Fujitsu Ten AVN-F01i with an iPhone app helps find your car

Fujitsu Ten of Japan is releasing an in-dash GPS navigation system that works together with the iPhone. The sat nav system itself is called “AVN-F01i,” and with the help of an iPhone lets drivers find their cars’ location in a parking lot with ease.

AVN-F01i will be out early next month and will sell for about ¥90,000 (appx $1,121). The apps however are free. The app we’re talking about here is called “Doco Car (Where Car),” which uses augmented reality on iPhone’s camera to guide the back to his/her car. When the car is parked and iPhone is disconnected from the car navigation system, the application is automatically launched.

Fujitsu LifeBook UH900 integrates GPS receiver

During CES 2010 Fujitsu unveiled several new notebooks. One of those was the new Fujitsu LifeBook UH900 which includes a GPS receiver.

Fujitsu LifeBook UH900 is pretty small measuring only 20cm in length. It has a 5.6″ screen and is capable of connecting to 3.5G mobile broadband network. It comes with a 62GB solid state drive and runs Windows 7.

What we really like about this fully capable mini notebook is that the integrated GPS receiver is complemented with Garmin’s mobile GPS navigation software. So you could put it to good use straight out of the box.

Fujitsu LifeBook UH900 will be available starting next month. Prices start at $1000.

Toyota and TomTom take Australia

(UPDATE: Photo above updated) Toyota and TomTom have been working together in Europe as it can be seen with the Toyota Yaris SR, and just today they announced a partnership in Australia announcing a portable GPS navigation system that fits into your vehicle’s dashboard. It is called FollowMe navigation unit and it also takes care of the audio in your vehicle. When in portable mode the TomTom device can be used in other vehicles or even in pedestrian mode. FollowMe gets traffic updates from Suna Traffic Monitoring Services to help you battle with traffic, has bluetooth connectivity to pair up with your phone, and it can even read your text messages out loud. Now that’s a life saver. TomTom FollowMe has a 3.5″ screen, and it can even hook up to rear view camera if you opt-in.

FollowMe’s motorized tilting front panel can be adjusted up to 30 degrees to reduce sun glare, and hides the CD slot. You’ve got an optional iPod connection kit (costs extra) that brings your GUI to the dash, and if you remove your navigator you can still use all the other functions of FollowMe.

FollowMe - which really resembles an Eclipse AVN2210p by the way - uses a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer that calculates vehicle speed and direction, even in tunnels where satellite signals generally drop out…

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Fujitsu introduces F-09A

Fujitsu just introduced Fujitsu F-09A, a new phone with a 3.4″ screen which slides up and rotates to a horizontal position for mobile TV, an 8.1MP camera, geomagnetic sensor, and integrated GPS.

As if all these high end features isn’t enough, the highlight of Fujitsu F-09A is the Exercise Monitor which measures the volume of physical activity with the help of GPS and rotation sensor.

Some specs of the device are high speed 7.2Mbps FOMA, 3G and of course GSM. It does Bluetooth too…

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Fujitsu built Android based GPS navigation system in two weeks

Fujitsu just very recently showcased an Android based GPS navigation system at the 12th Embedded Systems Expo in Tokyo where there were many similar devices that built up on Google’s Android platform were also on display.

The whole GPS navigation system was utilizing network cloud service for map data and route computation - leaving only data transfer to for Android - which shouldn’t have any speed problems in a place like Japan. The whole device was actually brought to life in a matter of two weeks - demonstrating the ease in time-to-market with a reliable platform such as the Android. However keep in mind the device - named Armadillo - is pretty much just a terminal and GUI and all it needed to do was to format the data coming off the servers and draw it on screen.

You can pick it up at Best Buy for $79 next week. (you know we just made this part up right?)…

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Fujitsu F-01A

Fujitsu F-01A is a new waterproof phone with a fingerprint sensor. That’s all really cool and may be a little overkill but still no reason to be on Navigadget. What we care about is of course the embedded GPS capabilities. It comes out of the box with Google Maps and Street View support and even comes with a 1Seg TV tuner - this is of no use for us folks in the U.S. but in Asia it will let you watch digitally broadcast TV channels on its huge 3.5″ screen that flips and turns to make it easy for you to catch up on a dubbed version of the show “Friends”.

The leading cause of cell phone returns not covered under warranty is damage from exposure to excess moisture or immersion in water such as in pools and hot tubs. Fujitsu’s F-01A waterproof cell phone meets IPX5 and IPX7 specifications, making it capable of submersion in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

Other features of Fujitsu F-01A include 5.2MP digital camera with autofocus, and Symbian OS.


Eclipse AVN4430 we first mentioned a couple of months have officially been made official :)

We were right about the 4.3″ integrated TomTom GPS navigation system and the bluetooh connectivity.

Today we also find out that the touch screen can be used to control all the audio in your car including CD/DVD players, iPod, and any USB media you may have on board.

It will cost about $850 and be available first quarter of this year.

Eclipse AVN4430

We’ve mentioned the AVN2210P numerous times here on Navigadget but we got the news that TomTom and Fujitsu Ten are getting together once again to release Eclipse AVN4430.

Along with AVN726E, Eclipse AVN4430 will be named the “2009 Design and Engineering Award Honorees” at the CES 2009 in Vegas. Keep in mind two years ago AVN2210p was rewarded the same title.

The “AVN” abbreviation stands for “audio visual navigation” and as far as specs all we know is that:

The AVN4430 is a secure dash-mount audio/visual/navigation system with portability, has a TomTom PND integrated with ECLIPSE superior sound & visual quality and offers exclusive benefits with co-branded technologies.

However just looking at the press photo we see that AVN4430 has a detachable 4.3″ TomTom GPS navigation system, and bluetooth connectivity.

Stay tuned for more specs…

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Fujitsu U820 integrates GPS

There you have it! A mini notebook with a 5.6″ screen and it integrates a GPS receiver. And to top it all off it has Garmin Mobile PC powered navigation system. What else could Navigadget ask for! This is it. It is called Fujitsu LifeBook U820.

There are two versions of U820. One for $1300 and the other for $1000. The main difference being Vista Business vs Vista Home and a bigger HDD. The common features are as follows:

  • Intel Atom Processor Z530
  • 5.6″ WXGA Crystal View display with touch screen
  • Integrated Webcam and Fingerprint Sensor
  • 1 GB memory
  • Built-in GPS receiver and integrated Garmin Mobile PC
  • 802.11a/b/g/draft-n Wi-Fi
  • Integrated Bluetooth wireless
  • 5800 mAh battery

It is already available for purchase…

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Fujitsu U2010 comes with GPS

We have some good evidence on the integrated GPS feature embedded in the new Fujitsu U2010:

It is mentioned on the press release: (translated)

exclusive built-in GPS satellite navigation and FM transmitter (FM Transmitter)

And have a couple of pics to prove it:

However it doesn’t look like this will be the case for the U.S. version Lifebook U2010. U2010 will have the integrated GPS in Korea and Taiwan; and next in line is China.

The suggested retail price of this Atom based convertible UMPC is 42,800 TWD which is about $1333…

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