Destinator 9 GPS navigation app giveaway winners

44 of you wanted a piece of the Destinator 9 GPS navigation app for the iPhone we were giving away. Today we announce the lucky ten who will receive the promo code for the iTunes app store.

Here they are:
(2)tivoboy, (9)Andy, (10)Dave T, (17)TimRules, (19)Holger, (22+1) Steve Cary, (25) Todd, (30) nickm, (38)Adam Davis , (38+1) Steve

If you didn’t win; do not worry. Go for the free 30 day trial. See if you like it. Maybe you’ll think it is worth the $80 lifetime subscription or the $60 regular subscription. But we understand, free would’ve been better.

We’ll get in touch with winners soon. Oh, and don’t forget, we’re giving away the Magellan iPhone car kit we reviewed pretty soon. So stick around.

giveaway reminder: Destinator 9

Dont forget our giveaway for the iPhone GPS navigation app Destinator 9 from Intrinsyc.

We’ve got 10 of these promo codes and all you have to do is leave a comment.

Like we said before if you don’t win; no need to worry. There’s always the free 30 day trial. After the trial a lifetime subscription is $80 and a regular subscriptions is $60.

We’ve also got a list of all iPhone GPS navigation apps that we keep updating.

Good luck to you all.

giveaway: Destinator 9 GPS navigation app

There’s no shortage of GPS navigation apps for the iPhone these days. Destinator 9 is one of these, offered by Intrinsyc.

It has live traffic alerts, a feature called NavStrip which lists POI’s along your way, live weather, comes with Navteq maps, uses junction views for realistic 3D intersections, has the ability to send your location to friends, supports iPod controls and lets you navigate to your contacts.

It is available for Android, and WinMo phones too, in addition to iPhone.

Anyways we have ten promo codes for Destinator 9 for the iPhone - and all you have to do is leave comment below to grab one of these. While you’re at it subscribe to our RSS feed so you don’t miss it when we announce the winners.

If you don’t win; do not worry. There’s always the free 30 day trial. After the trial a lifetime subscription is $80 and a regular subscriptions is $60.

We’ll close this article for comments a week from today and after that we’ll announce the winners.

Good luck.

Apple keeps locking down their iPhone platform

According to macnn Apple now is prohibiting the use of GPS for serving location aware ads. They want to limit the use GPS feature of your iPhone to only get beneficial information. This immediately makes everyone think that Apple is probably reserving the right for location based advertising for themselves and might make a move in this direction soon.

Apple initially was in touch with AdMob which later was acquired by Google; so they recently purchased Quattro Wireless; another ad company. Analysts in the field claim that Apple will launch a mobile advertising network to serve ads on free apps.

Keep in mind all these are speculations.

iPad does GPS.

No need speculate anymore. iPad does GPS if you have $629 or more. That’s because it is only available in the model that carries a 3G module.

Nowadays you can almost be sure that anything that carries a 3G antenna is also capable of A-GPS. A-GPS stands for “assisted GPS” and is actually better than plain old GPS, not the other way around.

But anyhow, the base model is also location aware, though not as much as the 3G model. It can figure out your location based on Wi-Fi signals, and figure out your direction using the digital compass. 3G model however can also figure out your location using cellular towers. Both models also carry the accelerometer.

So what can you do with a GPS enabled coffee table device? You can use any of the existing GPS navigation apps for the iPhone if for some reason you take it with you on a vehicle. No kidding though, this ridiculous article on NYTimes actually thinks Apple iPad is a threat to standalone GPS navigation systems. The commenters are even more funny…

NDrive free during CES 2010 for Vegas maps

NDrive, celebrating their presence at CES 2010, decided to release special navigation software for iPhone - NDrive Las Vegas with aerial photos of the city. During CES this GPS navigation app for the iPhone will be available to be downloaded for free which includes over 400 MB of detailed city pictures and POI database. NDrive partnered with Blom, a Norwegian company that provides aerial photography for this special version of the app.

Here are some of the features:

  • map of the Vegas with detailed Blom’s aerial photos took at 5 different angles
  • map data stored on iPhone, no data connection necessary
  • gesture recognition for menu, zooming, tilting and panning the map for better display and control of the map


Magellan RoadMate App for iPhone

Our list of iPhone GPS apps keeps growing. Next in line is Magellan RoadMate App for iPhone. It works on iPhone 3G or 3GS and can provide spoken street names.

It is a one time purchase and there are no monthly fees involved. In addition to text-to-speech feature Magellan’s iPhone app also provides highway lane assistance, in-app music control, pedestrian mode, and onboard maps so you can use it without any data service.

You can already download Magellan RoadMate App for iPhone for US and Canada (iTunes) and on the way are other versions which include just Western US, Eastern US, and Europe.

Magellan RoadMate App for iPhone costs $80.

Thanks Allory.

Zoombak iPhone app

GPS tracking guys at Zoombak just recently launched the Zoombak mobile app for the Apple iPhone. At first you may think the app is for locating your precious iPhone - but it is not. It is just an interface to locate the Zoombak devices you already own such as the one in your teenage son’s car.

The app lets you get a report on the location on-demand in real time. You just click “find now” and the current location of the selected device is displayed on a map, along with detailed location information including street address, speed, direction and latitude/longitude. You can also switch between map views - road, satellite, or hybrid. The app also lets you do continuous GPS tracking where you’ll get position updates every five minutes (I personally wouldn’t called that “continuous” - a lot could happen in five minutes)

Just to recap - the app is just another method for locating your Zoombak devices. The other two are using their website and sending and SMS message to the device. The new Zoombak app is free (iTunes)

TomTom iPhone app now does text to speech

Yep. If you update your TomTom GPS navigation app for your iPhone it can now pronounce street names, as opposed to just saying “take next right”. This update shouldn’t cost you anything provided you already paid about a $100 initially. Of course you’ll have to hang in there until Apple approves the upgrade.

There are a few other updates other than just text-to-speech which include “help me” feature which can show you how to call and get to emergency providers, customizable audio warnings, updates maps and camera databases (for Europe only), and iPod controls from within the GPS navigation app so you don’t have to go back and forth.

G-Fi and navmii is go for iPod Touch GPS navigation

Just yesterday we talked about a GPS navigation solution for iPod Touch. Today we’ve got more news from Posimotion. Last time we mentioned G-Fi they were waiting for approval from Apple for their GPS navigation app navmii and it turns out they’ve got the green light already:

Navmii, the world’s first turn-by-turn navigation app for the iPod touch has been approved by Apple and will be available for download on 11/10/09. This first version contains UK maps, with US maps coming in the next couple of weeks and the rest of Europe coming shortly after. When paired with a G-Fi, the world’s first mobile network / GPS router, Navmii brings voice guided navigation to the iPod touch and classic iPhone, as well as the iPhone 3G and 3GS