the new JVC KW-NT50HDT and KW-NT30HD

JVC was showing off two new in-dash GPS navigation system at CES 2011 in Vegas last week. The new models are the JVC KW-NT50HDT and KW-NT30HD both of which have a 6.1″ display and integrated HD radio.

One of the new features is the iheartradio iPhone application which can be used via USB connection on KW-NT30HD and KW-NT50HDT. It lets you view song and artist information, album artwork, and control channel up or down functions from the navigation unit or from the iPhone itself. You also get free lifetime subscription to the Total Traffic HD+ Network with KW-NT50HDT. This model also has the dual HD tuner system, which has the ability to feature audio content on one tuner and HD Total Traffic Network Data on the other.

Navigation features include map coverage of the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, and Puerto Rico, high-sensitivity WAAS enabled GPS for accurate navigation, over 6 million P.O.I. data from infoUSA, and quick start up in less than 15 seconds. Both Text-to-Speech and voice guidance are available in English, Spanish, and French. Other useful features include magnified view, Lane Guide, Speed Limit Display, Speed Alert function, and brand P.O.I. icons. You can search from various options including P.O.I. (name/vicinity/phone number), address, zip code, coordinates, and 100 favorite/last 50 destinations. The user-friendly touch panel is based on Grid-Layout Design, with consistent key position for each screen. Hard keys are also available on the frame for instant access to frequently used functions.

Both models will come out in March. You can pick up the KW-NT30HD for $1000 and the KW-NT50HDT for $1200.

JVC MDV-313 GPS navigation

JVC and Kenwood had their own GPS navigation systems available, but apparently this one, JVC MDV-313, is a collaboration between the two.

The features of MDV-313 are numerous when it comes to GPS navigation, but rest assured you’ll also be getting great audio and video support from this 2-DIN system as both parties have mastered car audio video for years now.

MDV-313 features a DVD player, USB port which combines iPod support, 1-Seg TV Tuner, realistic 3D-maps and picture in picture support for lane assistance in also in 3D.

However you’ll have to ask you Japanese friend to get you one of these as there’s no news whether this will make it to the U.S. By the way I didn’t know there were so many AM/PM and 7 Elevens in Japan…

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JVC KW-NT1 Navigation

JVC Mobile Entertainment just added the KW-NT1 in-dash navigation system to their 2009 lineup.

We’re not really impressed with JVC’s choice of model names but KW-NT1 does impress with some of its features: It has text-to-speech, 6.1-inch detachable faceplate for extra security, built in Bluetooth, USB, AV-input, SD card slot for MP3 audio playback is also integrated.

KW-NT1 does support the iPod and iPhone and allows you to control these devices with on-screen prompts. Also the blutooth feature connects to your compatible phone and lets you receive text message notifications on the screen.

JVC’s database include 6 million POIs, their maps cover United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

You can expect KW-NT1 to be available in March for $1100.


JVC recently added the 7-inch, double-din KW-NX7000 Navigation/DVD/CD Receiver to its 2008 line-up. The unit’s faceplate is detachable and features a 7-inch low-reflection touch screen monitor. Also included in KW-NX7000 is a proximity sensor which illuminates the relevant keys when your hand approaches such as during navigation, DVD and movie playback to reduce distraction. Also now there’s a built-in memory so you can use other multimedia sources and navigate simultaneously.

Here are some other highlights:

  • built-in NAVTEQ traffic RDS tuner
  • over 12 Million Points of Interest
  • text-to-speech system and voice guidance in seven languages
  • headphone surround sound for Dolby Digital 5.1 content

The MSRP was recently announced to be $1300.

JVC KV-PX701 and KV-PX501

JVC who initially made us think they were out of the GPS navigation market must’ve regretted their decision since they just unveiled two new devices called KV-PX701 and KV-PX501.

KV-PX701 have the wide 4.3″ touch screen and run on a 400Mhz processor. Maps are supplied by Navteq and they cover the whole continental Europe. RDS-TMC is standard on the KV-PX701 and it uses a GPS SiRF Star III GPS receiver.

KV-PX501 on the other hand has a 3.5″ screen and uses Media Tec’s GPS receiver. This model also features RDS/TMC receiver but JVC decided put it into the car mount rather than integrating it into the body.

KV-PX701 will cost you 400 € and KV-PX501 will be 50 € cheaper. Expect to see them in stores later this month - in Europe… via

gps navigation systems for $200 or less

Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of GPS navigation systems going below the $200 mark. Most of these are from manufacturers you’ve probably never heard of before but that’s not necessarily bad. The hardware is usually standard and the software is sometimes identical in these machines. Here is our roundup:

Magellan Maestro 3100 for $200

Evesham Nav Cam 7700 for $160

InVion GPS-4v106 for $200

Aytobe for £100

PIVA PNS350 for $190 or L100 for $175

JVC KV-PX9 for $180

Mio C220 for $180


ViaMichelin X930 for $198

NaviBlue NBC3500 for $155

Navman F20 (refurbished) for $158

FineDrive 400 for $190 or $99

Holux GPSmile 52 for $170

Sanyo NVM-4030 for $200


Lowrance iWAY 250c for $190

Jensen NVX-225 for $190

Nextar HGPS35 for $156

Navman iCN 330 for $130

Evesham NAV-CAM 7000 for $181

Are we missing anything? Even if it’s after rebate, let us know. We’ll update the list.

UPDATE: July 2008 - We now have another list cheap GPS navigation systems.

Whistler WPGX-635 GPS navigation on Woot for $220

Whistler WPGX-635 for $220. Of course there’s always that standard $5 shipping. Still $225 is not bad for a standard 3.5″ touch screen satellite navigation system that offers 8 hours of operation thanks to a rechargeable 1350 mAh Li-Poly battery and comes with 1GB SD memory card with preloaded maps of the whole USA also including Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands.

However we still think the $180 for that JVC KV-PX9 we talked about earlier today was a better deal. How can you beat a 18GB hard disk?

KV-PX9 for only $180 at CompUSA

We had talked about KV-PX9 in September of 2006. JVC says the MSRP is $750 but you can get one of these (also called JVC eAvinu) from CompUSA for only $180 (after $20 mail-in-rebate). That’s quite a deal considering KV-PX9 boasts a large hard disk. Of the total space 15GB is allocated to maps and POIs (13 million of them) and the remainder 3GB is for your personal use.

It is worth checking it out. We haven’t seen anything cheaper from major brand such as JVC.

JVC KD-NX5000 review

jvc-kd-nx-5000-394.jpgJVC’s new KD-NX5000 we announced back at CES2007 just got reviewed by CNet and received a 9 out of 10.

JVC’s KD-NX5000 is a stylish, hard drive-based head unit equipped with nearly every entertainment and information feature that drivers could wish for. With 40GB of built-in storage (10 more than the Z-1) and a bright, 3.5-inch color LCD screen, the KD-NX5000 comes with integrated GPS navigation (with optional real-time traffic service) and a wealth of media options. Although its compact size can impede the usability of its navigation function, the KD-NX5000 is a serious contender for those looking for a capable, all-in-one car tech system.

The reviewers most like how the KD-NX5000 is able to fit so many car tech features in a single unit without comprimising quality. However they are not satisfied with the map rendering, complex menus, and not so DIN size.

Map renderings are nowhere near as crisp as those of other OEM and double-DIN aftermarket systems we have seen. Adding to the vagueness of the maps is the fact that the zoom function’s smallest scale is about the size of three or four city blocks, which is a pain when trying to navigate in built-up areas. Accordingly, the navigation function on the KD-NX5000 is likely to be used for general highway guidance rather than pinpoint wayfaring.

You should be able to get a JVC KD-NX5000 before the end of this month end pay about $1100.

JVC KV-PX70 now official

JVC’s new navigation system for Europe, KV-PX70, got official today. The new navigation system features a wide 4.3″ wide touch screen, built-in TMC receiver, bluetooth support for hands-free phone calls and finally SD/MMC slot to bring and play your favorite photos or videos.

The KV-PX70 is not available in most online stores just yet, but you can pick one up for £380 from here. That comes out to be about €575, €75 more than what we thought it would cost. Help out other shoppers and let us know if you see the JVC KV-PX70 cheaper anywhere else. No need to register to comment.