TPEG - Transport Protocol Experts Group

tpeg-441.gifThis Group developed within the EBU (European Broadcasting Union in Geneva, Switzerland) since 1997 a new ISO/CEN standard for the transmission of traffic and travel information within digital broadcast systems such as DAB, DVB and the Internet.

The coding of TPEG is independent of the bearer system and builds in a certain sense on experience gained with the development of RDS-TMC for FM broadcasting, however without the known limitations of that system and specifically without the need to use location code numbers within the road network. The location coding concept of TPEG is very innovative.

TPEG can support a number of different TTI applications, specifically for all modes of transport (trains, trams, busses, ferryboats, airport arrivals and departures - and not just only road traffic messages).

Many TTI experts consider TPEG as the most innovative technology in Traffic and Travel Information broadcasting that will also support a wide range of receivers, simple ones without a map database and more complex ones as car navigation systems.