Kenwood’s new lineup of GPS navigation + multimedia products

At CES 2011 last week in Las Vegas Kenwood introduced four new in-dash GPS navigation + multimedia units where navigation was handled by Garmin.

The top of the line unit was the DNX7180 which is a double-DIN device that has lane assistance, junction view, built-in NAVTEQ live traffic service, Garmin’s ecoRoute, and support for vehicle diagnostics via the KNA-EC100 ODBII interface. DNX7180 also does Pandora provided you link it up with your smartphone. It has a 6.95″ touch screen, supports DVD videos, iPod, USB video, and split screen feature.

DNX6180 has a slightly smaller 6.1″ touch screen which makes space for a knob for volume control. It also supports various external sources including DVD, MP3/WMA, iPod, Pandora, USB sticks, HD radio, etc.

DNX5180 is pretty much identical to DNX6180 but lacks Bluetooth connectivity. However the KCA-BT300 can be added later for this feature.

Single-DIN KVT-516 does not have GPS navigation by default but you can always add the KNA-G610 later on for this feature. KVT-516 has a 7″ retractable touch screen.

Here is the pricing information:

  • DNX7180 $1,500.00 February, 2011
  • DNX6180 $1,200.00 February, 2011
  • DNX5180 $1,150.00 February, 2011
  • KVT-516 $850.00 Available Now
  • KNA-EC100 $150.00 February, 2011

Kenwood DNX9260BT in-dash GPS navigation

Kenwood keeps renovating their in-dash GPS navigation line with this latest Kenwood DNX9260BT which they showcased at IFA 2010. Kenwood DNX9260BT supports 3D views, has a 7″ VGA screen, bluetooth connectivity and support for various kinds multimedia files.

GPS navigation software DNX9260BT is from Garmin which promises quick route calculations free of traffic thanks to the integrated TMC receiver. Other features from Garmin side include 3D Reality View, EcoNavigation for fuel savings, and a lot more.

JVC MDV-313 GPS navigation

JVC and Kenwood had their own GPS navigation systems available, but apparently this one, JVC MDV-313, is a collaboration between the two.

The features of MDV-313 are numerous when it comes to GPS navigation, but rest assured you’ll also be getting great audio and video support from this 2-DIN system as both parties have mastered car audio video for years now.

MDV-313 features a DVD player, USB port which combines iPod support, 1-Seg TV Tuner, realistic 3D-maps and picture in picture support for lane assistance in also in 3D.

However you’ll have to ask you Japanese friend to get you one of these as there’s no news whether this will make it to the U.S. By the way I didn’t know there were so many AM/PM and 7 Elevens in Japan…

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Kenwood DNX5140

We’re not sure why we haven’t mentioned the Kenwood DNX5140 before but maybe that’s a good thing. The MSRP for this 6.1″ TFT LCD touchscreen GPS navigation system with radio, and optical disc support was $1150 when it first came out in January, 2009 but now Amazon offers it for $606.

It includes built-in Garmin navigation, direct iPod connection, USB music streaming, and front panel A/V input and output.

Kenwood DNX5140 has all of the features of the DNX6140 but with the built-in Bluetooth module deleted.

Kenwood HDV-909DT

HDV-909DT is the name of the all-in-one GPS navigation system from Kenwood. It is an in-dash system with a 7″ LCD screen with 480×234 resolution. In addition to providing door to door navigation it can handle a variety of multimedia formats including DivX, DVD, MP3 and JPG. It even lets you watch TV thanks to the digital 1Seg TV tuner and the picture in picture capability.

Some hardware specs include 40GB of HDD, USB 2.0 port, a 5.1 Audio System, AM/FM radio tuner, DVD player, and an iPod / iPhone interface.

The only problem is that it is only for the island of Japan :) Even then you’ll have to wait until next month and pay 200,000 Yen which is about $2000…

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Kenwood DNX6140

We thought we’d continue covering the new DNX series from Kenwood. Kenwood DNX6140 is one their mid-level models that already went on sale on Amazon recently from $1050.

DNX6140 comes built-in with Garmin navigation and Parrot Bluetooth interface so you won’t have to worry about an extra standalone GPS navigation system crowding your dashboard.

With DNX6140 Kenwood kept it simple with the hardware interface. In addition to the touchscreen you’ll find a knob for volume control, a mini A/V input for connecting another device, and three buttons for switching to navigation, toggling source, and accessing other functions. The optical drive which can handle audio CDs, DVDs, MP3, and WMA files is at the top end of the 2-DIN device.

DNX6140 has a 6.1″ screen, and it give you the ability to let you control external media sources such as iPods, and HD Radios.

Kenwood DNX7140


Kenwood DNX7140 is another new in dash DVD + navigation system from the company. It is expected to be available this March for a $1,700. DNX7140 shares the same advanced Garmin navigation platform and Bluetooth technology as included on the DNX9140 which we talked about a few days ago. It has a sharp 6.95″ LCD touchscreen which is an easy to use interface to control all audio, video and navigation functions. We did just mention the Bluetooth module which you assumed was only for pairing up with your phone for hands free calling - but you’re wrong. Kenwood DNX7140 also supports SMS texting and wireless A2DP audio streaming with Bluetooth . Other features of DNX7140 include vehicle mileage tracker for keeping an eye maintenance schedule and gas mileage.

Kenwood eXcelon DNX9140

Kenwood DNX9140 was a new addition to Kenwood‘s In-Dash DVD Receiver series with built-in Garmin GPS navigation. We had a chance to take a few shots of DNX9140 and see it in action at the show but we’d much prefer to see it in our dashboard when leaving CES 2009.

This double-DIN DVD receiver from Kenwood has some impressive features including:

  • 6.95″ WVGA touchscreen control screen
  • Garmin navigation software
  • voice recognition control for navigation and other connected sources
  • built-in Bluetooth by Parrot
  • true 5.1 surround-sound
  • USB direct control for iPod A/V content
  • optional MSN Direct Tuner for traffic, movies, gas prices, etc

In addition, the DNX9140 will have the ability to connect to an M/H digital television tuner when it becomes available from Kenwood in 2010.

Kenwood eXcelon DNX9140 is expected to be available May 2009 and have an MSRP of $2000.

Panasonic CN-HW830D

Panasonic and Kenwood seem to be in an arms race when it comes to 2DIN car entertainment navigation systems. Just the other day we heard of Kenwood DNX 8220BT and today we have Panasonic CN-HW830D which combines various useful features right to your dash.

It has an optical drive to support CD, MP3, and DVD playback. You can watch digital TV on the 7″ touchscreen with 800×480 resolution, or transfer files via high capacity SD cards or access your files on the hard disk drive. Speaking of HDD, that’s where navigation maps are stored so you’ll have your optical drive free for other stuff. You can also control your iPod with Panasonic CN-HW830D.

It looks like this device will stay in Japan (do let us know if you see it elsewhere) and will be available on September 12th for about $2500…

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navitainer dnx8220BT from Kenwood

DNX8220BT is the new navigation and entertainment system from Kenwood. It looks just like DNX 7120 we had already talked about so we’re thinking this may be the European version - it will be displayed in Berlin next week at the consumer electronics show.

Also known as Navitainer this 2DIN unit unites navigation system, multimedia player, CD/DVD receiver, handsfree bluetooth, and radio in one place. It has 6.95 inch interactive touch screen control with all graphic UI. The optical drive on board can read all sort of formats including DVD Video/Audio-VR/±R/RW, DivX, MPG & JPEG, AAC, WMA, and MP3 playback. If you spend some extra $ on KCA-iP200 you’ll also have full control over your iPod and with the KCA-iP300V you can even watch your videos on the large screen.

The navigation system is from Garmin and the GPS receiver is SiRF Star III. For traffic information you’ll be pleased to hear that TMC / TMCpro decoder is built-in. Nice feature about the maps is that you can update them using an SD card.

Bluetooth feature we just mentioned is not just for pairing with your phone, it also does audio streaming. Other I/O options include 2x USB ports.