Pioneer AVIC-T20

If you think the Pioneer AVIC series is only for Europe and North America you’re wrong. What you’re looking at here is the new Pioneer AVIC-T20. AVIC-T20 is Pioneer’s latest car GPS navigation system which will be available in Japan early next month.

Pioneer AVIC-T20 is a portable unit with a 5.8″ touch screen and a decent 800×480 resolution. Add to that the 3G/HSDPA module and you’ve got no reason to complain about the traffic. We hope this makes it to the U.S. soon…

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Pioneer AVIC-F310BT

Pioneer presents a new in dash entertainment system with GPS navigation called Pioneer AVIC-F310BT. Pioneer AVIC-F310BT has a sale price of € 799, - relatively cheap, but that does not mean that the system is equipped sparingly. According to Pioneer, the AVIC-F310BT is the entry model for consumers who are fed up with cigarette lighters and suction cups to make the device work. The double-DIN mounting system offers a big advantage that a stand alone GPS navigation system also has: it is removable - the screen that is; which is enough to steer away most thieves.

AVIC-F310BT is an all-in-one system. Radio, CD player, USB connection with the option to connect an iPod and the navigation system are all combined. Pioneer AVIC-F310BT is controlled via the touch screen and even handsfree for those who wish to call using the built-in Parrot Bluetooth car kit. The navigation system is equipped with the maps of at lease 44 European countries and also offer free TMC traffic updates. Although F310BT is equipped with an SD card reader, it can only be used for new maps for the device or to bring in new POIs for the system. Another nice feature with this latest Pioneer system is the adjustable lighting which makes AVIC-F310BT suitable for many cars. The LED colors of this system can match the interior of your vehicle.

Users can also use the free NavGate Feeds software from the manufacturer on their PC and use it to connect to the detachable screen we just mentioned. The software can also be used while driving, to monitor fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. The manufacturer suggested retail price is set at € 799…

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Pioneer NavGate AVIC-F9110BT

Pioneer in UK just announced a new in-dash GPS navigation + entertainment system called Pioneer NavGate AVIC-F9110BT. The unit is specifically designed for VW, Skoda and Seat vehicles.

AVIC-F9110BT has a high-resolution 5.8-inch WVGA touch screen, 2GB internal memory that stores maps of 44 European countries by TeleAtlas, and also includes 1.7million Points-of-Interests (POIs). The device has text-to-speech feature; not only for street names but even for traffic events that it receives via the TMC receiver.

Some multimedia features include the ability to watch videos from DVDs, CDs, SD cards, USB devices, control your iPod or iPhone using a special cable, and support for various audio formats. It also does bluetooth so you can relay phone conversations to your car’s stereo.

Another neat feature is the ability to customize the POI database from Google Maps using the SD card and their NavGate Feeds application.

Pioneer NavGate AVIC-F9110BT will be available starting July in 18 different vehicles:

Caddy 07/2004
Eos 05/2006
Golf V plus 09/2003
Golf V 09/2003-2008
Golf VI 2008
Jetta 08/2005
Passat CC 03/2005
Passat 2008
Scirocca 2008
Tiguan 2007
Touran 03/2003
Polo 2009

Altea 05/2004
Altea XL 09/2005
Leon 12/2004

Fabia 2009
Octavia 2009
Superb 2008

Pioneer AVIC-Z3

Pioneer AVIC-Z3 is a double DIN in-dash HDD based GPS navigation system. It is the most expensive from the manufacturer, with an MSRP of $1800 (however Amazon has Pioneer AVIC-Z3 for $1310). It has some impressive navigation features, so let’s go over those in more detail:

  • point addressing: many destinations are geocoded to a precise point instead of an address range.
  • 3D landmarks
  • high resolution display of traffic conditions
  • voice recognition of POIs without having to choose a category
  • text-to-speech
  • compatible with XM NAVTRAFFIC for live traffic updates

That’s all for navigation but that’s not what Pioneer AVIC-Z3 can do. The device is bluetooth capable so you can pair up a compatible phone. There’s a 30GB HDD, 10GB of which is dedicated to your tunes; and can be accessed with your voice. You can also bring your iPod in and control it using the 7″ touchscreen. Optical drive allows you to play DVDs, rip CDs, and play bunch of other media formats.

Pioneer AVIC-MRZ088

Pioneer AVIC-MRZ088 is latest GPS navigation system from the company to feature a 5.8″ touch screen. It is a 2-DIN system with an SD card slot on the front as well as an optical drive at the top edge.

Also in the carrozzeria series Pioneer AVIC-MRZ088 has an embedded 8GB flash memory unlike the HRZ099 which has a 40GB HDD.

Other features include amazing 3D maps complete with buildings, street lights, and lanes; USB support, 1Seg TV tuner, AM/FM radio, bluetooth, audio jack, and a built-in amplifier (50W x4).

new pioneer gps navigation systems

Pioneer just introduced four new GPS navigation systems in Japan under the “carrozzeria” model name. The higher end model out of all of these nice systems is the AVIC-HRZ099 which provides a high screen resolution of 800×480 on its 7 inch display.

The other models are named HRZ088, HRV022, and HRV011. These are also quite capable devices but only have a resolution of 480×234 for the same 7″ screen.

Other differences include the 50Wx4ch amplifier which is only available on the HRZ-099 and HRZ088. However they all support DVD/CD/WMA/MP3/AAC/DivX formats for hours of in car entertainment and have a hard disk drive of 40GB as well as a digital TV tuner…

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pioneer AVIC N5

After AVIC N4 and N3 we now have the latest and greatest from the N series. The new Pioneer AVIC N5.

Reading the specs we realize they haven’t added any new features to AVIC N5, in fact we can go ahead and say they’ve done a search and replace for N4 to create N5 features page. Except one difference though: MSRP for AVIC N5 is $1500 instead of $1600 which was the suggested retail price for N4.

AVIC N5 fits into a 1-DIN chassis and has a motorized mechanism to reveal its sharp 7″ screen with 480×234 resolution. The navigation data is read from DVD which means your optical drive will be busy if you want to get some ‘new’ directions. It does have navigation from memory feature to remember your route once you enter your destination address though. The maps fit into 2 DVD’s and they come from TeleAtlas and cover US, Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii.

The GPS receiver is included in the package and it can track 8 satellites at once. AVIC N5 is bluetooth, iPod, XM and Sirius ready but they all require additional purchases.

RunZ CI-7100

Koreans must have thousands gadgets that would allow them to navigate southern part of their peninsula by now. The latest is another in-dash car entertainment system that comes with GPS navigation capabilities. Called RunZ CI-7100, this 7″ tilt display device features a touch screen, allows you to watch T-DMB channels as well as DVD’s, can read dual SD cards, and even has a rear view camera options for those tight parallel parking spots.

Other features include bluetooth connectivity, USB host 2.0, iPod interface, and of course an FM tuner.

If you’re looking for something similar in the U.S. check out Pioneer AVIC D3 or the Kenwood DNX 7120.

Pioneer AVIC-T10

Pioneer AVIC-T10 is the new release from Pioneer of Japan for their portable GPS navigation system series. Also named Carrozzeria, Pioneer AVIC-T10 features a 5.8″ VGA display which makes watching digital channels in your vehicle worth while. Other features of Pioneer AVIC-T10 include - in addition navigation of course - bluetooth connectivity, media player, and Smart Loop Traffic Congestion Information, Parking Space Availability Information, Gasoline Price Information, and PinPoint Weather reports.

AVIC-T10 has 4GB of internal memory which should be enough for all the maps of Japan and millions of POIs. Oh yes, did we mention that you shouldn’t expect to see this in anywhere but in the Land of the Rising Sun…

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AVIC-F90BT is the top of the line product from Pioneer featuring everything that AVIC-F900BT and AVIC-F700BT features but adds some extras such as the 3D landmark icons as far as GPS navigation system and the hi-voltage preouts as far as audio is concerned. AVIC-F90BT will cost $1200 and just like the other two will be available as early as this June.

Some of the common specs in all three AVIC’s are the 5.8″ WVGA screen, SD card slot, text-to-speech feature, 12 million POIs, and of course the handsfree bluetooth feature (yes that’s what the BT stands for) …

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