Garmin dezl 760 Truck Navigator

Garmin today announced dezl 760, another truck gps navigation system from the company with a 7″ screen. A new feature on the new Dezl 760 is the Active Lane Guidance feature which tries to help truckers with intersections and lanes. Other features include the ability to log hours of service, and a loud speaker so you can hear over the engine.

Other features of the new Garmin dezl760lmt include truck-specific routes and turn-by-turn directions based on vehicle’s size and weight. Another logging feature on this new Garmin is the fuel usage and it also has fleet management interface.

Garmin’s new truck GPS navigation system dēzl 760 will be available end of this year and will cost $400.

7 Responses to “Garmin dezl 760 Truck Navigator”

  1. Autospinar Says:

    Yes, Garmin has more popular day by day. My uncle also used Garmin GPS on his truck and the device have good enough for guidance on the go

  2. Imperial Advance Says:

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    Garmin dezl 760 Truck Navigator — NaviGadget…

  3. image source Says:

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    Garmin dezl 760 Truck Navigator — NaviGadget…

  4. Anil Says:

    Garmin dezl 760 Truck Navigator is operate INDIA?

  5. Dadid Jacobs Says:

    I always use that navigator)Like it=)

  6. South Africa Radio Says:

    Very good equipment you have here. 111

  7. Godaddy Promo Codes Says:

    It will help all people to save some efforts and time for destination.

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