Get-Back GPS

Get-Back GPS is what we call a GPS backtracker. It lets you mark a spot, anywhere in the world, and when requested it can point to its direction and distance from where you are at the time. It looks like a compact device but it has its negatives. For example it can only store three points which may not be enough, and does not let you create waypoints along the way. This means that you won’t be able to follow the tracks you covered/marked but only lets you head straight back to your starting point. Get-Back GPS also has a digital compass. Here are some of the other specs:

  • Overall dimensions: 2.75”x1.5“x0.5”
  • Accuracy of 12 feet in normal GPS mode
  • 3 waypoints to find your way back to 3 different locations
  • Beep indicator when within 30 feet of destination
  • Rechargeable battery with up to 12 hours of continuous use
  • Signal Strength indicator
  • Digital Compass
  • Self Calibrating
  • Blue Back light
  • Battery Life function
  • Feet/Meters
  • Recharges with included USB cable
  • Small and light weight

Compared to GPS X Guider, Get-Back GPS lacks a lot of features though. Most important thing with GPS X Guider is that it has a software where you can go online and create path you need to follow looking at Google Maps. And then this can be downloaded onto the device. Other features include ability to track distance, speed, max speed, etc which may be useful if you’re working out outdoors.

GPS backtracker winner

After one week of waiting, we finally have a winner for our GPS backtracker from QSTARZ. It is commenter #21 who said:

Mark Says:

February 21st, 2011 at 4:11 pm

I would love to have something like this for when I travel. Merge this up with geotagged photos and it is almost as good as being there!

OK Mark. We’ll email you shortly to get your mailing address.

reminder for giveaway: QSTARZ backtracker

Just wanted to remind you guys about our giveaway for the QSTARZ backtracker. All you’ll have to do is go there and leave a comment and subscribe to our RSS feed. This particular GPS backtracker is no longer at QSTARZ site so maybe we’re giving away the last one. Who knows. For another GPS backtracker we recommend you check out the GPS X Guider.

free stuff: QSTARZ GF-Q900 GPS backtracker giveaway

This week we’re giving away this GPS backtracker from QSTARZ called QSTARZ GF-Q900. They no longer carry this item but you can still get yours hands on the QFinder which we had reviewed a while ago if you leave a comment to this post.

How to enter? Really easy. 1) Follow our RSS feed and then 2) leave a comment below. That is all. Do make sure you enter a valid email so we can contact you back.

We will ship this out to a U.S. address only. Sorry rest of the world. Also duplicate entries, emails, IP addresses will be disqualified.

Also if you’re looking for a new GPS backtracker check out the GPS X GUIDER. It works really well.

One week from now we’ll announce the winner.

We will keep giving away stuff until we get rid of everything mentioned here.

GPS X Guider back in stock

The popular GPS back tracking device, GPS X Guider is now back in stock. They ran out out of stock a few weeks ago with very high demand and now they’re replenished and wanted us to let you guys know. You can check out the features but summarize here are some highlights:

  • Mark points, and navigate back to them
  • Plan trips online, transfer to device which makes it suitable for geocaching
  • Display speed, altitude, calories, avg speed
  • Use as a GPS logger to record your trips
  • E-compass, and an always accurate satellite watch

giveaways: NaviGadget cleaning out the garage

OK guys; merry Christmas. We haven’t done any giveaways for a while. We have some GPS stuff we need to get rid of. It’s all yours for free. We’ll do this one by one. Oh yes, what are we giving away?

A GPS backtracker from GPS X Guider to help you find your path, or campsite etc. A Cobra XRS 9960G Radar/Safety Camera detector with GPS so you won’t get any speeding tickets (I hope). An Enzym SG-350 GPS navigation device with text to speech. Another GPS backtracker - GF Q900, this time from QSTARZ. A small pocket GPS receiver for outdoor activities; from Storyish. A 60beat Hearth Rate Monitor with chest strap that gives you the best workout analysis on your iPhone when used with their GPS enabled LogYourRun app. The new Bike GPSport 260pro from Holux with ANT+ wireless technology. And finally the latest GPS travel recorder from QSTARZ: BT-Q1000XT. Wait; that’s not all. We’re also giving away 5 promo codes for GPS Kit iPhone App (not pictured above).

OK, that’s a lot. Stay tuned (subscribing to our RSS feed should help) We’ll get the first one started shortly.

GPS back tracker comparison

We like GPS back trackers here at Navigadget. There isn’t a whole lot of them out there, and there’s only one really popular brand, Bushnell, who was first to market this thing in the U.S.

We decided to put their features and specs side by side for a comparison. As you can see other GPS backtrackers that have been released later on have gotten really better, and smaller (keep in mind the images are not to scale) but the good old Bushnell still has one advantage: the best battery life. As far as compactness though, GPS X GUIDER and Navin MiniHomer will easily fit in any sized pocket.

GPS X Guider really kills the competition when it comes to the number of points you can store. If you want to store more than five points this is your only good option. Other nice thing about GPS X GUIDER is that you can mark points on PC, overlayed Google Maps, and then store them on the device for navigating to them out on the field, which is pretty much what geocaching is all about. It also uses 2 AAA batteries which can be swapped out for fresh ones when you’re running out - same can’t be done with internal batteries.

Have you used any of these devices? What are your thoughts?

bushnell backtrack point >5

Bushnell just upgraded their “backtrack >3” to “backtrack >5”, a whole two new locations you can track for an extra $20. It is not currently in stock; maybe that’s a good thing because our favorite GPS X GUIDER which can store up to 300 points is in stock.

Bushnell backtrack point >5 has a different form factor and includes a nice little carabiner so you can attach it to your backpack or similar things. It is similar to other GPS backtracker devices in terms of other features such as the ability to include latitude and longitude, timestamp, and even temperature in this case.

It uses 2AAA batteries but they don’t report on how long it would last. We can’t imagine it would be that long before batteries run out with that relatively large backlit LCD display.

GPS X Guider Review

Sometime ago we mentioned a new GPS for back tracking - called GPS X-Guider. We decided to get this GPS back tracker for a thorough review and want to share our findings here.

The term GPS backtracker is quite new - usually referring to small handheld GPS devices dedicated to routing you back to a waypoint you’ve marked. This could simply be the spot you parked your car, your favorite camping site, or even the spot where your buried the body in the middle of desert. This is nothing an advanced GPS device can’t do but it’s nice to have a small easy to use GPS handheld for the job. You could even claim your smartphone can get the job done - but good luck with that battery life. Since acquiring GPS signal usually eats up a lot of power your Android/iPhone may be out of out juice within the first hour of your adventure. You might as well keep the last 5 minutes of your battery life to record a voice message for your loved ones.

But anyhow - back to GPS X-Guider. First thing you’ll notice with this GPS device is its simplicity. Simple menus, only two buttons, but still a lot of features.


We’re not sure what kind of GPS receiver chip is in this GPS back tracker but we’re happy with it. Out of the box (cold start) it took less than a minute to get a satellite fix and after that it was literally seconds for GPS X-Guider to figure out where it is.

GPS X-Guider is super light. Without the two AAA batteries it pretty much weighs nothing - really good if you’re anal about how much weight you’re taking with you. The batteries actually add some needed weight - so it feels good to hold. Speaking of battery life; all we can say is that it is really decent. After 3 days of on and off review it still has one bar left but we’re never patient enough to actually run it out completely and give you a specific number. The manual claims 16 hours of straight use. And you can always carry spare batteries with you.

The screen is not very exciting but it gets the job done without wasting power. It is definitely sunlight readable and when it is dark out the neo blue backlight comes in handy and makes it a pleasure to use GPS X-Guider.

GPS X-Guider comes with a really durable silicon case that fits tightly and makes it IPX6 water resistant. Pressing the buttons with the case is still very easy; so no worries there. There’s also neck strap / lanyard in the case so it is ready to attach to your backpack or put around your neck.

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GPS X-Guider Back Tracker

There’s a new GPS back tracker out there called GPS X-Guider Back Tracker. We’ve seen some back trackers here on Navigadget before but this one seems to be combining a lot of their features into one.

Like we just said GPS X-Guider is not just for finding where you parked your car at a giant American mall. With the included PC software it actually lets you plan your trip online and upload to your device to guide you during your hike. That’s our favorite feature but you can use for it’s most basic function: Pointing you to a place you’ve marked. During which it’ll show you the direction you need to head, distance to destination and your current speed.

GPS X-Guider Back Tracker even lets you record your trips; much like a GPS data logger. Once you’re back from your trip; hiking, cycling, fishing, or whatever it may be; you can upload your trip to your PC and view it on Google Maps.

There’s more though - it can be used as a compass, speedometer, reliable satellite clock, or a workout partner to calculate avg speed, distance, and calories burned. GPS X-Guider Back Tracker goes for $109 - not bad for a little gadget that could save your life.