DMB - Digital Multimedia Broadcasting

This is a digital transmission system for sending data, radio and TV to mobile devices such as mobile phones. It can operate via satellite (S-DMB) or terrestrial (T-DMB) transmission. The system can be integrated into many gadgets such as personal media players, cell phones, navigation systems, etc… Currently (2006) Korean gadgets are the only ones with this functionality since they have 7 TV channels, 13 radio stations, and 8 data channels broadcasting through DMB. Other countries are still in trial period. Germany will have DMB up and running for World Cup 2006.

Here is how it works:
1. Satellite:
Lets you receive the mobile broadcast signal for satellite DMB service

2. Broadcast Program Provider:
Offers content to the satellite DMB center

3. Satellite DMB Center
Transmits content information to satellite

4. Gap Filler:
Is broadcasting equipment that is additionally installed to let customers enjoy a smooth broadcasting service in shadow areas such as inside buildings in the downtown area. With this addition, they can enjoy broadcasting content via their cellular phone without hindrance.

5. Terminal
Customers are allowed to watch the information received from the Broadcasting Center, via mobile terminals.