MotionX GPS HD for iPad

If you’re looking for a mapping interface and navigation for your iPad other than Google Maps you may want to consider MotionX GPS HD.

The fact that it only costs $3 and it recently got a decent review maybe good enough reasons to give this app a shot.

MotionX GPS HD for the iPad is recommended for people looking to find a reasonably priced, do-it-all navigation app that covers land, air and sea. The app provides all the tools you’ll ever need, anywhere in the world. MotionX GPS HD works best when used on an iPad 3G but will also work with the Wi-Fi only version as long as there is a network available.

Some features of this app include the ability to use both Google Maps and Bing, and MotionX’s own maps, satellite, road, and hybrid views, turn by turn directions, and more.

Check out some serious action shots here.

iPhone GPS navigation apps list updated

We’ve had this list for iPhone GPS navigation apps and we just updated it with the latest information. Let us know if you think we need to add more items to the list. The list only attempts to cover apps that can provide turn by turn directions for the iPhone.

Our list currently has:

  • telenav
  • navigon
  • coPilot
  • tomtom
  • gokivo
  • sygic
  • navmii
  • iGo My Way
  • XRoad
  • MotionX GPS Drive
  • NDrive
  • Mapquest

Motion X GPS Drive review

Motion-X GPS Drive we mentioned a few days already has a review up from gizmodo. If you don’t know - here is the short summary. Motion-X GPS Drive is a GPS navigation app for iPhone from the people who brought you Motion-X GPS.

The most appealing thing about the Motion X GPS Drive is of course pricing. It is either $3/month, or $25/year.

The bottom line is the app definitely survived the review. It has a price you can’t beat, turn by turn directions, over the air Navteq maps and search powered by Bing. The only few downsides is that there’s no landscape view, or multi-destination routing.

MotionX-GPS Drive


There’s a new GPS app from MotionX - MotionX-GPS Drive for the iPhone — a door-to-door navigation application that only costs $3/month. Can you beat that?

MotionX-GPS Drive offers turn-by-turn directions featuring always live and up-to-date maps, and points of interests.

It works on iPhone 3G and 3GS and the maps cover USA and Canada. It even has an interface to control the iPod music, and utilizes the iPhone 3GS compass.

Almost everything is over the air so its footprint on your iPhone should be minimal.

We’ll be sure update our iPhone GPS apps lists.


MotionX-GPS Drive Video:

e-Mobile GPS Fitness for Blackberry

As a Blackberry user you may be jealous for not having a GPS tracking application for your workouts. Android has the “My Tracks” from Google for completely free, iPhone has the MotionX GPS for $3 - and now… Blackberry has the e-Mobile GPS Fitness for $22. Yes, it is quite unreasonable to ask that much for such a simple app - but hey - there must be a market for it.

e-Mobile GPS Fitness is a bit different though. It lets you set a time, distance, or calories goal. Lets you select if you want to listen to workout music - and provides decent looking graphs showing your progress over past workouts.

You can even export your data in an email as a KML file which opens up on Google Earth.

Any buyers? Please share with us if you have a better/cheaper solution for Blackberry’s…

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MotionX GPS app winners

As promised, we’re announcing the winners of the promo codes for the popular MotionX GPS application for iPhone.

Here are the commenters who won:

The winners are Todd:

This would be cool.


Looking forward to try it!

and tivoboy:

Awesome, this is truly one of the BEST apps for this type of thing.

Hey guys, we’ll be emailing you shortly with the codes.

MotionX GPS giveaway

iphone-motionx-gpsRemember when we told you about the new version of MotionX GPS app for the iPhone? And if you read the whole thing you know we advised you to subscribe to our feed so you’d know when we would giveaway free promo codes for the app. Well the time is now. We’ve got three promo codes we would like you to have and all you have to do is leave a comment below.

If you haven’t heard yet MotionX is an app for iPhone 3G and 3GS (older iPhones do not have a GPS receiver). It is a great tool if you’re into biking, running, hiking, walking, geocaching, and sailing, or even driving. It uses MotionX open topographic and road maps to show your position and tracks and let you store up to 303 waypoints which you can email to share in Google Maps and Google Earth.

You can also save your tracks with MotionX - just like waypoints you can email them and your friends can look at them on Google Earth, Maps, and even Facebook. It has a stopwatch to record time, distance, speed and max speed and lets you add a photo to your activity.

Thanks to the compass in the new iPhone 3GS you can use MotionX to navigate and get an ETA (estimated time of arrival).

Once again to participate you need to subscribe to our feed and leave a comment below with an email address we can reach you at.

Duplicate entries, emails, IP addresses will be disqualified.

We’ll close this article for comments a week from today and after that we’ll announce the winners.

If you don’t win please do not whine. You can pick up the app from iTunes for only $3.

Good luck.

MotionX - new version is out

Just following up on one of our favorite iPhone GPS apps - motionX-GPS - we saw that they just released a new version: V7.

This little app is very useful for outdoor activities such as cycling, running, sailing, etc… MotionX-GPS can save your tracks and lets you share them with your friends on Facebook or Twitter - overlaying where you’ve been on the familiar Google Maps platform.

Some of the new features on version 7 include:

  • Direction-up maps and tracks utilizing the 3GS compass
  • Support for new Bing map types — road, aerial and hybrid
  • Optimized compass
  • Auto compass for the iPhone 3GS
    switches automatically between magnetic and satellite mode.
  • Save your travels via a track on the map page even if
    you haven’t used the stopwatch/track recorder feature.

You can get the latest MotionX-GPS app from the iTunes store for $2.99 - or stay tuned in case we do giveaway pretty soon ;)

iPhone GPS apps

It’s only been a few weeks since the new iPhone 3.0 operating system has been released and we already have a handful of GPS navigation system applications available/ or soon to be released. Let’s recap what we have so far:

Also known as AT&T Navigator this app is developed by TeleNav. Free to install, $10/month. More… (iTunes)

All versions of Navigon are out. Works with no internet connection (maps are local). Recent update includes traffic for USA and Canada. It supports landscape mode. No monthly fee. U.S. version sells for $90. Other versions include Brazil, Turkey, Europe, Russia, Australia, and South Africa. Maybe a car kit from is expected. (iTunes)

TomTom is the biggest name in Europe when it comes to sat nav. They demoed their app with the release of iPhone 3GS but still no news from them.

UPDATE: It is up. Here are some reviews for it.

UPDATE: It is out. U.S. and Canada is $100. Other versions are for NZ, Nordic, West Europe, East Europe, Australia, Italy, UK and Ireland, Iberia, France, Turkey, Hong Kong, Brazil, Germany-Austria-Switzerland, Southern Africa, Greece, Malaysia and Singapore, Benelux, and Mexico. (iTunes)

Gokivo is from Networks In Motion. They have a lot of experience in this just like the rest of the names up here. $1 to install, $10/month for subscription. Here’s a review that says it doesn’t work so well.
UPDATE: Number have changed a bit. Your first month is just $5. After that it is $40/year and $15 extra for traffic service. (iTunes)

Sygic is currently available for South East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand) for $80 and Australia + New Zealand for $65. No monthly fee.

UPDATE: Now out for more place. US version is $40. Other regions include Colombia, Brazil, Gulf, Russia, Europe, UK & Ireland, and America which includes US, Canada, and Mexico. (iTunes)

Navmii says their GPS navigation software will be coming to the App Store soon.

UPDATE: Out for UK. Costs $50. (iTunes)

iGO My Way
iGO My Way just released their navigation app too. $80 in the U.S., 90 € for whole Europe, and 70 € for only Western Europe. How is it different from the rest? Because it does 3D terrain maps. (iTunes)

CoPilot Live
This one is from ALK Technologies. Does landscape mode as well as portrait. Includes realistic intersection view and lane assistance. UK version is £ 26, and whole Europe is £ 60. U.S. version is not out just yet.

UPDATE: North American version is out and costs $35. (iTunes)

Xroad also have a new version of their GPS navigation app for iPhone. It is called G-Map and costs $35. Funny thing with G-Map is that eastern and western U.S. is sold separately. So the whole U.S. of A. would be $70. Canada is cheap. Only $20.

UPDATE: They’ve divided the US into even smaller regions. You can just buy CA, or even TX. Other regions they support are Russia, France, Alps, UK-Ireland, Germany. (iTunes)

MotionX-GPS Drive
What’s so special about MotionX-GPS Drive from Fullpower? How about the price? It is only $3. If you’ve used this let us know how it was. We’re curious. (iTunes)

NDrive is kind of new. Available in 32 languages/versions. Starts at $38.

UPDATE: USA version is on sale for $30 right now. (iTunes)

Mapquest has an iPhone app they’re trying to get out there. It costs $4/month, $10/quarter, $30/year. (iTunes)

Magellan RoadMate App for iPhone just came out and costs $80 for US and Canada. Maps are stored on your phone, does landscape mode, and text-to-speech (iTunes). Other versions soon to come will be Eastern and Western US, and then Europe.

Kapten for iPhone just came out beginning of 2010. They go monthly and ask for $8/month. What’s cool is that it is multi-transport so it can ask you to park your car at some point and hop on to the bus and have you walk somewhere. (iTunes).

Offered by Intrinsyc Destinator 9 is a GPS navigation app that has a 30 day free trial going on right now. Some features include live weather and traffic, a new routing engine, 3D junction views, ability to create your own POIs, and more. (iTunes).

Are we forgetting anyone? Also if you’ve been using any of these apps get in touch with us to get your review published here - even if it’s just a paragraph.

motionX GPS app for iPhone

If you remember we mentioned motionX GPS Lite couple months ago. Today we have one promo code to giveaway for the full version. Before we tell you how to enter to participate (promise, super easy) let’s mention a couple of the features so you know what you’re getting.

MotionX-GPS pretty much gives you an interface to make use of that GPS receiver in your iPhone 3G. If you’re an outdoorsy type this might be the software you need to leave one more gadget at home.

It has a virtual compass for navigation and the stopwatch to record time, distance, speed and average pace. It lets you email your tracks and waypoints with your photos so they can be viewed on Google Earth and Google Maps.

You can save up to 303 (odd..) waypoints for your favorite locations and view their coordinates in different units such as UTM, DMS, DM or D format. You can also save tracks (101 of them) and then even follow one of them.

There’s no door-to-door navigation but a simple form of it which lets you use the virtual compass to show you your direction of travel in true or magnetic bearings and show you your progress including ETA to selected waypoint.

To participate you need to subscribe to our feed and leave a comment below with an email address we can reach you at.

Duplicate entries, emails, IP addresses will be disqualified.

We’ll close this article for comments this Monday and after that we’ll announce the winner.

UPDATE: Winner is commenter #8, Tom A. who said:

Brilliant idea for an App - is it accurate?