Holux GPSport 260 handheld GPS receiver

Holux has a brand new handheld GPS receiver which they just announced at CompuTex 2010. It is called GPSport 260 and it looks quite stylish compared their older GPSport 245 which we reviewed a while ago and liked quite a bit.

The new Holux GPSport 260 has a 1.5″ screen and can act a GPS data logger that can store up to 160K waypoints. The screen will show you real time statistics about your activity which can be stored and viewed in plot or track view.

There’s even the Follow Course feature which lets you plan a trip before you get on your way and can be reversed for the route back to your tent.

Definitely a spanking new feature with Holux GPSport 260 is the ability to create QR code image for coordinates which helps you share waypoints in a whole different way.

Some other features include 3D compass, barometric altimeter, pedometer, 1050mAh rechargeable that can last up to 20 hours. GPSport 260 is IPX 7 waterproof which means it can be under water for up to 30 minutes at one meter depth.

We look forward to reviewing this handheld GPS receiver from Holux.

Holux M-1000C Bluetooth GPS Logger

It’s only got one button but it does the job. The Holux M-1000C Bluetooth GPS Logger allows you to trek around town or in the mountains and then show your adventures on Google Maps or Earth. The Holux M-1000C only has a power button so all the configuration is done via the included Holux ezTour software. You can configure the device for Car, Bike, Hike or running mode.

Overview & Features

  • Built in MTK MT3329 Low power consumption GPS chipset.
  • 66 parallel satellite-tracking channels for fast acquisition and reacquisition.
  • Built-in WAAS/ EGNPS Demodulator without additional any hardware.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP) completely.
  • Small, sleek, and lightweight design easily fits in your hand.
  • Built-in rechargeable and changeable Lithium-ion battery lasts for 20 hours
  • Comes with Cigarette adapter and USB cable for charging/syncing.
  • Auto Power Saving Mode
  • Physical Size : 62.5 × 41 × 17.1 mm Weight: < 53 g
  • LED Functions
    • Orange: GPS status
    • Blue: Indicate Bluetooth status
    • Green/Red: Battery Status and Battery charging status.

The software is the same as another Holux device the GPSport 245 I reviewed back in January

To summarize, you can bring up your treks in the built-in Google Maps window. And with the Google Earth Plug-In you can view your voyage & pictures on Google Earth as well.


There are different screens that allow you to browse your pictures, movies or show you a summary of your Speed & Altitude for each journey.


As a lot of the current GPS Logger’s software allows you to do, the Holux M-1000C ezTour software lets you upload your pictures to your Flickr or Locr account.

The Holux M-1000C Software is easy to use, and with one button the device is pretty self explanatory. If you are using it for tracking photography trips, you can put a tie on one corner and attach to your camera or bag. There are definitely more complex devices out there that have the same features but for $40-$50 the M-1000C is a good option that as the size information above shows isn’t bulky.

-by Gautam Khattak

Holux GPSport 245 review

As a rule, Men don’t need for directions. Now with that statement you probably think I’m going to be writing about a GPS Navigation Unit, but in fact I’m talking about the Holux GPSport 245 which is so easy to use that you don’t need to look at the directions! See how that first line makes sense now?

I’ve played with some of the GPS sport recorders out there and for some of them you definitely need to read the manual to understand how to get into all the different modes. Not with the Holux GPSport 245 though. With the dimensions of 82 x 53 x 23 mm and weighing in at 72g, this little device weighs has a large and very well organized screen.


There are six buttons on the unit. One each on the Left and Right side (Back/Esc and Enter respectively) and then on the front of the unit below the LCD are 4 function keys.

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we’re getting a GPSport 245

Soon we’ll be receiving a GPSport 245 from Holux which we talked about as GR-245 couple of months ago. I guess they have changed the name a bit and perfected their rendering of the product image. Anyhow, we’ll be sure to write a review about this and maybe when we’re done we can give it to a lucky reader.

GPSport 245 is a GPS device designed for assisting with your outdoor activities and provide a track log of where you’ve been. It has cycling, walking, running and vehicle modes; can show your speed, altitude, time, distance, and even calories burnt.

It is quite portable measuring only 82 x 53 x 23 mm and weighing 72 grams with battery. It is IPX-6 weatherproof and can last about 28 hours when the backlight is off.