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It’s been three and a half years since we’ve updated our site. We stopped when things got boring. But we had started way before that (in 2005) when GPS navigation systems were just becoming easily accessible for everyone. The hardware got cheaper, more capable and more accurate. Brands like Garmin and TomTom sold lots and lots of units in the U.S. and Europe. But then the smartphones started taking over. The same components that went into a standalone GPS navigation system on your dashboard could easily fit into your smartphones. Naturally at some point people didn’t want a separate device for GPS navigation when they already had the same thing (or better) in their smartphones. A new GPS navigation system meant refreshing your app on your phone. Not much to talk about. So we stopped updating Navigadget. But.. but.. maybe there are other things we can talk about here. Let us know what you think. How has this space changed? Who are the big players? Google and Facebook? Who still invests in map making? Maybe we’re back. Maybe not. We shall see.

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  1. MikeB Says:

    Regardless of the platform (stand alone or smart phone), the features of a GPS program are what set it apart. Like Coke and Pepsi, there just aren’t enough map makers or lack of road updates to differentiate one from the other. But features… features still make the difference. Are speed limits, live traffic, warning (cops, debris on roadway, etc) displayed? I would really be interested in a blog that wrote about the feature set of these apps and/or how to get more features on the system I have.

  2. Nesher Says:

    Well Come Back

  3. VanMan Says:

    Please don’t give up on this topic. As the hardware gets cheaper, more capable, and more accurate, it feels like we have come a long way, but we still have a longer way to go. The hardware is still such a huge limiting factor. Tasks that seem simple are still too complex. Too many good ideas fall by the wayside or never come to fruition. If even to keep a history or log of progress in this arena or an index of good reviews it will continue to be worthwhile.

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