Pioneer announces new in-dash GPS navigation systems

Pioneer just added to their “Carrozzeria” HDD car navigation systems. The two new series are “CYBER” with built-in flash and “Easy Navigation Lite” both of which will have three new models.
AVIC-VH9990: 325,500 yen
AVIC-ZH9990: 304,500 yen
AVIC-H9990: 189,000 yen
Easy navigation Lite
AVIC-MRZ90G: 173,000 yen
AVIC-MRZ90II: 133,000 yen
AVIC-MRZ85: 112,000 yen

In the Cyber series 1DIN +1 DIN’s “AVIC-VH9990” and the 2DIN “AVIC-ZH9990″ both come with 7” 800×480 LCD touch screen LCD, digital terrestrial tuner and a DVD navigation system with HDD drive. “AVIC-H9990″ on the other hand HDD AV Navi unit model.

Lite easy navigation has the 2DIN MRZ90G and MRZ90II with a 7″ LCD, MRZ85 with 6.1” LCD. However they all have 800×480 resolution. Internal memory is the same as traditional navigation 4GB.

new Panasonic Strada GPS navigation system

Panasonic of Japan today introduced 5 new portable and 3 in-dash Strada GPS navigation systems.

The portable ones come with either a 5″ or a 7″ touch screen display and all come with 8GB of RAM, 1Seg digital TV tuner, and VICS traffic control on the higher end models. Some of the new portable sat nav devices are:

  • CN-SP300L-K
  • CN-MP700VD-K
  • CN-MP500VD-K

The in-dash GPS navigation systems on the other hand come with a 60GB HDD, DVD, CD support, 7″ WVGA display, and cost between 200K to 280K Yen.

The three in-dash sat navs are:

  • CN-HX910D
  • CN-HW890D
  • CN-HW860D

Some other features of these include the bluetooth, digital TV tuners, and bluetooth… via

Pioneer X920BT

Pioneer just introduced a brand new in-dash GPS navigation system at the CES 2010 called Pioneer X920BT.

Pioneer X920BT will cost $1200 and feature a 6.1″ touchscreen with 800×600 resolution, voice recognition to help you keep your hands on the wheel, TeleAtlas maps of all 50 states, micoSD card slot, support for satellite radio, bluetooth connectivity, and a USB port to connect to iPod or iPhone which automatically creates playlists for you.

The new interface lets you control most of the interface by dragging your fingers.

Yeah the images show Pandora radio but currently we have no information how a connection to internet is established.

Pioneer free iPhone GPS navigation app

We’ve mentioned the Pioneer AVIC GPS navigation stuff many times here on Navigadget - but always in-dash or as a standalone system. Now’s a bit different. They just introduced an application for the iPhone. What it does is that it lets you find your destination with the already available Google Maps on your iPhone and then transfer it to your AVIC via bluetooth. The application is called AVIC Feeds and it even lets you navigate to geotagged photos on your iPhone.

Keep in mind AVIC-U310BT does not do bluetooth transfer and you’ll have to transfer your address book via USB. However with AVIC-Z110BT your new destinations will update automatically.

You can check out more about AVIC Feeds here.

Sanyo and TomTom team up to take over America

According to WSJ TomTom and Sanyo are joining their forces to sell their devices to car makers.

Japanese Sanyo announced yesterday that it will team up with Dutch TomTom to grab more market share in North America and Europe where the auto industry is supposedly picking up.

The collaboration between Sanyo and TomTom will supply auto makers with customized in-dash GPS navigation systems as early as 2010.

Sanyo has been making GPS navigation systems in Japan since 1993 where factory fitted sat nav system are more common place. On the other hand North Americans and Europeans are more into after market, windshield mounted, unsightly, portable systems.

ZE-MC294: 2-DIN Moniceiver

ZE-MC294 is the latest from German ZENEC. This in-dash GPS navigation device has a touchscreen monitor, DVD player, and receiver. It is also equipped with a Bluetooth module from the hands-free specialist Parrot. Even the tuner on ZE-MC294 both the hardware and software has been optimized for European reception conditions. And to keep with today’s demands ZE-MC294 allows for a perfect connection to external A/V sources like iPods, iPhones, USB sticks, and SD cards.

We’re not sure yet how much the ZE-MC294 will cost or if it will ever come to the states side.

NVE-M300 GPS navigation drive from Alpine

Check out Alpine’s newest GPS navigation product: the NVE-M300 GPS navigation drive. This is a compact, hideaway module that adds premium navigation features such as the OnPoint Advanced GPS Positioning (which combines three vehicle positioning technologies), turn-by-turn, voice guided directions – to two of Alpine’s audio/video head units, the iXA-W404 and IVA-W505.

NVE-M300 GPS Navigation Drive is available for $450, the iXA-W404 for $550 SRI, and the IVA-W505 for $1,100. Check out the full press release after the jump…

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Pioneer AVIC-X710BT

Pioneer AVIC-X710BT - the new in-dash GPS navigation system from the company - is quite similar to the Pioneer AVIC-X910BT we just talked about. The only difference is that Pioneer AVIC-X710BT does not include the MSN Direct tuner, and does not do DVD playback. Therefore costs $200 less, bringing it down to only $900.

Pioneer AVIC-X710BT still has built-in bluetooth capabilities and you can bring more media to the system using the SD card slot.

Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT

Pioneer just unveiled the AVIC-Z110BT, a new in-dash navigation system that lets users get GPS guidance and enjoy audio and video at the same time. You can hook up your Apple iPod or iPhone or your bluetooth phone and control them with voice commands. You can even get local news and weather info if you if you opt-in for the MSN Direct subscription service.

Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT comes with motorized 7″ touch panel display, a fast processor and 4GB of on-board flash memory which includes maps for continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada and more than 12 million points of interests.

Some other features and specs include text-to-speech, USB, SD slots, satellite radio support, and DVD, CD support when even does dual zone entertainment.

Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT requires 2-DIN on your dash, and will cost $1600 when it comes out in July.

Sanyo Gorilla NVA-GS1609FT and NVA-GS1409DT


Sanyo just introduced two new in dash GPS navigation systems called Gorilla NVA-GS1609FT and Gorilla NVA-GS1409DT. Both these GPS navigation systems run on solid state drives (SSDs), feature a 7″ touchscreen, and an amazing user interface that features 3D buildings, very detailed intersection rendering even indicating where traffic details are.

The two in-dash models will be released next month and include some features such as 1Seg TV tuner, DVD, CD players, FM player, and the ability to read audio from SD cards.

NVA-GS1609FT will have a 16GB SSD whereas NVA-GS1409DT will only allow for 8GB of storage. We have no word on pricing yet. Oh.. did we mention you won’t be seeing this here in the U.S? Sorry.