Nokia 808 PureView does GPS

As you may have already heard Nokia unveiled the Nokia 808 PureView which comes with a 41MP camera and even does GPS. The 41MP camera does make the handset just a bit bulky and heavy but you can’t expect everything to be pencil thin.

The display on Nokia 808 Pureview is a 4″ AMOLED, and the glass is Corning’s Gorilla. It has a 1.3GHz processor, and a 512MB of RAM. One thing to keep in mind is 808 is not a Windows phone; it’s still Nokia’s home brew Symbian OS. As far storage you’ve 16GB, but the microSD slot can get you up to 48GB.

Some more on that 41MP camera on the PureView: The dimensions of the photo you’ll get will be 7152 by 5368 pixels. It has a Xenon flash and the optics are from Carl Zeiss. It features auto focus, 1.5″ sensor size, digital zoom, HD video shooting mode, face detection, and also geotagging.

Speaking of location do we need to mention that Nokia’s 808 has A-GPS and GPS capabilities.

Nokia 808 PureView comes with a LiIon 1400 mAh battery.

Nokia Lumia 610

This phone is supposed to only cost around $250 and with its vibrant colors it should be very attractive to the young crowd. Nokia Lumia 610 is a Windows phone obviously running version 7.5. It has some pretty impressive specs for its price. Take for example the 5MP auto focus camera, 800Mhz processor, 1300mAh battery, LED flash, 3.7″ display quad-band GSM/EDGE/WCDMA connectivity. Other specs include 256MB RAM and 8GB internal storage.

As far as location capabilities Nokia Lumia 610 offers A-GPS, G-sensor, as well as a digital compass, and a 3-axis accelerometer. Which means you’ll have a great time getting your maps from Nokia Maps, and with Nokia Drive 2.0 you should be able to get turn-by-turn GPS driving directons.

Nokia Nearby for S40 or S60 phones

Nokia Labs is working a new feature that can provide location aware searches on your phone without the need for a GPS receiver. It is called an hyper-local search and we’re not exactly sure what this means. The new service is “Nokia Nearby” and allows you to discover places and businesses near you. You can even use it to share your location using SMS and share the app itself via bluetooth. Your first question might be “how this works without GPS, i no understand”. Well it is simple. Nokia is probably relying on the location information that it gather by querying which cell tower you’re connected to. Or it may utilize WiFi signals to figure out your approximate location. Either way it is seems like a good idea to introduce this in emerging markets where S40 devices are very popular.

GPS Info Qt for Symbian phones

Before anything else here’s the link for GPS Info Qt from the Ovi Store. It is free.

This is a very handy tool that shows your GPS signal information that is not normally available. After a signal is found, it shows your current position and average position, satellites in use and view. Along with showing signal strength there is an option to map your position via Nokia Maps. It runs in 5 minute slots, has dark and light theme and quits after 20 minutes of no activity to save battery.

It has an OLED-friendly dark theme and the ability to pull in map thumbnails via Nokia Maps’s API…

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Nokia X7

Nokia today announced Nokia X7 - a very stylish gaming phone that comes with Ovi Maps for GPS navigation. It has a 4″ AMOLED display with 640×360 resolution, has an orientation sensor, proximity sensor, and even an ambient light sensor. It has an 8MP camera, dual LED flash, dedicated graphics processor with OpenGL 2.0 for gaming. It even has radio.

As far as navigation you’ve got the integrated GPS and A-GPS receivers, Ovi Maps with car and pedestrian navigation, ability to position using WiFi networks, and access to Nokia Ovi Suite for latest country maps - all for free.

Nokia Astound

Nokia C7 will be known as Nokia Astound on T-Mobile! Nokia Astound will be available on the network starting on April 6 and will only cost $80 after a two year contract. The device is a Symbian and has a 3.5″ amoled display with 640×360 resolution. It can capture 720p HD video and as far as stills you can go up to 8MP.

The Nokia Astound supports five bands on HSPA, and quad band GSM, has 1200mAh battery, WiFi, microSD card slot, bluetooth, and even a GPU. But what we care about the most is of course the GPS navigation experience. Nokia has come a long way at this:

Equipped with the latest commercial version of Ovi Maps1, the Nokia Astound provides free voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation in almost 100 countries in 46 languages. The Nokia Astound comes pre-loaded with automotive grade maps for the entire U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean2. With more than 8,000 3D landmarks and free premium content like Lonely Planet guides and TripAdvisor, consumers can explore new places and experiences along the way. New features include improved search engines and WiFi positioning, a drive assistance mode for real-time traffic updates, maps of public transit lines, and the ability to check in to places and share great moments with friends on Facebook, Twitter and many local social networks.

smartphones killing GPS navigation market

I guess we really should’ve said “GPS enabled smartphones are taking considerable market share from standalone GPS navigation makers” but a sensational title is always more fun. But either way future is not looking great for GPS navigation manufacturers. According to a study done by a Swedish research company (Berg Insight) standalone GPS navigation systems are bound to become obsolete as their functions are now part of most smartphones or just embedded into vehicles’ dashboard. Take for example these latest smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Desire Z, G2 Touch and many others you can find which are as capable as any other standalone systems.

Now that Nokia and Google are giving the technology away for free, GPS navigation makers will have to come up with ways to make their products standout or offer functionality that is not covered by smartphones. We can already see some change as Garmin and TomTom now offer real time traffic information, and working with vehicle manufacturers to embed their technology into vehicles at the factory.

… the number of personal navigation devices shipped globally will peak in 2011 at 42 million, up from 40 million this year, before beginning a gradual, but inexorable decline…

However CEO’s from navigation makers are still hopeful arguing that people are still willing to pay extra for high end specialized devices. I guess Garmin is in the best position here as they’ve already branched into other markets bringing in 1/3 of their sales from marine, aerial, and fitness related GPS devices.


new Nokia Ovi Maps with check-in and location sharing

Nokia is not leaving the arena for Google Maps. They keep coming out with nice features for Nokia Ovi Maps which is now release 3.06 but it is still in beta testing stage.

Some of the new features include some cosmetic changes, a new map layer for public transportation, a new places pages, ability to share your location via SMS or email, a check-in feature just like Facebook’s.

Also you’ve got the new drive assistant mode which automatically pulls up live traffic information, safety camera alerts, and speed limits.

Pick up the new Nokia Ovi Maps here.

Nokia E7

Nokia just announced an awesome smartphone called Nokia E7 which has an estimated retail price of EUR 495, excluding taxes and subsidies. It is targeting more of the business users with features like the full keyboard, Microsoft Communicator, ability to read directly off of USB sticks, security features, etc..

Here are the features:

  • 4″ glass touchscreen with featuring Nokia ClearBlack technology for improved outdoor visibility
  • full keyboard
  • 16GB built in storage + support for up to 32GB microSD card
  • 8MP camera, dual LED flash, 720p video recording
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G HSDPA
  • GPS, aGPS, and Wifi positioning
  • 1200mAh battery
  • Symbian^3 OS

Nokia N9

Not to be confused with Nokia N900, Nokia N9 is the latest leak from China according to Engadget. If the rumors are correct Nokia N9 will be released beginning of December 2010, will have an aluminum construction, and run some version MeeGo operating system.

We can even see where the GPS receiver will be placed in the tear down gallery.