displays the location on an interactive map. Social Zone, allows access to Photobucket, MySpace, FaceBook, YouTube and several other social networking sites from the handset. Users can easily post mobile photos and updates from virtually anywhere, anytime for $2.99 a month. Sprint Navigation provides full-feature GPS navigation, including voice and on-screen, turn-by-turn driving directions and more than 10 million business listings.

Some hardware specs of the new Sanyo SCP-2700 include:

  • 1.3 megapixel camera
  • speakerphone
  • Bluetooth
  • voice-activated dialing
  • 2.2” 65K color TFT LCD (320×240) display

You can expect to pick up the GPS navigation enabled SCP-2700 as soon as May 10th from Sprint.

Sanyo Katana Eclipse X

Katana likes to include A-GPS receivers in their phones and the new Sanyo Katana Eclipse X is no exception to that. Compared to the Katana Eclipse we spoke of back in August this one also offers Sprint’s One Click interactive user interface that lets you customize your home screen which can include widgets such as Google search, email, music, messaging, etc.

Here are some more specs for the new Sanyo Katana Eclipse X:

  • 2″ TFT internal display with 176 x 220 pixels
  • 1″ external display
  • GPS and Sprint Navigation
  • Sprint Mobile Email
  • Sprint TV
  • Sprint Music Store
  • MP3 player
  • Stereo Bluetooth
  • 1.3 megapixel camera with video recording capability
  • microSDHC memory card slot

Sanyo Katana Eclipse X will cost $99 after a 2-year contract…

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Sanyo Gorilla NVA-GS1580FT, NV-SD750FT, NV-SB510DT

Sanyo has a big line of Gorilla GPS navigation systems and they added a few new ones just yesterday. The new systems are called Sanyo Gorilla NVA-GS1580FT (pictured above), NV-SD750FT, and NV-SB510DT. All system share most of their specs which include 4GB solid state drive, TV tuner, and a new feature called EcoDrive which attempts to save the earth. Except NV-SB510DT which has a 5.2″ screen; these GPS navigation systems feature a 7″ screen.

These possibly won’t make it to the U.S. but if you’re in Japan look for them starting November 20th…

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