Garmin Forerunner 630

Garmin has shifted their focus from automotive GPS navigation systems to wearable technologies in the recent years. If you care more about your fitness than just the number of steps you take each day you might find their Forerunner 630 quite useful. Though we should mention that it starts at $400.

The battery claims it can track your workout for 16 hours and last 4 weeks as a watch alone. It tracks both GPS and GLONASS satellites and provides some pretty sweet features for runners alone. It can estimate your VO2 max, give you tips on your recovery, predict your race outcomes based on your speed and has an accelerometer to calculate distance indoors when you’re stuck on a treadmill.

2 Responses to “Garmin Forerunner 630”

  1. Mike Spaulding Says:

    If you’re training for a triathlon, I really recommend the Forerunner from Garmin. I’ve improved tremendously in my bike and run segments by analyzing the data output from this watch.

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