Garmin Zumo 665

Garmin just added Garmin Zumo 665 to their motorcycle lineup. Garmin zumo 665 is already available on Amazon for a whopping $1000. Too much? Nah.. You already own expensive toys like bikes so this shouldn’t be such a big deal for you.

Anyways, what’s new with the new Garmin Zumo 665? Well, you can see a comparison for yourself here with the older Zumo 660 but we’ll tell you right away that ‘not much’. Interestingly the battery life on the new Zumo 665 is only 3 hours which is 2 hours less than that of Zumo 660, but Zumo 665 adds XM Navtraffic & Radio for U.S. support with the included receiver. On the other hands it no longer supports MSN Direct - but that may have something to do with the MSN service going out.

Garmin nuvi 285WT Amazon Black Friday deal

Garmin nüvi 285W/285WT is the Black Friday Gold Box deal of the day from Amazon.

List price for this GPS navigation system from Garmin is $250. Before yesterday it went for $177, and just today they reduced the price down to $129.

Garmin Nuvi 285WT has a 4.3″ widescreen, does text-to-speech, delivers real time local weather, traffic, movie times, stock prices, gas prices, news, and more via MSN Direct, and even features bluetooth wireless for hands free calls using the embedded microphone and speakers.

285W and 285WT are pretty much the same but this deal is for 285WT since the box also includes “T“raffic receiver.

MSN Direct service to shutdown in 2012

That MSN direct service you may have paid for (possibly with your Garmin Nuvi) will be shutting down on January 1 2012.

I guess in this era of 3G connectivity having to pay for a wimpy service over FM signals to get movie time updates and gas prices isn’t that lucrative. Of course there was the traffic service too.

For decent live traffic updates you can use crowdsourced Google Maps, Inrix apps, and probably bunch of other services.

Pioneer AVIC-X710BT

Pioneer AVIC-X710BT - the new in-dash GPS navigation system from the company - is quite similar to the Pioneer AVIC-X910BT we just talked about. The only difference is that Pioneer AVIC-X710BT does not include the MSN Direct tuner, and does not do DVD playback. Therefore costs $200 less, bringing it down to only $900.

Pioneer AVIC-X710BT still has built-in bluetooth capabilities and you can bring more media to the system using the SD card slot.

Pioneer AVIC-X910BT

Pioneer also announced AVIC-X910BT, another 2-DIN in dash GPS navigation system which combines turn-by-turn navigation, audio, video entertainment and numerous connectivity options that can give you control over iPod, iPhone, Bluetooth capable cell phones, MSN Direct, and satellite radio.

The GPS navigation system part has a TeleAtlas maps database that cover USA, and Canada, with 12 million points of interest (POI) and provide various map views such as 2D and 3D, realistic highway intersection views, a new GUI, and various 3D buildings.

The AVIC-X910BT has a built-in MSN Direct tuner which requires a subscription service. If you decide to pay up you can get updates on traffic for 134 cities across the United States and Canada, weather forecasts, gas prices, movie times, news headlines, local events and even stock quotes.

Pioneer AVIC-X910BT has a 5.8″ WVGA touch panel display, CD, DVD, USB and SD memory card slots, a mini A/V input jack, and of course bluetooth connectivity.

AVIC-X910BT is available $1,100.

Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT

Pioneer just unveiled the AVIC-Z110BT, a new in-dash navigation system that lets users get GPS guidance and enjoy audio and video at the same time. You can hook up your Apple iPod or iPhone or your bluetooth phone and control them with voice commands. You can even get local news and weather info if you if you opt-in for the MSN Direct subscription service.

Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT comes with motorized 7″ touch panel display, a fast processor and 4GB of on-board flash memory which includes maps for continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada and more than 12 million points of interests.

Some other features and specs include text-to-speech, USB, SD slots, satellite radio support, and DVD, CD support when even does dual zone entertainment.

Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT requires 2-DIN on your dash, and will cost $1600 when it comes out in July.

Garmin Nuvi 1490T

Garmin just introduced the new Garmin Nuvi 1490T. nüvi 1490T is a “premium” GPS navigation system with a 5″ touchscreen and a super slim body that is 25% thinner than previous nuvi’s.

1490T has multiple-point routing feature which calculates the most efficient route between multiple stops. Other subtle conveniences include automatic time zone transition and speed limit indicator for most major roads.

It comes with an integrated traffic receiver and provides lifetime traffic alerts without a subscription fee. Another new feature is the “ecoRoute™” that suggests “less fuel” as a route preference. This features also keeps track on your consumption by providing fuel report and mileage report.

Some other features and specs:

  • bluetooth
  • pedestrian navigation with optional CityXplorer maps ($10 - $14)
  • microSD card slot
  • up to 4 hours battery life
  • text-to-speech
  • lane assist
  • MSN Direct

It is going to cost $500 when it becomes available 3rd quarter of this year.

Alpine PND-K3msn now shipping

Alpine PND-K3msn we mentioned couple of weeks ago has started shipping and the price is announced to be $300. When you purchase you’ll get 3 months of free subscription to the MSN Direct service which provides traffic information, weather reports, gas prices, movie times, news and alerts, local event information and stock prices at 134 metropolitan areas in U.S. and Canada.

You also get the ‘send-to-gps’ features which is probably the most useful feature of MSN Direct. You can find addresses, businesses, etc at Live Search Maps and send it directly to your device from a PC, all wireless.

A comparable Garmin is the nuvi 785T which costs $600 but it is different from K3msn since it offers lane assist. Also check out our review of the older model Alpine PND-K3.

Alpine PND-K3msn

We just mentioned yesterday that Alpine PND-K3 was on sale and was also informed that their new Alpine PND-K3msn was about to ship soon, however you’ll have to come back for a firm ship date.

The PND-K3msn does everything the basic PND-K3 does but adds MSN Direct services which include updated traffic information, weather reports, gas prices, movie times, news and local event information, and even stock prices.

Another useful feature that is going to be available with PND-K3msn is the “Send to GPS” which will let you users wirelessly send addresses from a internet connected browser.

Your first three-month subscription to MSN Direct will be free.

garmin nuvi 885T on Amazon Feb 28th

The Garmin Nuvi 885T we mentioned a few weeks ago will soon (February 28th to be exact) be available on Amazon. The initial price of 885T will be $792. nuvi 885T is currently the top of the line GPS navigation system from Garmin. Compared to their previous highest end systems this is about $200 cheaper.

Nuvi 885T does voice recognition, offers lane assist feature, allows you to get updates from MSN Direct receiver, includes a Bluetooth antenna, and optional FM lifetime traffic updates.

It has a 4.3″ screen, a battery that lasts 4 hours, anda microSD card slot.