new Pioneer GPS navigation systems

Pioneer of Japan just updated their Carrozzeria series with two new models. The AVIC-T05 and AVIC-T07.

Both GPS navigation systems offer a One-Seg TV Tuner. They support various multimedia formats such as WMA, MP3, AAC, WAV, WMV, MP4, AVI and include 8GB of internal storage for all your entertainment.

The biggest improvement though is the addition of 3G (HSDPA / W-CDMA) modules for access to traffic and other sorts of updates including new maps.

AVIC-T07 will have a 5.8″ screen and AVIC-T05 will have a 4.8″ though offering the same VGA resolution.


Pioneer announces new in-dash GPS navigation systems

Pioneer just added to their “Carrozzeria” HDD car navigation systems. The two new series are “CYBER” with built-in flash and “Easy Navigation Lite” both of which will have three new models.
AVIC-VH9990: 325,500 yen
AVIC-ZH9990: 304,500 yen
AVIC-H9990: 189,000 yen
Easy navigation Lite
AVIC-MRZ90G: 173,000 yen
AVIC-MRZ90II: 133,000 yen
AVIC-MRZ85: 112,000 yen

In the Cyber series 1DIN +1 DIN’s “AVIC-VH9990” and the 2DIN “AVIC-ZH9990″ both come with 7” 800×480 LCD touch screen LCD, digital terrestrial tuner and a DVD navigation system with HDD drive. “AVIC-H9990″ on the other hand HDD AV Navi unit model.

Lite easy navigation has the 2DIN MRZ90G and MRZ90II with a 7″ LCD, MRZ85 with 6.1” LCD. However they all have 800×480 resolution. Internal memory is the same as traditional navigation 4GB.

Pioneer AVIC-MRZ088

Pioneer AVIC-MRZ088 is latest GPS navigation system from the company to feature a 5.8″ touch screen. It is a 2-DIN system with an SD card slot on the front as well as an optical drive at the top edge.

Also in the carrozzeria series Pioneer AVIC-MRZ088 has an embedded 8GB flash memory unlike the HRZ099 which has a 40GB HDD.

Other features include amazing 3D maps complete with buildings, street lights, and lanes; USB support, 1Seg TV tuner, AM/FM radio, bluetooth, audio jack, and a built-in amplifier (50W x4).

new pioneer gps navigation systems

Pioneer just introduced four new GPS navigation systems in Japan under the “carrozzeria” model name. The higher end model out of all of these nice systems is the AVIC-HRZ099 which provides a high screen resolution of 800×480 on its 7 inch display.

The other models are named HRZ088, HRV022, and HRV011. These are also quite capable devices but only have a resolution of 480×234 for the same 7″ screen.

Other differences include the 50Wx4ch amplifier which is only available on the HRZ-099 and HRZ088. However they all support DVD/CD/WMA/MP3/AAC/DivX formats for hours of in car entertainment and have a hard disk drive of 40GB as well as a digital TV tuner…

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Pioneer AVIC-T10

Pioneer AVIC-T10 is the new release from Pioneer of Japan for their portable GPS navigation system series. Also named Carrozzeria, Pioneer AVIC-T10 features a 5.8″ VGA display which makes watching digital channels in your vehicle worth while. Other features of Pioneer AVIC-T10 include - in addition navigation of course - bluetooth connectivity, media player, and Smart Loop Traffic Congestion Information, Parking Space Availability Information, Gasoline Price Information, and PinPoint Weather reports.

AVIC-T10 has 4GB of internal memory which should be enough for all the maps of Japan and millions of POIs. Oh yes, did we mention that you shouldn’t expect to see this in anywhere but in the Land of the Rising Sun…

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Pioneer AVIC-HRZ009G

Pioneer is expanding its AVIC series in Japan with recent additions such as the new AVIC-HRZ009G. AVIC-HRZ009G is the latest top of the line from product from Pioneer costing about 1600 €. It has a 7″ LCD touch screen, 40 GB hard disk drive, optical drive that can read DVDs, CDs, and support for MP3, WMA and AAC files.

Pioneer AVIC-HRZ009G also has support for DivX files, and it has both a digital and an analog TV tuner. And if you get the special cable you can also connect your iPod through the device using an interface made just for this player… via