Dual bluetooth GPS add on for tablets: XGPS150

Dual Electronics, the same guys behind the GPS car mount for iPod Touch, is getting ready to release an external bluetooth GPS module that aims to bring added GPS functionality for tablets that lack this feature.

The device just made it through FCC and it will be called XGPS150 and it will be battery powered. It will work with pretty much any gadget that has bluetooth connectivity including iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, and other non-Apple devices. It will have range of about up to 60 feet, and come with a non-slip pad for vehicle use.

XGPS150 will pretty much be a boring square as seen above measuring 2″x2″x0.75″. In the box you’ll find a car charger which works with a standard mini-USB connection. No word on pricing just yet.

Solar Powered Bluetooth GPS receiver

We’ve seen our share of solar powered GPS devices here on Navigadget - so why stop. We present you Solar powered bluetooth GPS receiver from fTech.

You might wonder what if I want to know where I am in the middle of the night? Well do not worry because just like most other GPS devices out there this one also comes with rechargeable batteries and the solar panel is just to extend the life of a single charge. They claim it can last up to 30 hours when the solar panel is activated.

Some of the other specs and features of this solar powered bluetooth GPS receiver include 51 channel MediaTek receiver, 1Hz max update frequency, -158dBm sensitivity, and 45mA power consumption.

We haven’t seen this here in the U.S. yet but if you have seen it at on online retailer re-branded under a different name do let us know.

Blue GPS shoes

Isaac Daniel - the people who brought you GPS shoes have a new model called Blue GPS shoes. What you have here is a pair of shoes with a GPS receiver and it can talk to your bluetooth capable phone to update your Facebook with your position - or it can text up to 5 other mobile devices. What can we say - great for stalkers; bad for privacy. The good news is of course nobody is forcing you wear one of these - yet.

It should be available before the end of the year and cost somewhere around $150 - can’t wait? Pre-order them.

Gtrackr - GPS data logger

Nope. It is not GPS Trackr, or G Tracker, it is GTrackr. They might as well gotten rid of the “a” in there and call it Gtrckr. But whatever.

Gtrackr is a GPS data logger than can store more than 120 hours travelling route. It talks via a USB port and with the application that comes with it you can overlay your photos on a map.

Gtrackr can also act as a bluetooth GPS receiver and connect to capable phones for sending SMS messages containing latitude and longitude information.

free Columbus V-900 - ends friday

Don’t forget about our GPS data logger giveaway. It ends this Friday. All you have to do is go to the Columbus V-900 giveaway page and leave a comment.

Columbus V-900 giveaway: GPS data logger with voice tagging

We’re continuing giving away stuff for free. (To not miss any future giveaways make sure you subscribe to our feed) This week we’re giving away an awesome bluetooth GPS data logger, the Columbus V-900. Columbus V-900 normally goes for $98 at buygpsnow.com, but this one is free for a lucky reader.

This little GPS data logger is quite capable. It can act as a GPS receiver for any bluetooth capable device, lets you store up to 25million waypoints, and even lets you add voice tags to any point. It can keep track of where you are whether you are hiking, driving, or even flying. It takes memory cards up to 2GB - but a 2GB micro SD card is already included in the box with an SD adapter. Check out more features of Columbus V-900 here.

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RoyalTek BV-3200 GPS Navigation System

royaltek-gpsWe haven’t had a word from Taiwanese RoyalTek for a while now but we’re glad to see that they’re still in business as they just pushed their new GPS navigation system RoyalTek BV-3200 through FCC’s doors. The BV-3200 is a GPS navigation system with a sun light readable 3.5″ touch screen, a Broadcom GPS receiver, bluetooth, and a special mount device for bicycle handlebars. Royaltek really wants to focus on bikers as far as we can tell since the device comes with a 2.4Ghz ANT+Sport communication antenna and is IPX7 waterproof. Another out of the ordinary feature of this device is that it comes with a removable 1800mAh battery. Who else puts removable batteries in their sat nav systems these days?

So the device is pretty high end. Don’t let the 3.5″ inch screen fool you - that is so it fits on your bicycle or motorcycle. It does hands free bluetooth, has an FM transmitter and reciever too.

Holux M-1000C winner

As you know we closed our Holux M-1000C giveaway earlier this week, and now we’re ready to announce the winner (apologies for the delay).

The lucky winner - which we picked randomly from all the people who left comments - is mkss55442 (#26) who said:

I can use this!

Congratulations on your new Holux M-1000C. The email you left for us better work - we’ll be getting in touch with you very soon.

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photomate 887 bluetooth gps tracker

Photomate 887 just made it through FCC even though it’s been on sale around for a while now for less than $80 ( PhotoMate 887)

Photomate 887 features a 66 channel GPS receiver that is sensitive up to -165dBm. It has a smart power save mechanism and supports A-GPS applications. It can transmit its data via Bluetooth and can log up to 125,000 way points.

Satellite acquisition time are as follows:

  • Cold Start: 35 sec
  • Warm Start: 34 sec
  • Hot Start: 1.5 sec

Photomate 887 has a built-in battery that can recharge via mini USB cable and can last up to 11 hours.

Holux M-1000C giveaway

Remember the Holux M-1000C bluetooth GPS logger we talked about end of last year and reviewed back in Februray? No? It is OK. We’re still giving it away to a lucky reader - that is if you bother to leave a comment below. It only takes a few clicks - and no registration is required.

Visit the Holux M-1000C product page for more information.

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