Garmin Forerunner 630

Garmin has shifted their focus from automotive GPS navigation systems to wearable technologies in the recent years. If you care more about your fitness than just the number of steps you take each day you might find their Forerunner 630 quite useful. Though we should mention that it starts at $400.

The battery claims it can track your workout for 16 hours and last 4 weeks as a watch alone. It tracks both GPS and GLONASS satellites and provides some pretty sweet features for runners alone. It can estimate your VO2 max, give you tips on your recovery, predict your race outcomes based on your speed and has an accelerometer to calculate distance indoors when you’re stuck on a treadmill.

Garmin dezl 760 Truck Navigator

Garmin today announced dezl 760, another truck gps navigation system from the company with a 7″ screen. A new feature on the new Dezl 760 is the Active Lane Guidance feature which tries to help truckers with intersections and lanes. Other features include the ability to log hours of service, and a loud speaker so you can hear over the engine.

Other features of the new Garmin dezl760lmt include truck-specific routes and turn-by-turn directions based on vehicle’s size and weight. Another logging feature on this new Garmin is the fuel usage and it also has fleet management interface.

Garmin’s new truck GPS navigation system dēzl 760 will be available end of this year and will cost $400.

Garmin Fenix

Garmin came out with a new GPS watch called Garmin Fenix. It’s expected to hit the market this coming August and cost somewhere around $400. Some of the highlights of Garmin Fenix, in addition to the GPS receiver of course, is the compass, altimeter, barometer, and the optional external ANT connected temperature sensor. Some other features include the ability to plan trips and create routes, record waypoints, and record GPS bread crumb trails. You can also navigate to coordinates if you wish. You also get a 3-axis electronic compass to get your heading even when you’re stationary.

Fenix, which is water proof to 50 meters can last 50 hours in GPS mode and up to 6 weeks in plain watch mode.

See Garmin’s mini site here.

Garmin Swim (no GPS here)

Garmin just recently announced Garmin Swim, a sports watch targeting swimmers that can also be used as an everyday watch. Garmin Swim will be ready to use as soon as you enter the length of the pool you’re in and then it will keep track of stroke type, stroke count, distance, pace, lengths and more. You’re probably expecting this Garmin Swim to be GPS enabled but you’re wrong. There’s no GPS receiver in this time piece and the battery will last you about a year.

Some of the features of Garmin swim include the ability to figure out the stroke you are using, log drills or start timed sets without constantly monitoring the pool clock. If you’re seriously training for something Garmin Swim will even display your weekly accumulated distance to keep you motivated.

Garmin Swim is already available for $150.

some thoughts on Garmin, TomTom, and Apple

A short and sweet article on InvestorPlace about Garmin, TomTom, and Apple.

Prior to the advent of smartphones in 2007 with the debut of the first iPhone, Garmin was the name in portable global positioning systems (you know, GPS) and satellite-guided driving directions. However, once consumers started to realize smartphones could do the same — as well as play music, be a flashlight and even test the ripeness of a watermelon — the choice became something of a no-brainer: Smartphones win, and Garmin devices lose. The sales numbers and Garmin’s stock price since then have somewhat — though not radically — reflected that opinion.

Apple licences maps with TomTom, Garmin stock lower

Apple just unveiled iOS6 couple of days ago. One of the things we were looking forward to was the new Maps feature in iOS6. The new feature in iOS will stop using Google Maps and will apparently use maps data from TomTom along with map related data. We’re not sure what Apple will be using to generate turn by turn directions when the OS will be released in fall though.

TomTom shares rose 25% within the last 5 days where as Garmin shares lost 5%.

Garmin zumo 350LM

Garmin announced the zūmo 350LM GPS navigator for motorcyclists. It mounts on the handle bars and is waterproof. Garmin zumo 350LM is going to be available in the 3rd quarter of 2012 and will cost $700. Here are some of the features and facts for Garmin zumo 350LM:

  • Highly visible, sunlight-readable 4.3″ glove-friendly touchscreen display
  • Waterproof to IPX7; built tough with fuel-resistant plastics
  • turn-by-turn spoken directions with a Bluetooth-enabled helmet or headset
  • Speed limit indicator
  • Preview services at highway exits
  • Lane assist with junction view

zūmo 350LM comes with lifetime map updates for North America and/or Europe.

new Garmins for India: nuvi40LM and nuvi50LM

Garmin is looking to grow its market share in India with two new GPS navigation systems: nuvi40LM and nuvi50LM. They are priced at Rs 8,450 and Rs 9,990 respectively. Users will get 4 free map updates every year.

Some features of Garmin nuvi40LM and nuvi50LM:

  • 4.3″ widescreen LCD display for nuvi40LM and 5″ for nuvi50LM
  • Junction view
  • Lane info
  • House search to help find unevenly distributed house numbers
  • Highway mode
  • text-to-speech feature
  • voice guidance in English and Hindi

Garmin Pilot for iPad

Garmin announced Garmin Pilot, a new aviation app for iPad but it also works on the iPhone as well as Android devices.

Garmin Pilot lets their users do pre-flight planning with comprehensive aviation weather information for the U.S. and Canada and also receive and log FAA-approved legally approved weather briefings, access to AOPA Airport Directory and even fuel pricing information.

You can also overlay weather information over your planned route and modify your trip using the graphics interface. Once you’re ready to you can amend and close the flight plan via DTC DUAT or CSC DUAT(S).

Some other features:

  • shows ETE, ETA, crosstrack error
  • displays a graphical HSI directional display
  • available in the Apple App Store and Google Play
  • free for the first 30 days, a monthly fee of $10 or an annual subscription of $100

Garmin to factory install their GPS navigation systems in Suzuki

Well the titles says it all. Garmin is working with Suzuki to offer their GPS navigation systems as a factory installed option. Here are some details:

  • for most American 2013 model year Suzukis
  • 6.1″ touchscreen display
  • includes AM/FM/CD radio, media player
  • backup camera support
  • Bluetooth hands-free connectivity
  • USB and AUX jack
  • SD card slot
  • Full voice control

How much extra this will cost you we’re not too sure.