GPS Info Qt for Symbian phones

Before anything else here’s the link for GPS Info Qt from the Ovi Store. It is free.

This is a very handy tool that shows your GPS signal information that is not normally available. After a signal is found, it shows your current position and average position, satellites in use and view. Along with showing signal strength there is an option to map your position via Nokia Maps. It runs in 5 minute slots, has dark and light theme and quits after 20 minutes of no activity to save battery.

It has an OLED-friendly dark theme and the ability to pull in map thumbnails via Nokia Maps’s API…

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TeleNav GPS Plus for iPhone gets update, price cut in half for limited time

TeleNav released a new version of the TeleNav GPS Plus turn-by-turn navigation application for the iPhone 4G and 3GS. The price is cut in halft to $10 for a whole year of service. You still got the initial .99 cent 30-day trial though before committing or you can just pay $3 per month. Even if you choose not to continue after the 30-day trial, you will still have access to free basic maps and non-voice guided directions.

Some of the new features include:

  • “My Mileage” for mileage tracking - exports to Excel easily
  • Traffic Flow Indicator on the navigation screen
  • Maps have been upgraded and are now cleaner and easier to read

Other features include:

  • Spoken directions with street names
  • More than 22 million POIs
  • Gas station searches sorted by price
  • Multi-tasking support
  • Automatic rerouting

RouteConverter still around and improved

We first talked about RouteConverter about four years ago. They’ve been working on the software ever since and they deserve update. Here’s what’s been improved in the last four years:

  • works without installation under Linux, Mac OS X and Windows
  • automatically detects the format of over 70 file types
  • supports drag and drop for files, urls, zip archives and the system clipboard
  • supports undo and redo for an arbitrary number of actions
  • offers a Google Maps- or OpenStreetMap map view onto the positions of routes, tracks and waypoints and an elevation profile
  • allows to transform routes into tracks and tracks into routes using the Douglas Peucker Algorithm
  • allows to complement positions with elevation data from NASA Shuttle Radar Topography Mission, place names from and postal addresses from Google Maps
  • contains an easy to use way to exchange routes with other users
  • is available in Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, English, German, Serbian, Spanish

See for details.

Nokia Astound

Nokia C7 will be known as Nokia Astound on T-Mobile! Nokia Astound will be available on the network starting on April 6 and will only cost $80 after a two year contract. The device is a Symbian and has a 3.5″ amoled display with 640×360 resolution. It can capture 720p HD video and as far as stills you can go up to 8MP.

The Nokia Astound supports five bands on HSPA, and quad band GSM, has 1200mAh battery, WiFi, microSD card slot, bluetooth, and even a GPU. But what we care about the most is of course the GPS navigation experience. Nokia has come a long way at this:

Equipped with the latest commercial version of Ovi Maps1, the Nokia Astound provides free voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation in almost 100 countries in 46 languages. The Nokia Astound comes pre-loaded with automotive grade maps for the entire U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean2. With more than 8,000 3D landmarks and free premium content like Lonely Planet guides and TripAdvisor, consumers can explore new places and experiences along the way. New features include improved search engines and WiFi positioning, a drive assistance mode for real-time traffic updates, maps of public transit lines, and the ability to check in to places and share great moments with friends on Facebook, Twitter and many local social networks.

Barnes and Noble Nook Color GPS workaround with TetherGPS

Folks at ComptonSoft just released an app called TetherGPS which will get GPS information to your Nook Color. The official use of TetherGPS is sharing of GPS data via Wifi between two android devices which makes it really useful for Nook Color since it lacks a GPS receiver and WiFi is the only way it can connect to the outside world.

Here is how the developer describes it:

Example use - Connect your Nook Color and your HTC Evo to the same network, or tether the Nook Color to the HTC Evo with android-wifi-tether. Run TGPS Server on the HTC Evo and TGPS Client on the Nook color. The Nook Color will receive GPS data from the HTC Evo. Applications on the Nook Color such as Google Maps and Google Navigation will then work using the shared GPS data.

See the video for more details.

QSTARZ software for Q1300ST

Not too long ago we had a chance to play with the BT-Q1300ST GPS Sports Recorder. The hardware itself is really light and has amazing battery life. But today we want to talk about the software. We were quite surprised with its ease of use and its capabilities. Called QSports it puts all of your activities on a calendar and organizes with activity type. It even has rowing as an activity type and that’s actually how we were doing that day as you can see from the image above.

The software lets you add markers on the map to mark your start line and finish line so you can get the exact stats on your race practice. It has a play mode that quickly follows the trail you’ve taken and it provides graphs including speed, altitude, distance, and even acceleration.

giveaway: 60beat heart rate monitor for iPhone

Hi again everyone. Yet another giveaway. We continue to giveaway items we mentioned here and this time a lucky reader gets the 60beat Receiver (RX) which also comes with chest strap.

You can read all about it at 60beat site but are some highlights:

  • turns your iPhone into a heart rate monitor
  • works with iPhone 3GS and 4G, iPad and newer
  • works with 60beat, Polar, and other 5Khz chest straps
  • standard 3.5mm audio connector
  • compatible with many apps

How to enter? Really easy. 1) Follow our RSS feed and then 2) leave a comment below. That is all. Do make sure you enter a valid email so we can contact you back.

We will ship this out to a U.S. address only. Sorry rest of the world. Also duplicate entries, emails, IP addresses will be disqualified.

One week from now we’ll announce the winner.

TeleNav GPS Navigator 6.2 is out

TeleNav made their latest GPS navigation app available today for AT&T customers labeled as AT&T Navigator 2.2 at the Android MarketPlace. Some of the improvements in this version include speed gains in loading, route calculation, and retrieving search results. Another feature is multi-route capability which already exists in Google’s own navigator. You simply get three options to get to your destination each showing distance, and expected driving time.

Also worth mentioning for making your life easier is the expanded speech recognition. In addition to just being able to say an address or a business category you can now say things like “how’s the weather”, “how’s traffic”, “home”, or “show my commute”.

Garmin navigation app for the iPhone

Garmin just announced the arrival of their new GPS navigation app for the iPhone called StreetPilot. The app is already available from iTunes for $40. In addition to turn by turn directions it can provide, lane assistance for complicated intersections, free traffic alerts, speed warnings for most highways.

Alongside StreetPilot it also released a few other apps including Garmin Tracker, myMechanic, and My-Cast Lite.

Garmin Tracker will be available soon for iPhone and Android, and is free. It works with Garmin GTU 10 tracking devices allowing users to track the things like kids, pets, boats, etc.

myMechanic gives you car’s specific performance metrics including horsepower, torque, G-force, and more and will be ready for Android in February 2011 and it works via Bluetooth with Garmin’s ecoRoute HD module.

My-Cast Lite is in addition to the lineup of My-Cast apps currently available for iPhone, and now free My-Cast Lite application is available now for Android users which provides radar, current conditions, hourly and extended forecasts.

PacMap - GPS based PacMan

First off, keep in mind this is still in prealpha version. What we’re looking at here is a location based PacMan game. It works on Android phones. You’ll also need a GPS location fix and data access to get the maps.

For each dot you eat you get a point. Stay away from the ghosts and for god’s sake do not play this game if you’re driver. Don’t even try.

See more about the game here.