Mio introduces GPS driver recorder

Mio just introduced a GPS driver recorder in Taiwan, a gadget similar to a black box for cars that records a driver’s exact position along with video and audio.

The device attaches to your windshield, near the top, so it’s out of your sight, and faces out so it can record all the action with its wide angle lens. In addition to GPS it also integrates a G-sensor (also known as an accelerometer) so you know how fast your accelerating or decelerating.

The good part is of course the software which overlays all of this information together on a single screen allowing you to figure out how fast the driver entered each turn and how much they stepped on the brakes. It comes with 4GB of internal memory.

Let us know if you’d be interested in such a product and we’ll find out if it’s coming to the U.S. for you.

Mio Moov R303 and R403

Mio has quietly released a couple of new GPS navigation systems for the US market called Mio Moov R303 and Mio Moov R403. Both devices look like mid-range devices offering “value” more than anything else.

Both devices offer text-to-speech, lane guidance, and come with 4 million POIs. The only difference is that R403 has a bigger 4.3″ touchscreen, compared to 3.5″.

Both devices are already on Amazon for $199 and $92 (Mio Moov R403 4.3, Mio Moov R303 3.5)

MiTAC extends contract with Tele Atlas

Tele Atlas, one of the leading digital map makers in the world, and MiTAC, parent company of Mio, Navman, partially Magellan branded products just recently announced extension of their partnership to continue using Tele Atlas maps in their personal navigation devices.

The deal includes Tele Atlas’ navigable map data for over 100 countries, 32 million kilometers of roads and more than 26 million of points of interest (POIs), as well as map enhancement products such as 3D Landmarks and Voice Maps.

new Navman 575, Navman 475, and Navman 470

Mio and Navman just announced three new GPS navigation systems for the European markets. They’re the Navman 575, Navman 475, and Navman 470. What’s interesting with these new models is that TomTom licensed their IQ Routes technology to Mio for these three sat nav devices, and Mio put their own LearnMe feature on top of that which learns to use the roads that you like.

At the hardware level Navman 470 and 475 look quite similar, offering 4.3″ screens, and the Navman 575 one ups them with a 4.7″ touch screen.

A few of the other features include:

  • One year free real time traffic and safety camera information
  • SiRFStar InstantFix
  • Google Send-to-GPS

It looks like Navman 470 will be offered at a price you can’t refuse: Only £99 with Western European maps included. Navman 575 on the other hand will reach in your pocket for £149.99 when it launches in May.

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Mio iPhone/iPod touch car kit is identical to Magellan’s

We just came across this French site that claims they’ll exclusively be offering the Mio iPhone/iPod Touch car kit which looks identical to Magellan’s car kit which we actually reviewed a short while ago. We won’t be surprised if this is actually the case - since MiTAC Mio bought off Magellan couple of years ago and apparently the Euro version of this GPS embedded car kit will be under Mio brand name.

The source says Mio will soon announce its Car Kit for iPhone which integrates its own GPS chip to get a better GPS reception for more accurate navigation then iPhone 3G alone. The Car Kit will obviously compatible with the iPod to the extent that it integrates its own GPS chip and a powerful speaker for voice guidance and may be in portrait or landscape position. The assembly will be possible either on the windshield or directly on the dashboard.

The price normally will be around 100 € to compete with TomTom Car Kit.

However there will be no navigation software for iPhone and iPod Touch provided by Mio Car Kit.

The launch is scheduled for mid May 2010.

Mio S400

Mio has a brand new GPS navigation system out in Korea called Mio S400. Mio S400 is a dual purpose sat nav device that can be both used inside a vehicle or on a bike/motorcycle.

It will come out tomorrow in Korea to be exact and will be sold for 139000 KRW ($122). The device measures only 18mm in thickness, weighs 147.5 grams. The battery is good for about 2.5 hours and it looks like it won the iF Design Award China with its stylish black/silver frame.

Some other specs include the 20 channel GPS receiver, Windows CE 5.8 which allows for watching of movies or playing games as well as the more important office viewer. It can also accept external memory cards up to 16GB.

Will it come to this side of the world we don’t know yet…

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Mio Moov V780

Mio will be showing their brand new GPS navigation + entertainment + internet device called Mio Moov V780 at CeBIT 2010.

Mio maybe targeting the area between netbooks and sat nav systems with this device since Moov V780 has a carrying case with keyboard, 7″ screen, and can play HD movies up to 720p resolution. Not only that but it can even output HD video with its HD interface port. Other entertainment features include digital TV support, YouTube access, photo and music players, and the intuitive 3D interface.

Mio Moov V780 comes with WiFi 802.11b/g but the spec sheet [pdf] says 3.5G and WiMax connection is supported but optional.

It has built in mail clients for Microsoft Exchange server and Gmail and comes with a web browser with Flash capabilities.

Some hardware specs include 600Mhz processor, 4 - 8 GB memory, 512MB RAM, microSD card slot, 6.95″ TFT LCD capacitor touch screen with 800×480 resolution, a giant 2300mAh battery, 3.5mm headphone jack, DVB-T, TDMB, and 1-Seg digital TV support.

Mio Hammer V700

Mio Technology has developed a new GPS navigation system called Mio Hammer V700. It will be available starting on the 12th of this month and comes with the longest windshield mount we’ve ever seen so you won’t have to stretch too far.

Mio Hammer V700 has a 7″ screen, a stylish high quality black frame that only measures 16mm thick.

The giant 7″ display can provide 800×480 pixel resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio and can play various multimedia content such as audio and video. It has a GPS receiver that can track 64 satellites at once and can get traffic updates with the TPEG receiver.

4GB version will cost 329,000KRW ($285), and the 12GB version (4GB + 8GB external) will go for 359,000 KRW($310). Yeah, sorry. We don’t think this is coming to U.S. anytime soon.

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Mio P520G netbook with GPS

You know how Mio likes to embed GPS receivers in their netbooks such as with Mio Litepad N890. Well they’re continuing the tradition with this new Mio P520G netbook.

Mio P520G netbook comes with a SIM card slot right under the battery so you’ve also got the 3G modem as an option.

Here are some more specs on P520G:

  • Integrated GPS receiver
  • Intel Atom N270 CPU @1.6GHz
  • 1GB DDR2 RAM
  • WiFi
  • LCD 8.9″ WSVGA resolution (1024×600 pixels)
  • 3G (optional)
  • Bluetooth
  • Webcam
  • 3-cell battery

We don’t know when Mio netbooks are going to come to the States side but we can’t wait. We’ll be sure to let you know…

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Mio Moov M300 and M400 now in States

The two relatively new GPS navigation systems from Mio, M300 and M400, we announced back in July for the European market was just announced for the U.S. market today. As you’ll below the specs are pretty much identical to what the Europeans are getting but obviously we’re getting the maps for all 50 US States and Puerto Rico. The features of M300 and M400 include text-to-speech, lane guidance, and 4 million POIs. M300 will have a 3.5″ screen and cost $120, and M400 will have a 4.3″ and cost $150.

With these prices you really don’t have much to lose. The new Mio’s will be available starting this month.


Here are the specs for Moov M300 and M400:

Product Specifications

Mio Moov M300

Mio Moov M400




Built-in Memory



Display Type

3.5″ TFT with Touchscreen

4.3″ TFT with Touchscreen


320 x 240 pixels (QGVA)

480 x 272 pixels (QGVA)

Display Orientation



Built-in Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery




Up to 2 Hours

Up to 2 Hours




Built-in Speaker




0.78 in.

0.71 in.


3.70 in.

5.0 in.


3.10 in

3.15 in


4.12 oz

4.9 oz




Operating System

Windows CE 5.0

Windows CE 5.0

Navigation Software and Maps

MioMap and Tele Atlas Maps

MioMap and Tele Atlas Maps