Nikon geotagging with PhotoTrackr GPS

We’ve talked about GiSTEQ here before and their “Trackr”s. Well there’s a new one; specially for your Nikon DSLR camera. It is already out and it only costs $180.

The biggest difference from the older GP-1 is that PhotoTrackr does not rely on the hot shoe for power, but uses a rechargeable battery and attaches to the 10-pin connector. So you’re still free to use the hot shoe for a flash. Another advantage is that GiSTEQ’s PhotoTrackr can track 44 satellites at once to get you a position fix. There’s actually a pretty good comparison here.

What you do is connect GPS adapter to the camera and then your Nikon DSLR will receive GPS data from the GPS receiver and embed GPS info into the photo’s EXIF data. This data is transferred wirelessly to the camera via the Bluetooth connection…

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Nikon GP-1 review

Do you remember the Nikon GP-1 we mentioned late last year? You should if you’re into DSLR cameras and geotagging. Well if you still haven’t purchased a Nikon GP-1, here is a review for you from johnbiehler.

What Nikon GP-1 does is that it geotags your photos while you’re taking them, so you don’t have to worry about post processing, an extra step to take care of when you get back home.

It comes with a cable specifically for the D90 which has a GPS port and a more standard cable for use on the other cameras which plugs into the left side of the unit. At the rear of the GP-1 is a mini-USB port that allows you to connect it to a laptop to use as a navigation GPS if you have the appropriate software. I haven’t tried this yet as I already have an in car GPS unit so I don’t really have a need to do this but it’s a nice bonus. On the right side, there is a pass through port for the wired MC-DC2 remote release cable should you wish to use it and the GP-1 at the same time.

Nikon GP-1 currently goes for $210 on Amazon.

pentax K20D with GPS

pentax-gpsAfter Nikon GP-1 we talked about earlier this month now we get the news that Pentax K20D maybe shipping with integrated GPS capabilities.

This rumor - which was started by a leaked press release on this greek site hasn’t been confirmed just yet but a press release with an explanation is expected to surface today.

Pentax K20D is a mid range DSLR camera and it is water resistant. Adding a GPS receiver on this device would only make sense since it is really designed for the outdoorsy types.

If the rumors are true Pentax K20D users would be able to geotag their photos automatically via the Exif info…

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Nikon GP-1

Here is the new Nikon GP-1 SLR GPS. It hot shoe mounts to your compatible Nikon which currently includes models D200, D3, D700, D90, D300, and D3X.

What this GPS receiver does is that it adds geotags your images so you can record latitude, longitude, altitude and time information - that’s it.

It measures 2×1.8×1 inches and as far as interface you’ve got a red blinking LED for GPS data not recording, green blinking for GPS data being recorded from three satellites, and green solid LED for 4 or more satellites are being used. It has a 45 seconds satellite fix from a cold start, and a 5 second fix from a hot start.

It costs $240 but keep in mind there are other Nikon GPS alternatives…

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