unlock GPS on Verizon HTC Touch Pro

If you’re a Verizon customer and own a HTC Touch Pro you’re going to enjoy this one. We’ve got some information on how to unlock the GPS capabilities of this device. We already talked about Verizon unlocking the GPS themselves but there’s no reason to wait for them now, is there?

You can find all the detailed instructions here at ppcgeeks which goes something like this:

1. download lllboredlll_VZW_GPS_Fix_v2.cab AND PPST1.46.cab and put on your storage card or any folder on your device
2. install PPST1.46.cab
3. use gsfinder,total commander or File Explorer to navigate to \windows\ppst.exe

4. click on ppst.exe and go thru the prompts
5. reset your device as needed
6. NOW install lllboredlll_VZW_GPS_Fix_v2.cab
7. use gsfinder,total commander or File Explorer to navigate to \windows\ppst.exe
8. reset your device as needed
9. Dial *228 option 1
(the above step is the steps I did, option 2 also works but I needed to prove it takes a full update without rewriting data)
10. reset your device
11. Install HTC GPS Tool if needed

12. I would suggest a soft reset… do what you want on this one
13. Open up HTC GPS Tool. Set Chip to Q 7500 and mode to Cold Start (left soft key for those who dont know) then set baud to 4800 and open port.

Of course as usual, if you give this a try come back here and leave a comment for others…

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gps for your dell mini 9

If you had your eye on the Dell Mini 9 but were holding off because it contained no internal GPS receiver you no longer have an excuse. Thanks to Tom you can now add your own GPS receiver with A-GPS support to your Dell Mini 9. You’ll have to spend some extra cash on the receiver (only $30), and have a quite a bit of soldering skills we’re guessing. And of course some free time.

…I then started moving the Bluetooth adapter and removing the old mounting provisions for it, since they were now in the way. There was enough room, but just barely. If the GPS was another 2mm thick, it would not have fit. The GPS completely fills the space between the Bluetooth adapter and trackpad. There is a lot more space on the bottom of the laptop in the unused WWAN card area, but the GPS needs to be on top so that it has a view of the sky. A unit with a separate antenna may provide other mounting options, but I decided it would unnecessarily complicate things…


GPS spoofing

An article came out yesterday on how GPS signals could be spoofed and incorrect time and location information could be sent to GPS receivers that are responsible for everything from the power grid all the way to banking system.

…The second, more sinister, method is called spoofing. In spoofing, the intended target doesn’t know that the signal received from a GPS unit is wrong: A spoofer creates a false GPS signal that passes as a real GPS signal, and an incorrect time or location appears on the intended receiver…

However military GPS signals are apparently immune to these attacks thanks to their encryption methods making sure GPS guided smart bombs don’t end up going after wrong targets.

“The military GPS signals are protected against spoofing by using a secret encryption, so that only receivers with that encryption technology can access the signal,” said Langley. “There is no such protection for civilian GPS use.

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adding GPS to ASUS Eee

Got a soldering iron, a few extra hours, and an Asus Eee PC? Here is DIY project for you. Adding a GPS to your ASUS Eee PC. All the information and some nice pics are over at this site and the GPS kit necessary is right here..

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DIY GPS logger and tracker

If you are into DIY GPS gadgets of various kinds we got a new project for you.

This new GPS logger uses an Arduino board and has supports different GPS receiver modules. On the backside of this board is an SD card slot where it can record the coordinates in a simple text file. The total runtime of course depends on your battery and it can vary from 5 to 20 hours depending on how often you want to get position updates. There are some good instructions on this site including example code…

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GPS for divers

Here is a problem: You are a diver and want to use a handheld GPS receiver to mark your position. Your device is not water proof and signals from global positioning satellites can not penetrate water.

What you should do is place your GPS receiver into a watertight container such as the ones from Otterbox and let it float to the surface long enough for it to get a position fix. After the fix you can pull it back down and mark your position….

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hack magellan 3100

If you’ve been meaning to hack your Magellan 3100 GPS navigation system we’ve got the source for you. Nothing too exciting here but you can change your splash screen, add a file manager… But also you can do useful stuff such as increasing your POI’s by a small margin which now will contain 6 million POI vs. the 750,000 POI in the original, switch between map files, or even add a basic media player… via

GPS tracking with HI-601VT

HI-601VTHI-601VT from Haicom is a retrofitting GPS / GSM tracking device that works with any regular SIM card with a phone number from any regular phone. The accessories that enables you to track the device from an analog phone look like they are from the cold war era but as long as it works…

Also there are accessories which even let you control your car (more like disable) that can stop the oil pump or electricity again using any phone. And if you get the microphone kit you can also stream voice from the HI-601VT side. There’s even a vibration system that wakes up the system, or dial back when triggered.

The way it works is that HI-601VT A/C decoder can decode the GSM and send it back as dial tone in the digital GPS NMEA format which can be attached to the universal microphone cable on any phone speaker, which then transmits the dial tone back into your decoder for the decoding.

It is a universal solution which can be used with any dial tone from any phone speaker. User can track the remote object by using any traditional home phone or the latest smart phone.

We’re not sure who’s importing this into U.S. or Europe just yet but HI-601VT really is a serious GPS tracking solution which would make life a lot easier for stalkers :) The fact that it lets you listen or even disable a vehicle using an analog phone is a unique feature which is pretty much a DIY Lo-Jack system without monthly fees. Of course you’ll need a SIM card dedicated to this but HI-601VT will still probably be a cheaper solution.

We’ll be sure to let you know if this becomes available in stores. Do leave a message if you come across this for sale anywhere on the internet. Check out these rar links (manual A, manual B ) for more details.

another GPS / GSM jammer: Wave Bubble

gps jammer
We had talked about some other commercial and DIY GPS jammers before but here we are presenting another one today. Built by Limor and presented on ladyada.net, this device is a self-tuning portable RF jammer that can can jam many different frequency bands without the need for a spectrum analyzer. Even though the earlier version seen on left has big antennas sticking out, the later version on the right is more compact, small enough to fit inside a pack of cigarettes.

Wave Bubble has an internal lithium-ion battery that can provides up to 2 hours of jamming when using two bands such as cell phones or 4 hours if you only care to scramble a single band, such as cordless phones, GPS devices, WiFi, bluetooth, etc. The battery is rechargeable via a mini-USB connector or 4mm DC jack, however alternatively you can use 3 AAA batteries.

Even the instructions are complete don’t think you can finish this jammer in one weekend for it involves difficult soldering, obscure parts, and other necessary equipment to debug. Also keep in mind the device is not for sale here nor anywhere else for it would be against FCC regulations. Do NOT contact us or Limor for how to purchase please.

more DIY GSM GPS tracking

If our previous article on DIY GSM GPS tracking was too difficult for you here is another option for you. This one is from Nick at DDP who’ll explain how he managed to put together a GPS tracking device with the Telit GM862-GPS module.

I purchased the GM862 Evaluation Kit (RS232 version) from SparkFun Electronics, at a cost of $309.60 (if you are in the UK import duty of around £25 may also be due, along with shipping). There are various other suppliers of GM862 based hardware, including Area SX s.r.l., Round Solutions (various development boards available), and Sequoia however unless you really know what you are doing, the cheapest / easiest solution will be to get the SparkFun Kit, which also includes the compatible evaluation / breakout board, antennas, power supply, and serial cable.