Thinkware announced new iNavi Read R100

Korean Thinkware just announced a new iNavi in-dash GPS navigation system. The new model is called iNavi Ready R100 and it uses a 1GHz processor (Cortex A8) with 512MB of RAM.

It has two different screen sizes, a 7″ model and an 8″ model. The really awesome part is that the device can handle two displays so you can have your navigation going while playing a cartoon in 720p resolution for the kids in the back seat.

Other features real time traffic updates, digital TV receiver, G-sensor, USB 2.0 host, microSD card slot, super realistic 3D views, and the new Ublox6 GPS receiver that is most sensitive than ever…

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iNAVI KE100 GPS navigation system

Oh, so shiny. We really love iNAVI. We might as well move our office to Korea just so we can use their GPS navigation systems. Just look through our other iNAVI posts and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Anyhow, this latest one from Thinkware is called iNAVI KE100 and is coming out in Korea on March 22nd.

Very impressive hardware specs on the iNAVI KE100: 900Mhz CPU, SiRF Instant Fix GPS receiver, integrated multi-sensor that has a G-Sensor and an L-Sensor, DMB receiver, and multimedia support - on a big 7″ high resolution LCD screen.

The device is equipped with upgraded 3D maps called iNAVI Real 3D which can show surrounding buildings, terrain, and even more.

It will cost 409,000KRW ($360) for the 8GB model…

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NDrive now on Android

NDrive GPS navigation app - which has been available on the iPhone is now available for Android users. What’s difference between Google Maps Navigation and NDrive? and why should you pay for NDrive when Google Maps Navigation is free? Well first off Google Maps Navigation needs a high speed data service for the app to be useful, and secondly not everybody lives in the U.S. where Google Maps Navigation works. So NDrive uses complete maps installed on your phone and does not require 3G data service which maybe costly for some people.

NDrive offers turn-by-turn voice instructions, itineraries, searching by many different categories, three distinct modes of routing, favorites, points of interest and radar databases. Some other features include advanced itineraries with multiple waypoints for trip planning, some 3D objects for buildings and landmarks, availability of both ABC or QWERTY keyboard modes, and automatic Day/Night mode switching.

NDrive will work on Android versions 1.5, 1.6, and 2.0 which include devices such as Motorola Droid, T-Mobile’s G1, HTC’s Magic, Hero, and Dream, and the Samsung i7500.

See the prices after the jump:

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Koreans invent Turbo GPS

Korean Fine Digital just introduced a new GPS navigation system called FineDrive Style 3D. Yeah - they’re not very creative with naming their sat nav systems but their realistic 3D rendering have no match. Also they have a new technology called “Turbo GPS” - which can get a GPS fix even around an overpass where GPS signals might not be optimal. Just a fancy name for dead reckoning if you ask us.

Some other features of the FineDrive Style 3D include the Atlan 3D navigation software, DMB for digital TV channels, real time traffic updates, latest gas prices.

For the basic 8G you’re going to need about 400K KRW which equals to about USD 345…

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iNavi LE GPS navigation system


Korean Thinkware just keeps pumping out new iNAVI GPS navigation devices. This latest one is called iNAVI LE and it carries the characteristic 7″ touch screen.

The screen gets you 800×480 resolution and with the DMB receiver it can be quite entertaining (when idling of course). The processor on iNavi LE can buzz at 500Mhz, the GPS receiver is from European Ublox, and it has a 128MB of RAM and 64MB of ROM.

There’s a 2GB, 4GB, and an 8GB version. They cost 249,000KRW ($205) 289,000KRW ($238) for 4GB and 329,000KRW ($270) respectively.

iNAVI K3+ GPS navigation system

You know how much we love iNavi here at Navigadget. Their GPS navigation systems are always so slim, and their navigation software always have amazing 3D renderings - including realistic buildings and even foliage.

The manufacturer, Thinkware just announced an advanced GPS navigation system today called iNAVI K3+, successor to the iNAVI K3. They kept the translucent power key but added a USB host to expand its memory capacity.

iNAVI K3+ has a huge 7″ WVGA touch screen, comes with the latest SiRF V6 GPS receiver, has a 900Mhz processor, carries an 8GB SDHC memory card, and can play various media formats in addition to giving directions.

Suggested retail price is between 399,000KRW ($320) and 439,000KRW ($350)…

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Thinkware iNAVI ES300

Thinkware iNAVI ES300 is the latest GPS navigation system from the company. Get this though; this beauty is considered low-end in South Korea! It has a big 7″ screen, supports split views to show you amazing realistic 3D intersection view, as well as vicinity map with 3D buildings.

Thinkware jumped on the green band wagon and included the ECO Drive function which is supposed to discourage you from driving like a maniac and get you the most efficient route to your destination. As far as hardware this “low-end” GPS navigation system features brushed aluminum looking keypads, comes with 2, 4, or 8GB of space, has a nice 900mAh battery, and the ability to read SD cards. It costs somewhere between $260 and $340 depending on the storage space…

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iNavi K3

We’ve talked about bunch of iNavi‘s before. But not this one. This GPS navigation system from Thinkware is called iNavi K3. As with any GPS navigation system from Korea this one also does amazing graphics, video game like 3D renders, lane assist, and split screen view.

It has a 7″ screen with WVGA resolution (800×480), a 900Mhz processor, SiRF GPS receiver, 8GB SDHC memory card, 256MB RAM, and some other entertainment features such as DMB player, video and audio player, a few games, and a simple car diary program…

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put this on my iphone please

Here is a screenshot of a navigation software which we wish we had here in the States. Unfortunately it is only available in Korea. Speaking of Korea, we would appreciate if a Korean reader would translate this page for us. Thank you.

For more screenshots of this navigation software follow link.

iNAVI K7: why can’t we have 3D maps like this?

Every time I see one of these Korean GPS navigation systems such as the latest iNavi K7 from Thinkware I can’t stop but compare it to what we have here in the U.S. The closest we can get is the new Reality View Pro from Navigon but even that is nothing compared 3D renderings by these guys. (I’m sure it is a lot easier for them to create these maps since South Korea is about the size of Minnesota.)

Anyhow, this device we’re so jealous about has a 7″ screen, 8GB SDHC memory card and 256MB of RAM/ROM. It also uses a geomagnetic sensor which can enhance your navigation experience by making up for the weak satellite signals you may experience when driving between tall building.

iNAVI K7 also features touch key with LED lights, supports multimedia functions such as DMB, video player, MP3 playback, etc. It has a detachable battery pack too. It will sell for 549000KRW…

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