CoPilot Live GPS navigation for your Android is only $5

ALK Technologies just recently announced CoPilot Live USA at $5 only for Android devices with maps of USA, offering voice guided turn by turn GPS navigation. For only $5 you get to store detailed street-level maps on your Android; meaning you don’t need an internet/data connection to wait for the maps to load. Other cool feature include predictive address matching, again pre-installed POIs, realistic street sign view with lane guidance.

If you happen to be in coverage area you’ll have to free access to real-time information such as local Internet Search and location-specific weather forecasts. However real-time traffic information service is only free for two weeks.

CoPilot Live USA is available for a one-time fee of $4.99 for unlimited use through Android Market and iTunes App Store. 12 months use of the ActiveTraffic real-time traffic service is available as an option for $9.99.

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Droid X means no more stand alone GPS navigation system

The Droid X we talked about last week has since been officially announced by Motorola and Verizon. Here is what we think: If Droid X won’t replace the stand alone GPS navigation system in your vehicle then we don’t know what will. Motorola must know this too so they even announced a car mount for the Droid X right away.

With the Android OS you get Google Maps Navigation for free; or if you choose you can pay for onboard maps such as the one from CoPilot. Either way any GPS navigation software with 3D graphics should work just fine on the Droid X thanks to its 1Ghz processor. To make things even better the mount automatically triggers a dashboard app that gives you quick access to your music, internet radio, and of course GPS navigation app. It can connect to your car aux via the 3.5mm cable and keep your phone charged.

Droid X has a 4.3″ touch screen display with 854×480 resolution, a camera with dual LED flash, auto focus that can capture 8MP photos and 720p videos. It has a 1540mAh battery, 8GB on board memory, and needless to say: aGPS, stand alone GPS, and electronic compass. It runs on Android 2.1 right now but will be upgraded to Android 2.2 to support flash format as well.

CoPilot Live USA for iPhone and iPad

ALK Technologies just recently announced CoPilot Live USA for iPhone and iPad which will cost only $5 for a full life time use. However this is different than their latest CoPilot Live 8 which still sells for for $20 at the iTunes store. This $5 introductory offer can be upgraded to include text-to-speech feature for another $3 and live traffic and fuel prices for another $20!

CoPilot Live USA includes street level maps stored on the device, Live Local Search, 3D and 2D maps, lane assist feature, and even multi stop trip planning.

Here is the iTunes link.

GPS navigation on iPad from CoPilot

Our friends at CoPilot just announced their GPS navigation system on the new Apple iPad 3G. But you know Apple is - you’ll have to wait for the new app to get approved by the App Nazis. What’s cool with the new app is that maps stored on the device, so no need for a data connection. Called CoPilot Live HD, this GPS navigation software takes full advantage of the large screen offered by the iPad and can show split screen; combining 2D with 3D instructions, and auto rotate the as you turn the device.

They hope to make the app available for the release of iPad 3G which is coming up soon and maps for additional regions will be launched as the iPad 3G becomes available worldwide in coming months.

CoPilot Live HD North America like we said has been submitted to the App Store for approval, and it is expected to be available early May for $30. One time fee, no monthly fees.

CoPilot Live is already onboard with Nexus One

It’s really no surprise but CoPilot Live, which has been available for Android platform for a while now, is compatible with Google’s new Nexus One.

CoPilot Live offers turn-by-turn GPS navigation where detailed street maps are stored on your memory card instead of delivered over the air. This may actually be the only reason to ditch Google’s free Google Maps application which is also capable providing free turn-by-turn directions.

Is it worth the $35? Maybe if you’re on the road a lot where 3G signals are non-existent, or maybe you don’t feel like paying extra for data service. Can you think of other reasons to go with CoPilot rather than Google Maps?

CoPilot Live only $20 through the end of the week

Starting at 8:00am ET on Wednesday, CoPilot Live will be offered at $19.99 for the shopping weekend. Additionally, no features will be cut out and this will be a one time payment for turn-by-turn navigation.

As you know CoPilot Live is one of the iPhone GPS navigation apps (and Android) and normally costs $35 for the U.S. version.

iPhone GPS navigation apps list updated

We’ve had this list for iPhone GPS navigation apps and we just updated it with the latest information. Let us know if you think we need to add more items to the list. The list only attempts to cover apps that can provide turn by turn directions for the iPhone.

Our list currently has:

  • telenav
  • navigon
  • coPilot
  • tomtom
  • gokivo
  • sygic
  • navmii
  • iGo My Way
  • XRoad
  • MotionX GPS Drive
  • NDrive
  • Mapquest

CoPilot Live iPhone app adds iPod controls

CoPilot Live has released another update to their navigation app for the iPhone. The latest update brings a number of improvements, including enhanced GPS performance as well as iPod controls within the application. This means that users can now control their iPod through the CoPilot Live application, making the app easier to use. This automatic update is free to all existing users.

Last time we checked CoPilot Live for the iPhone cost $35 for the North American version. The list of the new features is:

  • In-app access to iPod controls
  • Fixed lat/lon destination entry
  • Ability to turn off Text-to-Speech help
  • Improved User Interface performance
  • Additional GPS performance improvements

Check out this and all other iPhone GPS apps.

HTC HD2 GPS navigation

Here is a video of CoPilot and TomTom apps being tested on an HTC HD2 with WinMo.

Looks pretty sleek. However with CoPilot landscape mode isn’t all the efficient for making use of that screen. TomTom does a better job. HTC HD2 is a giant phone by the way…

NYTimes review for iPhone apps

New York Times’ Eric Taub just recently reviewed four iPhone GPS apps.

TeleNav’s AT&T Navigator, Alk’s CoPilot Live, Navigon’s MobileNavigator, and TomTom’s iPhone app. I know we’ve talked about all these many times here on Navigadget before but maybe you just want to hear it all over again from NYTimes.

…According to a report from the iSuppli research firm, GPS applications for smartphones are about to explode, growing from 2.5 percent of users today to 10.5 percent in 2013. And half of those will be iPhone owners…