navigadget-stats-01.jpgNavigadget is one of the most popular blogs focusing on GPS related technologies such as portable navigation, in-dash navigation, navigation software, hacks, bluetooth GPS receivers, real time GPS tracking, etc.

We get over 7,000 unique visitors per day and about 20,000 page views. Our monthly visitors are already well over 150,000 and monthly page views are getting close to 500,000. About 70% of our visitors are directed to Navigadget from search engines (google, yahoo, and msn). To the right you can see our stats generated by Google Analytics. Click to see a bigger image.

navigadget-stats-02.gifOur stats are not comparable to sites such as engadget or gizmodo; however we’re one of the most popular sites targeting GPS. To give you an idea we’ve generated a comparison chart generated by Alexa (Navigadget is shown in blue).

If you are looking into bringing target audience to your GPS related site we believe Navigadget is the right place for you.

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