RoyalTek BV-3200 GPS Navigation System

royaltek-gpsWe haven’t had a word from Taiwanese RoyalTek for a while now but we’re glad to see that they’re still in business as they just pushed their new GPS navigation system RoyalTek BV-3200 through FCC’s doors. The BV-3200 is a GPS navigation system with a sun light readable 3.5″ touch screen, a Broadcom GPS receiver, bluetooth, and a special mount device for bicycle handlebars. Royaltek really wants to focus on bikers as far as we can tell since the device comes with a 2.4Ghz ANT+Sport communication antenna and is IPX7 waterproof. Another out of the ordinary feature of this device is that it comes with a removable 1800mAh battery. Who else puts removable batteries in their sat nav systems these days?

So the device is pretty high end. Don’t let the 3.5″ inch screen fool you - that is so it fits on your bicycle or motorcycle. It does hands free bluetooth, has an FM transmitter and reciever too.

royaltek mbt-1100 bluetooth gps receiver and logger

GPS gadget manufacturer Royaltek is about to send MBT-1100 our way now that it has cleared FCC regulations. MBT-1100 is a bluetooth GPS receiver and a tracklog recorder with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery that can last about 10 hours at least.

The MBT-1000 is equipped with the latest generation MTK digital processor specially designed for fast and accurate fix on GPS signals. It has a power button and 3 LEDs in the front, indicating battery low or charging, bluetooth status, and satellite fix status and memory status for the tracklog feature. Measuring only 69.5x23x20 mm and weighing 38grams MBT-1100 is very very portable.

bluetooth GPS showdown

French site mobinaute has an extensive bluetooth GPS receiver comparison article including Royaltek X-Mini-Xtreme RBT-2010, GNS 5843, GlobalSat (G-Sat) BT-359, Holux GPSlim 236, and TomTom SiRFStar III (this one for size comparison only). Of course it is all in French. But we were nice enough to translate the most important parts for you:

Which receiver GPS Bluetooth SiRFStar III to choose?

Marketed in various shops for a price close to the 90 E€uros including all taxes, except for GPS GNS 5843 receiver which is marketed for more than 200 €Euros including all taxes (function TMC obliges), these receivers GPS Bluetooth is all of good quality but is addressed to the public different ones.

For more technophiles which seeks before a whole the most powerful receiver GPS which is, Royaltek RBT-2010 will undoubtedly be most general-purpose combining sensitive chip GPS and endurance record 17 hour battery. For the remainder, the GNS 5843 also leaves the batch because of use of an adapter TMC out of standard, and this in spite of its relatively imposing dimensions.

Battery Life
Price (Euros)
Royaltek RBT-2010
complete kit with a manual in French
17 hours
different battery kits available
GNS 5843
complete kit with a manual in English
10 hours
TMC function for traffic info
GlobalSat BT-359
comes with a charnger. French manual
11 hours
automatic power saving function
Holux GPSlim 236
complete kit with a travel charger. French manual
10 hours
G-mouse option to use with a cable

Wintec WBT-100/200 Bluetooth GPS Receiver

The Wintec WBT-200 had been in development since last year and is now becoming available in the USA Semsons. A forum member had pointed it out to me last year but I had not been able to obtain a test model at the time. With Semsons now carrying it, that became possible and they sent me a WBT-100 test unit in May, the WBT-100 is the WBT-200 with a built-in compass, but it is not integrated very usefully in the unit yet (only blinks fast when facing North) and requires a connection to a PC for actual readings that don’t appear to be accurate.

Here are my observations and measurements :
1. Form factor: the WBT is indeed very small, it feel like a small “pebble” and has a nice rubbery feel to it, one of the best designs I’ve seen.

2. GPS Performance:
1. Fastrax/uNav chipset : I was curious to its performance as it uses a Fastrax chipset, which is a variation of the uNav chipset that did not perform very well on the Emtac S3 GPS in the chipset review last year.
2. Good TTFF and Guidance : It had no trouble getting a fix with the standard 45/50 seconds in a good environment for a cold reset and providing some good guidance in the small streets of Paris connected to a JasJar running iGo 2006
3. Sensitivity : with its logger feature, it was important for it to have good sensitivity and it disappoints a bit in that area, not reaching the level of a SiRFstarIII unit or of the Nemerix v4 based GPS as seen in the table below. While it remains decent with some margin above the required 3 satelltites it did lose the fix a bit even placed directly under the windshield

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A spare battery for your GPS

mobile-saver-gps-battery-443.jpgIf you do not want to break down from battery with your GPS but also with your mobile, your reader MP3 or your game console, you can choose the spare battery Mobile Saver. Many connectors are available in order to in particular reload the largest marks of mobile telephones.

On sale at Cricel at the price of 59 Euros€.

This spare battery addresses to the users portable products, such as telephone, game console, GPS… It is delivered with a cable on exit jack 4mm for standard game console PSP, GPS royaltek, Globalsat.. a female connector USB to reload the battery of your Ipod, the battery of your reader MP3… Other connectors for telephone Nokia, Sony-Ericsonn, Motorola, jack 3.5mm for portable multi-media apparatus.


Taiwanese E-Ten introduces G500

Straight from manufacturers site: (before you continue, you are probably wondering who E-Ten is. These are the people who first created DOS input for the Chinese language in 1985 and moved onto handheld device market in the 90’s)
“The G500 is the first Pocket PC Phone from E-TEN to have fully integrated GPS capabilities. The G500’s embedded RoyalTek GPS module, featuring the SiRF Star III high sensitivity chipset and an innovative internal antenna design, means that PDA or phone owners who also regularly need to access GPS services, no longer have to carry additional accessories or even a separate GPS device when they travel. No other product makes it as easy or as convenient as the G500 to have the latest satellite navigation technology always on hand.
The G500 is designed to be the perfect all-in-one handheld device. At only 119 x 62 x 23mm the G500 is comparable in size to traditional mobile phone handsets. In addition to GSM phone and GPS functions, the device also serves as a high-specification PDA running Windows Mobile 5.0. The device uses a Samsung S3C2440 processor operating at 400 MHz and includes 128MB of Flash ROM and 64MB SDRAM memory, which can be used to save applications and files. The device uses a replicable 1,440mAh Li-Ion battery, which offers on average 3.5-4 hours of talk-time or 10-15 hours of Pocket PC usage. Finally, the G500 also features a 1.3M pixel CMOS camera and built in microphone allowing users to capture digital images, voice recordings, and even movies.”