FCC warns 20 retailers to stop selling GPS jammers

Federal Communications Commission of U.S. warned 20 retailers selling GPS jammers, cell phone jammers, and various other jamming devices. The sale of these devices is illegal in United States and FCC is starting to show some teeth telling these people they’ll prosecuted if they don’t comply.

Apparently these retailers were offering more than 200 various devices, mostly focusing on GPS signals and cell phone signals. Now they immediately have to stop selling GPS jammers or face anywhere from $16K to $112K fine for each device sold or for each day it is marketed… via

GAJT: single enclosure GPS anti-jam system

GAJT (pronounced “Gadget”), is world’s first single-enclosure GPS anti-jam system. Just announced by NovAtel and QinetiQ the device is designed specifically for military land vehicles and it nullifies GPS jammers, ensuring the satellite signals required to get a position fix will always be loud and clear. This GPS Anti-Jam system - GAJT works like a noise canceling headphones. It has six different antenna’s so it can null jamming signals from multiple sources.

It is designed for military use but GAJT is a commercial off the shelf product which means short order lead times. It will be ready third quarter of this year.

We wonder if you can use this to nullify the signals from LightSquared towers which are almost guaranteed to interfere with GPS signals.

FCC has had enough with GPS and cell jammers

Did you know US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in February announced [pdf] that they were going to step up their enforcement against GPS jammer devices? They want everyone to know that marketing, sale, and use of cellphone and GPS jammers is illegal. FCC considers these sorts of jammers a safety risk pointing out that they may stop someone in need placing a 911 call or prevent emergency responders from homing in on your location.

This issue has been on the rise since people started using them in classrooms, theaters, restaurants, or business meetings. FCC says:

A single violation of the jamming prohibition can result in tens of thousands of dollars in monetary penalties, seizure of the illegal device, and imprisonment.

If you know a person or a loved one that is using GPS jammers you can turn them in with the info on FCC’s Jammer Enforcement page or maybe show them this poster [pdf]. By the way - 48% of you think GPS jammers should be legal.

North Korea annoys U.S. with their GPS jammers

Wired is reporting that North Korea is using GPS jammers to sabotage the U.S. South Korea military exercises that started on February 28th. This is nothing but a small nuisance for the U.S. guided bombs since they are capable of using multiple sources to find their target. For example Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) is a retro-fitted kit to make older bombs “smart” and it uses an inertial navigation system in addition to GPS signals. In the case of a loss of GPS signals it would use acceleration to calculate its path to target - much like dead reckoning. There are other backup system for these smart bombs Wired reports such as laser guidance.

North Korea has vehicle mounted GPS jammers

North Koreans are in possession of vehicle mounted GPS jamming devices that can have a range of 50 to 100 kilometers said South Korean defense minister last week (to their defense nobody asked Kim Jong Il if they could beam GPS signals on North Korea)

Apparently these GPS jamming devices were imported from Russia but no information was available on their numbers.

There’s also the potential issue of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) bombs that can detonate high above the atmosphere and release gamma rays that can destroy electronic devices and computers but it sounds like North Koreans haven’t had time to work on this just yet.

faux news scares people about GPS jammers

FOXnews.com recently ran an article about GPS jammers, warning everybody about its dangers, potential threats. They of course did not forget to mention terrorists, airplanes, and provided a couple of links on where you could purchase them.

Article says a GPS jammer that can fit in a shirt pocket can conceivably bring down an airplane. We’re going to go ahead and call BS on this one. To our knowledge no commercial airlines rely on GPS to figure out where they are or help them land, take off, etc (actually just started).

A more realistic use of a GPS jammer would be for a thief to use one of these to stop OnStar or potentially any other lo-jack system to figure his/her whereabouts.

In case you are wondering importing, owning, or using GPS jammers in the U.S. of A is illegal.

What are your thoughts on this? Should citizens be allowed to use ‘personal’ GPS jammers in their own vehicles for their own privacy? Go to our poll about GPS jammers and vote!

should personal GPS jammers be legalized?

We haven’t posted a new poll in a while so here is a brand new one. Should personal GPS jammers be legalized? We’re not talking about GPS jammers that can interfere with satellite signals miles and miles away. We’re only talking about mini GPS jammers only powerful enough to jam signals in and around your vehicle and plugs into your cigarette lighter. Or a even a battery operated one that you can carry with you if you’re paranoid about “them” turning on the GPS in your phone and following you around.

I mean the government didn’t ask us if they could beam satellite signals on to our houses and backyards and cars, so why should we need their permission to interfere with these signals.. (OK I realize that’s a weak argument…) There are many things to consider here… A GPS jammer can be used by car thieves to disable LoJack or OnStar or similar systems. If legalized airlines may start asking us “please turn off all portable electronics including GPS jammers” since they are starting to use GPS data as a guide for landings already.

So anyways, cast your vote, make a comment. Let us know what you think.

should personal GPS jammers be legalized?

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thieves learn how to use GPS jammers

You know how much we like GPS jammers here at Navigadget. Maybe it is because they’re illegal, or maybe they can give us a piece of mind that we’re not being followed. It looks like some thiefs are making use of this technology to plan their escape.

These days any truck belonging to a fleet is more than likely equipped with a GPS tracking system. Same thing goes for cars with LoJack or OnStar. In case of theft this technology can be used transmit the exact location of the vehile to a base station for fast recovery.

The Register is reporting that thieves have now learned that they can use an illegally imported GPS jammer to disable this function. A GPS jammer with 2 watts output can stop a GPS receiver from getting a satellite fix within a few meters radius where as a more powerful 20 watts jammer can mess up GPS signals for an area as big as an airport.

What can you do? Not much, especially if they’re using a GPS and GSM jammer combo which would stop any hopes of recovery using cell tower triangulation. Your best bet would be to follow their tracks from the ‘last known location’ or keep listening for a signal hoping that they’ll for some reason fail to use the GPS jammer properly.

Oh, and don’t ask us where to get a GPS jammer from - really. We don’t know. You can leave a comment below though, maybe some other reader can help you.

Haicom HI-602DT real time GPS tracking

If you’re planning to keep an eye on whereabouts of someone or something that moves you’re going to need a real time GPS tracking system. Today we’re talking about Haicom HI-602DT It contains the usual GPS module, but also the GSM module ( a SIM card slot) to transmit its location back to the base. HI-602DT is slightly different from the others in this respect. When it comes to transmitting its position back to the tracker it does not use text messages - it uses the GSM dial tone transmission solution.

gps-tracking-decoderTherefore - they claim - you can use any SIM card you want without any monthly fees, or extra messaging costs; other than the actual calls made by the tracking system. The downside however is that you’re going to have to attach this decoder to your phone; just like seen in this picture to the right.

HI-602DT uses the most unique DTMF technology via GSM voice channel to send back the real time GPS location data directly to another phone. The user can track any moving object live on the map without Internet access and a call center in between (Tracking is free of charge with no need to pay any monthly subscription to a service)…. HI-602 continuously sends back real time location data. This facilitates route tracking on local GPS or Google maps. You can actually watch the vehicle movements live on a map similar to a car navigation system….

…User can insert any local GSM SIM card (or pre-paid SIM card, etc.) making it only necessary to pay a phone call charge when tracking is in use. Also, by setting up three priority call back telephone numbers inside HI-602DT, user can press the SOS button and the tracker will immediately send a SMS with GPS location to the preset numbers.

It is different, but it is a solution for live GPS tracking. It gives you the freedom to use any SIM card you want and leave out the middleman (other than your own cell phone network provider). It can last up to 5 days without a recharge and comes with all sort of accessories to assemble in a vehicle.

Other features that you can enable with a few optional accessories include:

  • two way voice communications
  • ability to use a panic button to make a call from the tracker side
  • ability to disconnect fuel and battery of a vehicle from any phone when installed in a car
  • vibration sensor to automatically dial back when the movement occurs

If you’re worried about such tracking devices may we also suggest a GPS jammer ;)

gps tracking jammer

Here we have another anti gps tracking device which looks really easy to use. All you have to do is to plug into your car charger and it will jam all the frequencies that are around the 1575.42 MHz range within a 5 meter radius. Of course you can say good bye to using your own GPS navigation system as well when you have this GPS jammer on.

This one is sold in the U.K. for only £149.99.

If you’re looking for something a little more advanced you should check out the GPS and GSM jammer

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