MapQuest offers free GPS navigation for iPhone

As you know may already know we’ve been keeping a good track of all the GPS navigation apps for the iPhone. We had already mentioned MapQuest there but this is worth mentioning again since they just released MapQuest 4 Mobile for iPhone - which is totally free.

We say it was time for iPhone users to get a taste of free GPS navigation. Android users have Google Maps in the U.S, Nokia users all around the world have Ovi Maps - now one our first internet favorites (late 90’s?) MapQuest comes to the rescue for iPhone users.

You can’t compete with free! Here are the features:

  • new voice guidance speaks to you and informs you of upcoming turns
  • new automatic re-routing
  • power savings mode - medium setting for continued voice guidance when the screen dims
  • walking directions (pedestrian mode)
  • landscape mode
  • save maps and routes on and retrieve on your iPhone

iPhone GPS navigation apps list updated

We’ve had this list for iPhone GPS navigation apps and we just updated it with the latest information. Let us know if you think we need to add more items to the list. The list only attempts to cover apps that can provide turn by turn directions for the iPhone.

Our list currently has:

  • telenav
  • navigon
  • coPilot
  • tomtom
  • gokivo
  • sygic
  • navmii
  • iGo My Way
  • XRoad
  • MotionX GPS Drive
  • NDrive
  • Mapquest

MapQuest Navigator for iPhone

Mapquest’s first attempt at a GPS navigation app for the iPhone wasn’t that impressive but they’re trying to change that with the MapQuest Navigator. This new GPS navigation software can provide voice guided turn-by-turn directions, speak street names, and comes with a 3D interface.

There are 16 million POIs to search from, up-to-date street maps, ability to provide directions around traffic congestions, and more.

MapQuest Navigator costs a buck for a 14-day from the App Store.

At the end of the trial period you have three options:

  • one month at $4
  • three months at $10
  • one year at $30

Nice thing is subscriptions can be purchased from within the application and are non-recurring-on an opt-in basis only.

mapquest navigation app for the iPhone

Good ol’ Mapquest has an iPhone application capable of providing driving directions. Called Mapquest 4 Mobile this app doesn’t look like it can provide dynamic directions - such as “turn right on Main Street”. But it is pretty much like taking directions printout with you in the car - just like you did in late 90s. Kinda retro - but it’s free.

Something to consider in case you’re not interested in the paid GPS navigation system apps for iPhone.

iPhone GPS apps

It’s only been a few weeks since the new iPhone 3.0 operating system has been released and we already have a handful of GPS navigation system applications available/ or soon to be released. Let’s recap what we have so far:

Also known as AT&T Navigator this app is developed by TeleNav. Free to install, $10/month. More… (iTunes)

All versions of Navigon are out. Works with no internet connection (maps are local). Recent update includes traffic for USA and Canada. It supports landscape mode. No monthly fee. U.S. version sells for $90. Other versions include Brazil, Turkey, Europe, Russia, Australia, and South Africa. Maybe a car kit from is expected. (iTunes)

TomTom is the biggest name in Europe when it comes to sat nav. They demoed their app with the release of iPhone 3GS but still no news from them.

UPDATE: It is up. Here are some reviews for it.

UPDATE: It is out. U.S. and Canada is $100. Other versions are for NZ, Nordic, West Europe, East Europe, Australia, Italy, UK and Ireland, Iberia, France, Turkey, Hong Kong, Brazil, Germany-Austria-Switzerland, Southern Africa, Greece, Malaysia and Singapore, Benelux, and Mexico. (iTunes)

Gokivo is from Networks In Motion. They have a lot of experience in this just like the rest of the names up here. $1 to install, $10/month for subscription. Here’s a review that says it doesn’t work so well.
UPDATE: Number have changed a bit. Your first month is just $5. After that it is $40/year and $15 extra for traffic service. (iTunes)

Sygic is currently available for South East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand) for $80 and Australia + New Zealand for $65. No monthly fee.

UPDATE: Now out for more place. US version is $40. Other regions include Colombia, Brazil, Gulf, Russia, Europe, UK & Ireland, and America which includes US, Canada, and Mexico. (iTunes)

Navmii says their GPS navigation software will be coming to the App Store soon.

UPDATE: Out for UK. Costs $50. (iTunes)

iGO My Way
iGO My Way just released their navigation app too. $80 in the U.S., 90 € for whole Europe, and 70 € for only Western Europe. How is it different from the rest? Because it does 3D terrain maps. (iTunes)

CoPilot Live
This one is from ALK Technologies. Does landscape mode as well as portrait. Includes realistic intersection view and lane assistance. UK version is £ 26, and whole Europe is £ 60. U.S. version is not out just yet.

UPDATE: North American version is out and costs $35. (iTunes)

Xroad also have a new version of their GPS navigation app for iPhone. It is called G-Map and costs $35. Funny thing with G-Map is that eastern and western U.S. is sold separately. So the whole U.S. of A. would be $70. Canada is cheap. Only $20.

UPDATE: They’ve divided the US into even smaller regions. You can just buy CA, or even TX. Other regions they support are Russia, France, Alps, UK-Ireland, Germany. (iTunes)

MotionX-GPS Drive
What’s so special about MotionX-GPS Drive from Fullpower? How about the price? It is only $3. If you’ve used this let us know how it was. We’re curious. (iTunes)

NDrive is kind of new. Available in 32 languages/versions. Starts at $38.

UPDATE: USA version is on sale for $30 right now. (iTunes)

Mapquest has an iPhone app they’re trying to get out there. It costs $4/month, $10/quarter, $30/year. (iTunes)

Magellan RoadMate App for iPhone just came out and costs $80 for US and Canada. Maps are stored on your phone, does landscape mode, and text-to-speech (iTunes). Other versions soon to come will be Eastern and Western US, and then Europe.

Kapten for iPhone just came out beginning of 2010. They go monthly and ask for $8/month. What’s cool is that it is multi-transport so it can ask you to park your car at some point and hop on to the bus and have you walk somewhere. (iTunes).

Offered by Intrinsyc Destinator 9 is a GPS navigation app that has a 30 day free trial going on right now. Some features include live weather and traffic, a new routing engine, 3D junction views, ability to create your own POIs, and more. (iTunes).

Are we forgetting anyone? Also if you’ve been using any of these apps get in touch with us to get your review published here - even if it’s just a paragraph.


AT&T just announced yesterday that they’re adding A-GPS capabilities to their network. What this means for you is that if you have an A-GPS capable mobile handset you use on AT&T’s network, their cell towers will help you get an initial satellite fix a lot faster. To get a position fix from a cold start can take as long as a few minutes but with A-GPS this could be as short as 20 seconds.

AT&T also announced the launch of two navigation applications: MapQuest Navigator and AAA Mobile navigator. MapQuest Navigator is powered by Telmap, and provides access to turn-by-turn, voice-guided driving and walking directions, 3-D moving maps, 16 million points of interest from MapQuest’s database. AAA Mobile navigator on the other hand is powered by Networks In Motion (NIM), and provides audible turn-by-turn directions, AAA TourBook travel guide information including Diamond Ratings for restaurants and lodgings, gas prices, movie reviews and show times, traffic alerts with alternate routes and more. AAA Mobile also allows AAA members to send their GPS location directly to a roadside assistance operator.

With the addition of A-GPS capabilities AT&T is getting closer to providing more enhanced LBS (location based services).

Helio Fin mini review

The highly skilled Helio Fin which we talked about a couple of days ago already got a review from slashgear - which also talks about the GPS capabilities of this phone:

Buddy Beacon

Not much new here, I don’t know very many people with a Helio handset, in fact the list is currently one person long, which says a lot about technology and Indiana as well as about how many friends I have! But it came up, did the update and then started working immediately with MapQuest Maps.

GPS with Google Maps

This app came up easily and started working instantly, it knew right where I was and worked almost exactly like it does on my PC. Once again, this isn’t a really new feature, but it’s still impressive.

Like we mentioned before Helio Fin only costs $175 with a new contract.

where does navigation info come from?

If you’ve been our reader for a while then you must know how these GPS navigation maps are made, how they know each turn, and how they are so accurate. In fact we had an article about mapquest maps a while ago. Another big name in digital mapping business is TeleAtlas. They provide the map for GPS navigators such as TomTom, Pharos and Navman, and automobile makers including BMW, Ford, Honda and Toyota.

Anyhow, in this new article people at Digital Trends were able to get some up close shots of the vehicle TeleAtlas uses to create their maps. It is a good read that will give you an idea how it is all done.

A typical Tele Atlas GPS Mobile Mapping Van is a converted minivan which sports a roof rack like contraption holding a GPS antenna and four digital cameras. Inside the driver, in this case Vermeys, interacts with an IBM ThinkPad which runs several programs to help him in collecting map data. One program is the existing road data itself, with assigned roads for him to drive during a day. Another program monitors photographs which are taken by the four external cameras every ten meters.


rugged GPS enabled phone Motorola i580 from Nextel

You need a GPS-enabled phone that can withstand solar radiation and certified to military standards? Nextel just released the Motorola i580 rugged clam shell phone couple of days ago. In addition to high-tech features that would make any geek happy, the phone also can withstand whatever extreme environmental condition you may throw at it.

The i580 is available nationwide at Sprint and Nextel Stores for $279.99, after all available discounts and promotions.


  • 1.3 MP camera with video abilities
  • As the first rugged clam style device to feature an embedded camera phone, this device gives users a valuable tool for proof of work, consultation, documentation and more.

  • Rugged construction
  • Certified to Military Standard 810 F for dust, shock, vibration, temperature extremes, low pressuer, and solar radiation. Performs in extreme outdoor environments and stands up to dusty environments, drops, exposure to vibration from heavy machinery use, hot/cold climates.

  • Rain Resistant
  • Certified to Military Standard 810 F for rain, humidity, and salt fog. Designed to withstand exposure to rain, sleet, and snow. Rubber encasing, interior linings and connections against water intrusion.

  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Wirelessly connect to other bluetooth-enabled devices within 30 feet.

  • Micro SD Memory Card Slot
  • Store images, MP3 files, and video to removable micro SD memory cards. 64MB card included.

  • Nextel Nationwide/International Walkie-Talkie
  • Long-range, digital walkie-talkie feature allows you to get right through, at the push of a button. Also includes group walkie-talkie for communication to large groups and Direct Talk for off-network walkie-talkie usage.

  • Direct Send
  • Offers the ability to push-to-send contact information from your contact list or images to other Nextel Direct Send enabled phones…instantly!

  • GPS Enabled
  • Get step-by-step driving directions, trip planning and more when you add GPS-based applications like TeleNav, Mapquest FindMe and Trimble Outdoors.

  • Email Capabilities
  • Preloaded with Mobile Email for access to desktop email applications. Read, reply to, forward, create or delete email messages. Manage your calendar, update contacts and synchronize over the air with your desktop application. Accessible on or off Nextel Network.

  • Spekerphone
  • Make hands-free calls easily with a built-in speakerphone for conference calls.

  • Java Applications
  • Run pre-loaded applications and games on download more from Pre-loaded applications include TeleNav, AccuWeather, Photoshare, IKTV and mobile Email Enhanced.

poiedit software lets you create personal points of interest

Here is a very needed software that will let you manage your custom points of interest on your desktop and download to your mobile device or even to your TomTom, Garmin, and similar navigation system. PoiEdit is currently shareware so it may be a good idea before they go fully commercial.


  • Save, load, convert and edit poi files for TomTom Navigator, Garmin, Smartpath, Destinator, Navman, GPX compatible software, Excel etc…
  • Updates, with just one click, poi’s from these sites to your desktop computer or Mobile Device (Pocket PC/Smart Phone)
  • Use Pocket PoiEdit to synchronize your poi’s when you’re on the road.
  • Edit poi’s which are stored both on the desktop and the mobile device
  • Display poi items on the integrated map viewer, on Toon poi plaatsen op de geïntegreerde plattegrond of op MapQuest® or in of op Microsoft MapPoint©