Garmin’s Navigon adding Google Street View to their app

Garmin (which now owns Navigon) just announced some new features for the NAVIGON app on iPhone and Android. For iPhone, starting later this spring, Navigon will provide street-level photo of users’ destination which they pull from Google Street View. We’re not sure if this is such a big deal since this street level photos of your destination were already available on your Android device if you used Google Maps or just your computer and this Street View photo some times does not help at all to get to your destination.

As far as improving the Navigon app on the Android side you’ll soon get the active lane assistant which provides animated views of complex intersections so you won’t miss a turn. Other improvements are the NAVIGON widget on your home screens to search for POIs, bluetooth integration for voice announcements, and a traffic check function.

Navigon 2.0 for iPhone update

Navigon’s newest MobileNavigator is out for Apple’s iPhone. It is called the Navigon MobileNavigator 2.0 and will be a free upgrade for those fans who already owned it. One of the biggest change in this version is that you have the ability to load the states you select so Navigon’s not a huge space hog on your precious phone.

Other improvements include a newly designed user interface and the ability to update maps from within the app.

  • Navigon North America: $40 (iTunes)
  • Navigon U.S. East: $20 (iTunes)
  • Navigon U.S. West: $20 (iTunes)
  • Navigon U.S.A: $30 (iTunes)

Navigon GPS navigation app now on Windows Phone 7

Navigon just announced that their GPS navigation application is now available on Windows Phone 7 platform. So far the app will only work on version 7.5 aka Mango. Navigon’s navigation app for Window Phone 7 is a stand-alone product, meaning it doesn’t require a data connection to work. As long as you have a GPS signal it should be functional.

Some standard features include spoken turn-by-turn directions, visual lane guidance aka Reality View, and live traffic information and rerouting.

To get your hands on the app head to the Windows Marketplace. Currently it has an introductory price of $30 until Nov 11, after that you’ll have to pay $50.

Garmin owns Navigon

Last week Garmin completed acquisition of German Navigon as announced from Switzerland. Garmin is the leader here in the U.S. but TomTom dominates Europe for the most part. This acquisition helps Garmin take a little more of the market share in Europe.

There are no plans to get rid of the Navigon name just yet - even well into 2012.

Financial terms were not released.

But of course the big question is - how will Garmin stay relevant with ever decreasing sales of standalone GPS navigation systems - now that smartphones are offering the same service for free?

Will their product line for outdoors, aviation, and marine units generate enough profits?

Garmin signed to buy Navigon last week

U.S. market leader in GPS navigation Garmin announced last week that they agreed to acquire German Navigon for an undisclosed amount which is estimated to be around 50 million Euros. Under this agreement Navigon will operate as a Garmin subsidiary.

Navigon is known for its 7% market share in Europe and have a decent suit of iPhone and Android apps called the MobileNavigator. Garmin also expects to increase their OEM footprint and expertise with this deal.

Garmin is interested in buying Navigon

Garmin is in negotiations to buy German GPS navigation system maker Navigon for around 50M Euros ($72.14 million) Reuter reports and supposedly the deal could be sealed as early as this month.

The industry is under a lot of pressure after Google and Nokia started to offer navigation services for free, forcing TomTom and Garmin to reduce their reliance on stand alone GPS navigation system and start offering live traffic and mapping services…

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NAVIGON’s two new 70-series GPS navigation systems

NAVIGON just added two new GPS navigation systems to their 70-series devices. Both these have a 5″ screen and are called NAVIGON 70 Easy and NAVIGON 70 Plus Live. Some of the features include active lane assistant, reality view Pro, text-to-speech, and a lot more. That’s really it for the 70 Easy. But 70 Plus Live has a lot more features including Google Local Search, Traffic Live, Mobile Safety Camera Live, Weather Live, and a new one called Clever Parking Live which is only available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg - which are included in the price for the first year.

The NAVIGON 70 Easy costs £120, and the NAVIGON 70 Plus Live £200.

Navigon MobileNavigator for Android

We had already talked about NAVIGON’s first MobileNavigator for the Android platform but today they announced their app for the US market with even more features.

The highlight of this release is of course the reality scanner that utilizes your phones camera, compass, and of course the GPS position to locate points of interests directly on the real time image provided by the camera.

MobileNavigator uses NAVTEQ maps to provide turn by turn voice guided directions, offers reality view for complex intersections along with lane assistant pro, offers speed assistant, and many more features.

MobileNavigator costs $60 but for the next two weeks it is discounted to $40 which also includes Live Traffic service.

new NAVIGON 20 Easy and NAVIGON 20 Plus

Navigon just announced two new affordable GPS navigation systems at IFA in Berlin.

One of them is the NAVIGON 20 Easy which is the entry level GPS navigation system with a 3.5″ screen, lots of POIs, and better maps views. This one is supposed to cost about 100 Euros.

And then there’s the NAVIGON 20 Plus. Same as above but this model adds a few extras such as Text-to-Speech, and the motion sensor that lets you manage your three favourite POIs by simply moving your hand towards the display which then hides other information and enlarges the map section to maximum view. Plus model will cost 130 Euros.

AG1 combines automotive and golf GPS

AG1 is a brand new GPS navigation system announced by Expresso today. It can be used as a regular car GPS navigation system to get turn by turn driving directions or as a golf range finder which includes more than 33000 courses around the world. In addition it includes a media player for your tunes and videos. We don’t know how much it will cost as “where to buy” section of their website is still under construction.

AG1 has an automatic portrait and landscape function, 3.6″ TFT LCD touchscreen, battery that can last up to 10 - 12 hours, built in stereo speakers, and two SD card slots that allows up to 64GB of storage.

The car navigation system portion of AG1 is done via collaboration with NAVIGON while the golfing part of the device is integrated with help from iGolf.

There’s a lot more information on ExpressoGPS’ website.

Here is a demo video:

Press release after the jump:

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