Casio Exilim Hybrid GPS camera

Casio showed off a prototype digital camera with integrated GPS capabilities at CES 2010. It is from the Exilim series and it is called Hybrid GPS. It has a powerful 10x optical zoom capability. It can shoot pictures at 12.1MP, definitely sufficient for your point and shoot needs.

We wonder how they get to show the location of where you shot the photo on a map. Maps come from WiFi connection maybe??!!

We’re not sure when we would see this at consumer markets but it is good to know they’re in the works…

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multi-m8 from lok8u announces GPS watch for adults

We’ve talked about Lok8u’s GPS tracking watch for kids. During CES 2010 they just launched a version of their live GPS tracking device for grown-ups.

Called multi-m8, their press release [pdf] says the GPS watch is suitable for people who are working alone in remote places, elderly with health issues such as Alzheimers’ patients, and outdoorsy kind people who risk being lost all the time. We’re not sure how this help out if you’re out of cellular network coverage area. The company is from England though; maybe the whole island there is under coverage, who knows…

By the way their GPS watch for kids is now available on Amazon for $180 - does not mention about service coverage areas.

Fujitsu LifeBook UH900 integrates GPS receiver

During CES 2010 Fujitsu unveiled several new notebooks. One of those was the new Fujitsu LifeBook UH900 which includes a GPS receiver.

Fujitsu LifeBook UH900 is pretty small measuring only 20cm in length. It has a 5.6″ screen and is capable of connecting to 3.5G mobile broadband network. It comes with a 62GB solid state drive and runs Windows 7.

What we really like about this fully capable mini notebook is that the integrated GPS receiver is complemented with Garmin’s mobile GPS navigation software. So you could put it to good use straight out of the box.

Fujitsu LifeBook UH900 will be available starting next month. Prices start at $1000.

Nokia Ovi Maps GPS racing

Nokia has a new game out which you can play on a Nokia phone (obviously) with Ovi maps. You may immediately get the idea that you actually have to drive with your phone in your hand while driving but thankfully that’s not how it works. The GPS in your phone figures out where you live and makes a course for you in your neighborhood. Pretty neat, since you are already familiar with the roads around you. Or if you choose you can pick a famous location around the world to race at. Such as Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

It is not out yet but coming soon to the Ovi Store. How much will it cost you think?

Motonav TN700

We just talked about Motonav TN500. Also announced at CES 2010 was Motorola Motonav TN700. This device is pretty much identical to Motonav TN500 but features a much bigger 5.1″ cinematic display.

Like the TN500, TN700 also uses the bluetooth to get access to some data from your phone and offers a service called MotoExtras which is only free for the first three months. The local search feature is from Bing, and others include gas prices, weather, flight status, safety camera alerts, and more.

Some other features include 3D landmarks, lane assistance, text-to-speech, voice destination entry and local search, and multiview display.

Motonav TN500 uses your data plan but still not free

Motorola announced two new GPS navigation systems at CES 2010. One of them is the Motorola Motonav TN500 (the other Motonav TN700). Motonav TN500 is a sat nav system with a 4.3″ touchscren. It has a multiview display which can show both details of your route, points of interest along the way and even your contacts on your phone. So we need to mention it has a speakerphone and can pair with your Bluetooth-enabled phone much needed hands-free action.

You can browse your address book, call them and even search them using your voice, while keeping your hands on the wheel.

What is more important is that Motorola TN500 can actually make use of your data plan on your phone and get you traffic updates, fuel prices, weather forecasts, flight status and more, powered by Bing. And you can do all of this with your voice! The ugly thing is that these local search features is part of a service called MotoExtras and requires a subscription after a 90 day trial.

Motorola TN500 will come out first quarter of this year. We’re not sure how much the device or the subscription will cost.

Navteq scans streets with in 3D with lasers

Navteq showcased their latest technology at CES 2010 and wowed everyone with their super fancy VW Jetta fitted with expensive toys. For what you may ask? Well, think Google Street View but much better. In 3D. The vehicle is equipped with 7 digital cameras and 64 lasers. We’re guessing the 7 digital cameras are for the panoramic view in 12 megapixels. The 64 lasers are shot out of a spinning barrel positioned at about 45 degree angle and make up the LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) which is an optical remote sensing technology. This way people at Navteq are able to collect about 1.5 million data points about their environment every freaking second for objects that are up to 120 meters away…

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NAVIGON GPS navigation soon on Android

NAVIGON just recently announced MobileNavigator for Android mobile phones in America. Navigon’s navigation app uses preloaded maps, so you don’t have to worry about 3G/EDGE coverage when navigating. The maps include US, Canada, Hawaii and Puerto Rico and are from NAVTEQ.

Some of the other features of Navigon MobileNavigator include Reality View Pro, Lane Assistant Pro, text-to-speech, speed assistant with adjustable audio-visual warning, day & night Mode for map display, direct access to your contacts, ability to show POIs along the route, and automatic switch between portrait and landscape format.

You’ll have to wait until spring of 2010. Price is not announced yet but there’ll only be an initial fee, no monthly cost.

CoPilot Live is already onboard with Nexus One

It’s really no surprise but CoPilot Live, which has been available for Android platform for a while now, is compatible with Google’s new Nexus One.

CoPilot Live offers turn-by-turn GPS navigation where detailed street maps are stored on your memory card instead of delivered over the air. This may actually be the only reason to ditch Google’s free Google Maps application which is also capable providing free turn-by-turn directions.

Is it worth the $35? Maybe if you’re on the road a lot where 3G signals are non-existent, or maybe you don’t feel like paying extra for data service. Can you think of other reasons to go with CoPilot rather than Google Maps?

Inrix Traffic Pro

After making their initial traffic application available for free, Inrix just announced Inrix Traffic Pro app for the iPhone. It costs $10 for a year, or $25 for lifetime.

Inrix Traffic Pro saves your frequent destinations and routes, and gets you the fastest route and direction. One of the most impressive feature is the visual guide to “best time to leave” which makes sure you don’t waste hours sitting in traffic where you could be getting a few more things done in the office while traffic dies down.

It also can get you views from traffic cameras so you can see firsthand what the weather and traffic is like at your destination or on the way.