Ricoh G700SE

Have you seen the latest Ricoh digital camera? It is called Ricoh G700SE and has two addon modules. One of them is a barcode scanner. And the other one… wait for it…. a GPS module with an electronic compass! Ricoh had previous attempts (here and here) with GPS enabled cameras but neither of those looked as good as the G700SE.

But you may ask, “why do i need GPS in my camera?”. You don’t really unless you want to geotag them, which means embedding location info into the image.

Ricoh G700SE is a 12MP camera with Bluetooth and Wifi. Not only it can carry its own GPS module but it can also get location information from a bluetooth enabled GPS device while transmitting the photos via WiFi to other computers.

Ricoh G700SE will be available in 2011 for about $1050.

Ricoh Caplio 500SE: GPS ready digital camera with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Ricoh just extended the capabilities of its 500SE model by adding support for geo imaging. The Caplio 500SE can automatically embed GPS coordinates with captured images and also organize seamless transfer of pictures and data to mapping software.

In addition to storing GPS data in image and video, the 500SE lets users to tag their media with work related information. This ‘meta-data’ becomes attributes in any GIS system and may be automatically imprinted on the images.

If that wasn’t enough, 500SE also features Wi-Fi capability (on certain models) and bluetooth for seamless and cable free transfer of images. Bluetooth on 500SE can also be used to pair it with a bluetooth GPS receiver.

The 8MP waterproof camera is not yet available however some retailers are already taking pre-orders. It is expected to cost between $1000 - $1200.

See product brochure in pdf here.

Ricoh and GlobalSat Embed GPS Data into Digital Images

Ricoh GlobalSat GPSGlobalSat and Ricoh have worked together to integrate GPS receiver into a digital camera that records not only an image, but also the location that the image was taken.

This is achieved using the high sensitivity GlobalSat BC-337 SiRFStarIII Compact Flash GPS receiver and the GPS-Ready Pro G3 Digital imaging camera from Ricoh.

GlobalSat’s BC-337 is a highly portable CompactFlash GPS Receiver, which utilizes the SiRFStarIII low-power chipset. When combined with Ricoh’s GPS-Ready Pro G3 Digital Camera, high-resolution images are embedded with precise GPS coordinates.

Prior to this agreement, the Ricoh Pro G3 camera supported a variety of GPS cards that were based on older chipsets. As position accuracy is critical to most enterprise customers, many opted to utilize the camera with expensive and bulky survey-grade GPS equipment to achieve their accuracy requirements. The integration of the Star III technology into the GlobalSat BC-337 CompactFlash GPS Receiver card provides these accuracy requirements in a more compact, portable, and cost-effective manner.

Using the GlobalSat BC-337 Compact Flash GPS the camera is capable of pinpointing the exact position that the image was taken from. This is critical for applications like Military or Emergency services where recording time and location can be critical in the chain of evidence. The camera can record the location to the nearest 5 meters. via