Holux GPSport 245 review

As a rule, Men don’t need for directions. Now with that statement you probably think I’m going to be writing about a GPS Navigation Unit, but in fact I’m talking about the Holux GPSport 245 which is so easy to use that you don’t need to look at the directions! See how that first line makes sense now?

I’ve played with some of the GPS sport recorders out there and for some of them you definitely need to read the manual to understand how to get into all the different modes. Not with the Holux GPSport 245 though. With the dimensions of 82 x 53 x 23 mm and weighing in at 72g, this little device weighs has a large and very well organized screen.


There are six buttons on the unit. One each on the Left and Right side (Back/Esc and Enter respectively) and then on the front of the unit below the LCD are 4 function keys.

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new holux m-1000c bluetooth GPS logger

We just received our new Holux M-1000C from far East and we’ll be testing it for you very soon. Holux M-1000C has not hit the market here in the U.S. just yet but you as you can see from the images they seem to be ready with the packaging and everything.

Before we review this for you we would like to talk about the features of M-1000C bluetooth GPS logger:

  • built-in MTK MT 3329 low power consumption GPS chipset
  • 66 parallel satellite tracking channels for fast acquisition and reacquisition
  • super sensitivity up to -165dBm
  • built-in WAAS/EGNOS demodulator without additional hardware
  • compatible with Blutooth serial port

Stay tuned…

we’re getting a GPSport 245

Soon we’ll be receiving a GPSport 245 from Holux which we talked about as GR-245 couple of months ago. I guess they have changed the name a bit and perfected their rendering of the product image. Anyhow, we’ll be sure to write a review about this and maybe when we’re done we can give it to a lucky reader.

GPSport 245 is a GPS device designed for assisting with your outdoor activities and provide a track log of where you’ve been. It has cycling, walking, running and vehicle modes; can show your speed, altitude, time, distance, and even calories burnt.

It is quite portable measuring only 82 x 53 x 23 mm and weighing 72 grams with battery. It is IPX-6 weatherproof and can last about 28 hours when the backlight is off.

new holux GPS tracker 005

Holux has a new GPS tracking device device called GPS Tracker 005. It is designed to look like a wrist watch but we’re not sure if it actually shows the time at all. GPS Tracker 005 can provide real time tracking - meaning it is not only for logging where you’ve been. It actually has an integrated SIM card so it can transmit it is location via SMS or other channels.

To improve satellite fix times this GPS tracking device can download ephemeris data from server through internet. This is pretty much same as A-GPS but you’re going to have to download this data manually - about once a week. GPS Tracker 005 has a rechargeable Li-Ion battery which can provide max 60 hrs working time when set to send data every 15minutes.

GPS Tracker 005 is also water resistant (IPX6) so you can take it to a hike with you even on a rainy day. For more specs check out specs page.

Holux GPSmile 62 GPS navigation system with 5″ screen

Holux GPSmile 62 GPS navigation is the latest from the company that we will be visiting in January at CES. The new sat nav device features a 5″ WQVGA screen with 16:9 ratio and has a multimedia player so you can watch videos and listen to music on those long road trips.

Also worth mentioning is that the screen is ‘edge-free’ so dragging maps around is easier and smoother than ever. GPSmile 62 supports SD cards upto 4GB, uses a GPS receiver that can track 32 satellites at once and a has a removable rechargeable battery as well as integrated speakers.

Blutooth on board allows you to pair it up with your phone so your hands are always free for things like driving, fixing your makeup etc, and the TMC antenna shows you where traffic jams are so you can look for alternate routes.

If any sellers tries to bring these to the U.S. we’ll be sure to let you know.

new holux bike gps GR-245

We talked about a bike GPS computer just the other from Mainnav and today we get the news that Holux will be introducing something very similar at IFA this year. It is called GR-245 and just like you expected it is a GPS tracking device with a screen to track your progress while you engage in outdoor activities.

Here are the hardware specs:

  • MediaTek Low power consumption / high sensitivity GPS Receiver
  • 128 x 128 LCD display (4 gray) with backlight
  • Li-ion removable & rechargeable battery
  • Mini USB port for connection
  • IPX6 waterproof

Not sure when Holux GR-245 will be available in the U.S. but we can’t wait. It is always good have some options.

GPS GR-130 for golfers from Holux

We’re not sure if this is actually a finished product from Holux but this will be on display at the consumer electronics show in Berlin next week. Called GR-130, this is a GPS device with a 2.2″ color screen and 176×220 pixel resolution. It uses a Renesas J2, 120 MHz CPU - which should be enough to direct you to the next hole on the golf course.

Other features include built-in 128MB NAND flash memory for maps, removable and rechargeable NP-120 1600 mAh Li-ion battery, and 9 menu buttons to enable frequent used functions.

Holux GR-130 is IPX6 waterproof for those rainy days on the golf course. Not sure when this will hit the market but we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

holux gps tracker 007

Holux is about to come out with a new GPS receiver tracking device that works in sync with a wrist watch to communicate its location.

The details of this GPS receiver + wrist watch combo is quite unclear but we think the GPS receiver component is in the bigger black box and the data is transmitted to the GPS watch.

We’ll keep you updated once we find out more about this.

Holux GPSmile 61 now official

Holux GPSmile 61 which got a glimpse of at CES beginning of this year is already official at Holux’ website. Holux GPSmile 61 features a 4.3″ TFT touchscreen, runs on a Samsung S3C2443 processor, supports HDSD cards, and uses a removable battery which is a nice plus considering how some brands use the cheapest battery they can find.

It has TMC traffic receiver, built-in speakers but no mention of text-to-speech feature. Blutooth for hands free calls is optional but support for mp3, wmv, avi, and asf files is standard.

GPS on the old iPhone

So we have already confirmed the next generation 3G iPhone will have GPS feature. But if you want GPS function on your old iPhone?

The new solution is from some people at ipgsd which consists of a cable allowing your jailbroken iPhone to connect to a GPS receiver GPS - in this case Holux M1000b.

Just the cable itself will cost you $16, but expect to pay $100 for the Holux M1000b package which includes the cable.

Here is a video of the iPhone GPS demo doing real time updates:

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