iPhone GPS apps comparison part II

A couple of months ago Gizmodo did a comparison of different GPS navigation applications for the iPhone. They now have a part II for that. This time they’re covering more of the “second tier” applications - just because they’re a bit cheaper, and not as well advertised. Anyhow - we have all the iPhone GPS navigation apps listed here.

The GPS navigation apps reviewed are CoPilot Live from ALK, Gokivo GPS Navigator from NIM, and Sygic.

CoPilot Live for iPhone review

We have already announced the CoPilot Live for iPhone a while ago, and even recently here but never had a chance to talk about its performance.

There’s a review of it here which says it is really really worth the £25 in the UK. The app is just super easy to use, every thing works the way it is supposed to, and the maps and ETA estimates were dead on.

I’d heartily recommend this App based on basic usage, and I’d suspect the more advanced features will be good too…

CoPilot Live for Android

Just last week we announced CoPilot Live GPS navigation for iPhone and now we’re glad to announce CoPilot Live for Android and WinMo.

U.S. version will cost you $35.

Here are some of the features:

  • Turn-by-turn voice guided navigation
  • Detailed street maps of the USA, accurate to house number and street level
  • Single or multi-stop trips
  • Lane indicator display at junctions, realistic sign post information, speed limit indicator and guidance in tunnels
  • Supports touch screen gestures with flickable lists and fluid map scrolling
  • Runs in portrait or landscape mode. Simply rotate the phone for widescreen navigation
  • Integrates with the phone, making it easy to call a Point of Interest (POI) or share your location via SMS
  • Navigation driving, walking, cycling and RV mode

Well, if you’re an Android user you know what to do:

CoPilot Live GPS navigation for iPhone

It seems like all we do these days is talk about iPhone GPS navigation apps. Maybe this how standalone sat nav devices will become obsolete.

Anyhow - today ALK introduced their iPhone GPS navigation application called CoPilot Live which is already available in the U.K. for only £ 26. It is unlimited and there’s no monthly fee. This version contains only UK and Ireland maps but U.S. and other European countries are on the way. The full European version will cost £60 by the way.

What features? Here is what CoPilot Live can do:

  • portrait or landscape display mode
  • automatic route calculation
  • 3D map displays
  • turn-by-turn voice directions
  • street maps are stored on the phone – not downloaded each trip
  • including lane assistance
  • realistic signpost displays
  • speed limit alerts
  • “Live” services include
    • 5-day weather forecast
    • CoPilot LiveLink that allows users to check to location of friends on-screen or online
    • Real-time traffic information will be also available later in 2009 as an option

Navigon on Android

Navigon will be announcing their GPS navigation system software for the Android platform in August - Navigon MobileNavigator 7.

A 30 day trial version will be available for free which will even include speed limit warnings, and POIs along the way. There will also be a pedestrian version of the GPS navigation system included in this trial version.

You may find a restaurant through the recommendations of the social network Skobbler, and can also save rating and even send them directly to the communication tool Twitter.

Navigon MobileNavigator 7 for Android will be completely over the air. The maps are stored on a server and routes are also calculated by the server and then downloaded to your device. Of course you’re strongly advised to have a high speed data service on your phone before anything else.

This will be the first time for Navigon to offer such GPS navigation platform over the air. Navigon will be competing with the U.S. publisher ALK which already sells its navigation software CoPilot Live 8 for Android smartphones. Navigon MobileNavigator for Android goes on sale in August for 69 € with regional maps and for 99 € for the complete European version…

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Trimble on Android now!

If you’ve been waiting for a GPS navigation application for the Android platform (other than TeleNav, and CoPilot) your wait is now over. Trimble just released an application called Trimble Outdoors that turns TMo’s G1 into a full-featured GPS navigator and geotagging tool for hiking, backpacking, fishing and other outdoor activities.

The application is best used with the site www.trimbleoutdoors.com which lets users review and plan trips online, send routes, maps and waypoints wirelessly to the G1, use the phone as a GPS navigation system to guide outdoor adventures, and tag pictures with geolocation, text, and audio and share them online.

The application will let you get maps of your location, track a certain route using breadcrumbs, and mark and edit waypoints along the way. And of course Trimble Outdoors features a digital compass showing coordinates, speed and heading.

You can pick up Trimble Outdoors from Android Market for $20 but apparently that’s the introductory price.

CoPilot Live for Android

ALK Technologies just announced recently that their CoPilot Live GPS navigation system is now available for Android phones. You can already grab it from Android Market for your HTC Magic, HTC Dream or the new HTC Hero - for only $35.

With CoPilot the maps are stored locally on the phone, rather than relying on wireless internet which can be quite slow at times. However there are still some “Live” which utilizes the mobile Internet connection such as real-time traffic alerts, 5-day weather forecast information and a new location sharing service called CoPilot LiveLink.

Here are some features of CoPilot Live for Android:

  • Scrolling menus and maps supports touch screen gesture recognition
  • Turn-by-turn voice directions
  • Widescreen portrait or landscape mode
  • CoPilot LiveLink location sharing
  • Direct dialling to POIs, location sending via text and photo navigation
  • Safety camera alerts with free database updates

Dell Mini 10 now has GPS option

Dell Mini 10 now has GPS option. There aren’t that many netbooks out there that offer integrated GPS functionality (Mio Litepad N890 is one) so it is good to see more companies focusing on making GPS available at least as an option.

Anyhow, the GPS hardware they have on the Mini is called Dell Wireless 700 and it is not only a vanilla GPS receiver. It actually has built-in WiFi positioning too which makes it suitable to use indoors as well. The chip is provided by Broadcom.

The Dell Wireless 700 uses Wi-Fi access points and Long Term Orbit (LTO)-based Assisted-GPS (A-GPS) technology to determine location information. It provides a fast, accurate and reliable location source to applications and services by leveraging the strength of each underlying position technology.

Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS) can determine the location of Wi-Fi enabled devices. All Wi-Fi Access Points broadcast a signal beacon known as a MAC address, notifying nearby devices of their presence. WPS refers to the mapped locations of millions of Wi-Fi MAC addresses to pinpoint the device location. WPS is complementary to GPS. It works best indoors and in urban areas, while GPS is limited by physical obstructions of ceilings and tall buildings.

Another nice thing about the Dell Mini 10 with GPS option is that it comes with CoPilot navigation software which can provide turn by turn directions.

The extra GPS option will cost you $70, however the version this will be available on will also have the HD display at 1366×768 resolution which is a nice plus…

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iPhone GPS apps

It’s only been a few weeks since the new iPhone 3.0 operating system has been released and we already have a handful of GPS navigation system applications available/ or soon to be released. Let’s recap what we have so far:

Also known as AT&T Navigator this app is developed by TeleNav. Free to install, $10/month. More… (iTunes)

All versions of Navigon are out. Works with no internet connection (maps are local). Recent update includes traffic for USA and Canada. It supports landscape mode. No monthly fee. U.S. version sells for $90. Other versions include Brazil, Turkey, Europe, Russia, Australia, and South Africa. Maybe a car kit from is expected. (iTunes)

TomTom is the biggest name in Europe when it comes to sat nav. They demoed their app with the release of iPhone 3GS but still no news from them.

UPDATE: It is up. Here are some reviews for it.

UPDATE: It is out. U.S. and Canada is $100. Other versions are for NZ, Nordic, West Europe, East Europe, Australia, Italy, UK and Ireland, Iberia, France, Turkey, Hong Kong, Brazil, Germany-Austria-Switzerland, Southern Africa, Greece, Malaysia and Singapore, Benelux, and Mexico. (iTunes)

Gokivo is from Networks In Motion. They have a lot of experience in this just like the rest of the names up here. $1 to install, $10/month for subscription. Here’s a review that says it doesn’t work so well.
UPDATE: Number have changed a bit. Your first month is just $5. After that it is $40/year and $15 extra for traffic service. (iTunes)

Sygic is currently available for South East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand) for $80 and Australia + New Zealand for $65. No monthly fee.

UPDATE: Now out for more place. US version is $40. Other regions include Colombia, Brazil, Gulf, Russia, Europe, UK & Ireland, and America which includes US, Canada, and Mexico. (iTunes)

Navmii says their GPS navigation software will be coming to the App Store soon.

UPDATE: Out for UK. Costs $50. (iTunes)

iGO My Way
iGO My Way just released their navigation app too. $80 in the U.S., 90 € for whole Europe, and 70 € for only Western Europe. How is it different from the rest? Because it does 3D terrain maps. (iTunes)

CoPilot Live
This one is from ALK Technologies. Does landscape mode as well as portrait. Includes realistic intersection view and lane assistance. UK version is £ 26, and whole Europe is £ 60. U.S. version is not out just yet.

UPDATE: North American version is out and costs $35. (iTunes)

Xroad also have a new version of their GPS navigation app for iPhone. It is called G-Map and costs $35. Funny thing with G-Map is that eastern and western U.S. is sold separately. So the whole U.S. of A. would be $70. Canada is cheap. Only $20.

UPDATE: They’ve divided the US into even smaller regions. You can just buy CA, or even TX. Other regions they support are Russia, France, Alps, UK-Ireland, Germany. (iTunes)

MotionX-GPS Drive
What’s so special about MotionX-GPS Drive from Fullpower? How about the price? It is only $3. If you’ve used this let us know how it was. We’re curious. (iTunes)

NDrive is kind of new. Available in 32 languages/versions. Starts at $38.

UPDATE: USA version is on sale for $30 right now. (iTunes)

Mapquest has an iPhone app they’re trying to get out there. It costs $4/month, $10/quarter, $30/year. (iTunes)

Magellan RoadMate App for iPhone just came out and costs $80 for US and Canada. Maps are stored on your phone, does landscape mode, and text-to-speech (iTunes). Other versions soon to come will be Eastern and Western US, and then Europe.

Kapten for iPhone just came out beginning of 2010. They go monthly and ask for $8/month. What’s cool is that it is multi-transport so it can ask you to park your car at some point and hop on to the bus and have you walk somewhere. (iTunes).

Offered by Intrinsyc Destinator 9 is a GPS navigation app that has a 30 day free trial going on right now. Some features include live weather and traffic, a new routing engine, 3D junction views, ability to create your own POIs, and more. (iTunes).

Are we forgetting anyone? Also if you’ve been using any of these apps get in touch with us to get your review published here - even if it’s just a paragraph.

CoPilot Live 7HD

CoPilot Live 7 HD, is -as you may have guessed- the HD version ALK’s GPS navigation software for cell phones. This new version will look great on your Windows Mobile smartphone with WVGA screen - which means more crisp graphics, and easier to read text.

With CoPilot Live 7 HD you can use your software in landscape mode and since you’re two-way connected it’ll even let you send your location info online and allow friends to send you POIs.

A few other basic features of CoPilot Live 7 HD include the ability to alert you when approaching speed cameras and recalculate routes on the fly. It costs £65…

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