Pioneer AVIC-ZHO9-MEV GPS navigation system

Pioneer designed a new GPS navigation system for electric vehicle owners. It is called the Pioneer AVIC-ZHO9-MEV. AVIC-ZHO9-MEV can estimate the amount of juice left in your car’s battery and take your power consumption to give you an estimated range. However it also finds opportunities for energy regeneration and helps plan your routes accordingly to give you the maximum range with minimal effect on the environment. Other standard features include DVD player, digital TV and radio tuners, MP3, WMA, and AAC support, all around a sharp 7″ screen. It is quite costly though, Engadget says it will be available late July for 250000¥ — around $3,100.

Pioneer AppRadio

The idea behind Pioneer’s AppRadio is a bit different - we believe no one hads done this before. Pioneer has just introduced its new product range for 2011 and it includes the new SPH-DA01. At first sight the SPH-DA01 does not seem special. It incorporates the usual connections and a large screen similar to most 2-DIN in-dash units. The interesting thing however is the app developed by Pioneer which can be found free on the iTunes Store. And basically it brings your iPhone display to the main screen.

With this simple trick, Pioneer allows you to access the iPhone menus and other features such as GPS. At the moment there are not many details on whether the iPhone interface will be completely integrated but the main idea behind AppRadio is pretty solid. The system will work by connecting the iPhone cable - which will activate AppRadio. This is good since it means your batteries will be charged as you go but a wireless option would’ve been good too.

It seems that AppRadio is not the only thing that Pioneer has prepared. The company has already hinted at other applications for the SPH-DA01. Software update for the device will be through the microSD card. Expect it to see out late June this year. That’s all we know so far.

new Pioneer GPS navigation systems

Pioneer of Japan just updated their Carrozzeria series with two new models. The AVIC-T05 and AVIC-T07.

Both GPS navigation systems offer a One-Seg TV Tuner. They support various multimedia formats such as WMA, MP3, AAC, WAV, WMV, MP4, AVI and include 8GB of internal storage for all your entertainment.

The biggest improvement though is the addition of 3G (HSDPA / W-CDMA) modules for access to traffic and other sorts of updates including new maps.

AVIC-T07 will have a 5.8″ screen and AVIC-T05 will have a 4.8″ though offering the same VGA resolution.


Pioneer AVIC Z120BT

Pioneer just recently announced a new in-dash GPS navigation system called Pioneer AVIC Z120BT which has a 2-DIN form factor and has a 7″ screen.

This is apparently their new flagship model which now adds the ability to listen to Pandora in your vehicle - but it actually streams the data through your iPhone using Pioneer’s own PandoraLink app for the device.

Pioneer AVIC Z120BT has all sorts of audio/visual specs but as far as GPS navigation it runs on TeleAtlas maps which covers all 50 U.S. states and Canada, has 12 million POIs in its database, and more importantly implements a voice recognition feature so you can enter addresses just by speaking.

MSRP for Z120BT is $1600 and Amazon already has it for $1400.

Pioneer X920BT

Pioneer just introduced a brand new in-dash GPS navigation system at the CES 2010 called Pioneer X920BT.

Pioneer X920BT will cost $1200 and feature a 6.1″ touchscreen with 800×600 resolution, voice recognition to help you keep your hands on the wheel, TeleAtlas maps of all 50 states, micoSD card slot, support for satellite radio, bluetooth connectivity, and a USB port to connect to iPod or iPhone which automatically creates playlists for you.

The new interface lets you control most of the interface by dragging your fingers.

Yeah the images show Pandora radio but currently we have no information how a connection to internet is established.

Pioneer free iPhone GPS navigation app

We’ve mentioned the Pioneer AVIC GPS navigation stuff many times here on Navigadget - but always in-dash or as a standalone system. Now’s a bit different. They just introduced an application for the iPhone. What it does is that it lets you find your destination with the already available Google Maps on your iPhone and then transfer it to your AVIC via bluetooth. The application is called AVIC Feeds and it even lets you navigate to geotagged photos on your iPhone.

Keep in mind AVIC-U310BT does not do bluetooth transfer and you’ll have to transfer your address book via USB. However with AVIC-Z110BT your new destinations will update automatically.

You can check out more about AVIC Feeds here.

Pioneer AVIC-U310BT: the one you can afford

Pioneer AVIC-U310BT is the final addition to Pioneer’s AVIC line up. Out of the ones we talked about today (Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT, Pioneer AVIC-X910BT, and Pioneer AVIC-X710BT) Pioneer AVIC-U310BT is the most affordable one with a suggested retail price of $600.

Just like the other ones U310BT is also a 2-DIN GPS navigation system that features bluetooth hands free option, iPod and iPhone controls, and a smaller (but sufficient) 4.3″ WQVGA touch screen. It carries the same maps from TeleAtlas covering US and Canada, but instead of 12 million, it only has 500 thousand points of interest. However Pioneer AVIC-U310BT does feature an SD card slot located within the detachable front panel of the unit that lets you bring in more POIs and even a map of Mexico.

It does not do CDs or DVDs but can still play your audio from MP3, WMA, or AAC formats. Another neat feature is hidden behind the device; a USB port that can connect various audio players.

You’ll have to wait for July to put a Pioneer AVIC-U310BT on your dash.

UPDATE: We said no CD or DVDs but that slot at the top of the device awfully resembles an optical media drive to us. What do you think?

Pioneer AVIC-X710BT

Pioneer AVIC-X710BT - the new in-dash GPS navigation system from the company - is quite similar to the Pioneer AVIC-X910BT we just talked about. The only difference is that Pioneer AVIC-X710BT does not include the MSN Direct tuner, and does not do DVD playback. Therefore costs $200 less, bringing it down to only $900.

Pioneer AVIC-X710BT still has built-in bluetooth capabilities and you can bring more media to the system using the SD card slot.

Pioneer AVIC-X910BT

Pioneer also announced AVIC-X910BT, another 2-DIN in dash GPS navigation system which combines turn-by-turn navigation, audio, video entertainment and numerous connectivity options that can give you control over iPod, iPhone, Bluetooth capable cell phones, MSN Direct, and satellite radio.

The GPS navigation system part has a TeleAtlas maps database that cover USA, and Canada, with 12 million points of interest (POI) and provide various map views such as 2D and 3D, realistic highway intersection views, a new GUI, and various 3D buildings.

The AVIC-X910BT has a built-in MSN Direct tuner which requires a subscription service. If you decide to pay up you can get updates on traffic for 134 cities across the United States and Canada, weather forecasts, gas prices, movie times, news headlines, local events and even stock quotes.

Pioneer AVIC-X910BT has a 5.8″ WVGA touch panel display, CD, DVD, USB and SD memory card slots, a mini A/V input jack, and of course bluetooth connectivity.

AVIC-X910BT is available $1,100.

Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT

Pioneer just unveiled the AVIC-Z110BT, a new in-dash navigation system that lets users get GPS guidance and enjoy audio and video at the same time. You can hook up your Apple iPod or iPhone or your bluetooth phone and control them with voice commands. You can even get local news and weather info if you if you opt-in for the MSN Direct subscription service.

Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT comes with motorized 7″ touch panel display, a fast processor and 4GB of on-board flash memory which includes maps for continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada and more than 12 million points of interests.

Some other features and specs include text-to-speech, USB, SD slots, satellite radio support, and DVD, CD support when even does dual zone entertainment.

Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT requires 2-DIN on your dash, and will cost $1600 when it comes out in July.