Garmin’s new GTN 750 Trainer app for iPad 2

This is one of the ways Garmin is still staying relevant when every single smartphone on the market offers practically free GPS navigation. Stand alone automobile navigation is not their only market. They’ve got aviation too. Just recently they announced a new app for the iPad 2 called GTN 750 trainer. Pilots can now train on the ground, and practice basic operations of Garmin’s new all glass GTN aviation systems.

GTN 750 Trainer app allows pilots to pan the map, enter waypoints into the flight plan, load airways, graphically edit flight plans, radio tune and more. It even has hi res terrain maps, worldwide NavData, and simulated traffic targets and simulated XM weather data for a more realistic experience. Some other options include TAWS-B audible alerts, transponder control and remote audio processor control, and other demo settings that lets users to simulate flight scenarios by changing altitude, speed, location, etc.

$25 is small price to pay to get your training while still safely on the ground.

TomTom app updated for iPhone and optimized for iPad

TomTom app was just updated. It is now higher resolution and is accompanied by an improved user interface for the iPad. This is the first release where TomTom is taking advantage of the capabilities iPad’s larger screen size. This marks version 1.9 and is a free update. It of course works with the new iOS5.

The maps and POIs are also updated and available off line with no data connection. The app costs $50 but like we said it is free to upgrade if you already own it. Some other features include the HD Traffic, IQ Routes for reliable ETA’s, integration with contacts, photos, music, email on your phone and ability to make receive calls while on your iPhone.

Bad Elf GPS dongle for iPod, iPad

Some of you may have already heard about them but we just found out about Bad Elf GPS accessories for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. If you can’t really afford the 3G devices Apple offers you’re probably stuck with a WiFi only iPad or iPod Touch. Bad Elf GPS is here to fill the gap with their portable and compact GPS add-on.

A nice feature here is of course the micro USB port. Since the device takes up the 30-pin connector port micro USB port gives you a way to charge your device and sync your device.

It costs $130 but now it is on sale $100. If any of your readers already have this we’d like to know what you think.

using Motion X GPS Drive on your iPad

This dude has done it. It is not the most elegant way of using your iPad as a GPS navigation system but may serves as a proof of concept.

Like we said he’s using Motion X GPS drive as the GPS navigation software which only costs $3 to buy but you’ll have to pay $25/year to activate voice guided turn by turn directions.

Bad thing is there’s no built in map data, meaning all the maps have to be loaded over the air. Also it looks like there’s no text-to-speech to pronounce street names.

What’s your GPS navigation solution for your iPad? Let us know.

TwoNav now works on iPad too

We’ve been following TwoNav on Navigadget for a while now and now we’d like to introduce their app for the iPad. Actually it is a universal application that now works on the iPad like it did on the iPhone. What they’ve done is that the applications have the property to adapt to the platform you are using in that moment, adjusting well the size to the device’s screen in use. So you get a total of two licenses; one iPhone and one iPad per license.

Some of the features of the TwoNav software include ability to record tracks, overlay road maps with topographic maps, door to door navigation (costs extra), precise altitude reading with geoide correction, and more.

Here is current pricing:

  • TwoNav iPhone/iPad Basic 49.99 €
  • TwoNav iPhone/iPad Iberia 89.99 €
  • TwoNav iPhone/iPad Italy 89.99 €
  • TwoNav iPhone/iPad France 89.99 €
  • TwoNav iPhone/iPad DACH 89.99 €

Check it out here.

CoPilot Live USA for iPhone and iPad

ALK Technologies just recently announced CoPilot Live USA for iPhone and iPad which will cost only $5 for a full life time use. However this is different than their latest CoPilot Live 8 which still sells for for $20 at the iTunes store. This $5 introductory offer can be upgraded to include text-to-speech feature for another $3 and live traffic and fuel prices for another $20!

CoPilot Live USA includes street level maps stored on the device, Live Local Search, 3D and 2D maps, lane assist feature, and even multi stop trip planning.

Here is the iTunes link.

MotionX GPS HD for iPad

If you’re looking for a mapping interface and navigation for your iPad other than Google Maps you may want to consider MotionX GPS HD.

The fact that it only costs $3 and it recently got a decent review maybe good enough reasons to give this app a shot.

MotionX GPS HD for the iPad is recommended for people looking to find a reasonably priced, do-it-all navigation app that covers land, air and sea. The app provides all the tools you’ll ever need, anywhere in the world. MotionX GPS HD works best when used on an iPad 3G but will also work with the Wi-Fi only version as long as there is a network available.

Some features of this app include the ability to use both Google Maps and Bing, and MotionX’s own maps, satellite, road, and hybrid views, turn by turn directions, and more.

Check out some serious action shots here.

ViewRanger now good for iPhone and Android

We’ve talked about ViewRanger here before and now see it has finally made it to both iPhone and Android platforms. It can’t be too long before we see it on iPad.

If you haven’t heard ViewRanger before it’s an off-road topographic map navigation that can also be used as a sports GPS, buddy beacon tracking, etc. It’s been getting some decent reviews and now that they’ve covered almost all platforms they’re sure to gain more traction in topographic maps app category.

It costs $25 for the iPhone and possibly a similar amount for Android devices.

Some of the features of ViewRanger include:

  • premium topographic maps of 13 countries and counting which includes National Geographic, Ordnance Survey, BKG, IGN, IGN BE, NLS Finland, …
  • maps follow your GPS location
  • maps are locally cached, no data connection required
  • ability to create, draw and plot your own routes on your Android handset
  • record your gps track - get statistics on distance, speed, height gain/loss, etc.
  • record your track whilst app continues to run in background
  • download map tiles and routes over-the-air
  • wide range of coordinates supported - national grid; lat/lon; ITM; UTM
  • use imperial, metric and nautical units
  • Available in five languages : English, French, German, Swedish and Finnish

GPS navigation on iPad from CoPilot

Our friends at CoPilot just announced their GPS navigation system on the new Apple iPad 3G. But you know Apple is - you’ll have to wait for the new app to get approved by the App Nazis. What’s cool with the new app is that maps stored on the device, so no need for a data connection. Called CoPilot Live HD, this GPS navigation software takes full advantage of the large screen offered by the iPad and can show split screen; combining 2D with 3D instructions, and auto rotate the as you turn the device.

They hope to make the app available for the release of iPad 3G which is coming up soon and maps for additional regions will be launched as the iPad 3G becomes available worldwide in coming months.

CoPilot Live HD North America like we said has been submitted to the App Store for approval, and it is expected to be available early May for $30. One time fee, no monthly fees.

wifi iPad not worth it

Wired had a short review about the wifi only iPad and they seem to think settling down for the cheaper iPad is not even worth it.

Article says Maps app is one of the “wow” apps and without the A-GPS feature brought along with the 3G module it is not as useful.

It also suggests the iPad can be used an in-vehicle GPS navigation device provided there’s a passenger to actually hold it and type in the address :) We actually lolled at this.