NASA’s READI GPS earthquake detection system

Nasa is testing a GPS monitoring for earthquakes in the western U.S. The goal of the system is to quickly find location and magnitude of earthquakes across the western United States. The system is called READI Mitigation Network which stands for Real-time Earthquake Analysis for Disaster. If it works correctly it could also help with early tsunami warnings.

There will be about 500 stations in California, Oregon, and Washington which can detect the characteristics of a quake which includes things like location, magnitude, and the fault rupture.

READI is designed for earthquakes of magnitude 6.0 or larger. Current technology to detect the size and location of a earthquake to predict tsunamis is not very accurate and only relies on measuring ground shaking. The new technology will be high precision and detect ground displacement via GPS. Ground deformation will be looked at by this system which will reduce the time needed to find out about the damage from a quake.

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