DR+GPS (dead reckoning + global positioning system)

Trimble introduced the new Aardvark DR+GPS module that brings together Dead Reckoning (DR) and Global Positioning System (GPS) on a single unit. The DR part becomes very important when GPS signals are weak, such as in tunnels or in big cities where skyscrapers block the sky. Aardvark DR+GPS module is geared towards system integrators or OEMs that need dead reckoning capabilities to vehicle navigation, fleet management and asset tracking systems.

Dead reckoning is the method used to guess one’s position based on direction and distance traveled since the last known position. If you have an accurate reading of the speed, time and heading, then dead reckoning will be accurate - or at least give you an idea until GPS signal available again.

The 19mm x 19mm surface mount module has an on-board gyro and collects speed and forward/reverse data from the vehicle’s sensors. Its sophisticated DR+GPS algorithm automatically calibrates the gyro and external sensors’ inputs and optimally blends this information with GPS measurements to produce accurate position and velocity outputs in hostile GPS environments such as urban canyons.

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